Naruto/RWBY crossover starring Jiraya

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There are many naruto/RWBY crossovers around here, but none of these picture Jiraya as the hero, so i wanted to be innovative at least with this in my challenge.

An incident happened during his fight with Nagato, and istead of killing him, the Jutsu that ended the fight created a rip between dimensions and send him to Remnant. Mind you, he’s still missing an arm and is still hurt pretty badly so he’ll first have to spend some time in the hospital. While in the hospital, he starts to learn the language of Remnant, and starts to translate “Icha Icha” under the title “Ninjas of Love”. He also writes the sequels for “Icha Icha” using Naruto as the hero, Tsunade, Konan, Anko and any other kunoichi he knows of and what he remembers of them as inspiration (that may include other known kunoichis he heard about from his spy network, like Terumi Mei, Kurotsuchi, Samui, etc...).

  The translated series are obviously a huge success (case in pont, Blake).

After he gets out of the hospital, he also learns that he can still summon toads, but because of the metaphysical distance between dimensions, he can only summon “little ones” (like Gamatatsu or Gamakichi), and he can’t be reverse-summoned because of his own chakra reserves being way too big and the accident that sent him to Remnant in the first place being way too hazardous to reproduce. On the other hand, he can send some little things back with the summoned toads, which he uses to send his “original” versions back to be published in the Elemental Nations, as well as some weapon prints and some dust crystals.

  All the while, he starts wandering Remnant, learning about the world he now resides in, and recreating his very own spy network. He mets a lot of people along the way, including an old drunken crow, his estranged ravenous sister, at least one Maiden and various teachers from all of the Hunter schools. And of course, he starts to use the women as wank mater… er, i mean inspiration for his books. whether he met Summer before her disappearance or not is up to you.

 He convinces Roman and Emerald to secretly work for him. Roman said it himself, while he’s not hero material, he’s a survivor. AND he cares about Neo. so even while playing bad guy, he would secure for himself and neo a salvation road just in case. And Emerald, while being on the supposedly bad side, has shown that she isn’t as bad as people think. (Heck, despite everything i’m not convinced about Cinder’s evilness). He may or may not have tried to seduce Emerald. He may even have succeeded, who knows.

 Junior and the twins are also contacts of his, and yes, he probably tried to seduce Miltiades and Melanie.

With all of that, will fall under Ozpin’s radar (though knowing him, it was probably his intention in the first place), and Ozzie, noticing how efficient he is, and how he doesn’t care about politics, would ask him to teach Beacon (though only students or teams he felt worth it. Namely, RWBY, JNPR of CVFY). Some kind of Underneath-the-Underneath_101 class (i know, the name sucks).

Now, the fun part:

The Must contain:

- Jiraya trying (and sometimes succeeding at) seducing the older women: Summer (obvious fail), Raven (possible success?), Winter (FAIL! BIG TIME!) and Glynda (possible success to put an end to Ironwood’s advances)

- Jiraya trying to seduce the more open-minded or bold students: Yang, Coco, Nora and Blake (yes, i said Blake).

  Yang and Coco may be the only ones of the lot he could convince normally, just for some fun time. Or it could backfire big time.

  Nora: Nope, she’s way too into Ren. She’ll either laugh it off as a joke or try to break his legs.

  Blake: She actually would almost go through with this because she thinks he’s blackmailing her with her past as a White Fang… Jiraya decides he doesn’t like that and stops the action after possibly a bit of groping (during which he realises so does not want to do it.

- Jiraya spying on all the girls/women, and catching some “precious” moments: For exemple, Coco and Velvet having some fun in the bath, Coco playing doctor with Fox, Qrow and Winter having Drunk Sex (and Winter blowing a fuse afterwards), Yang catching Blake in the act of masturbating while reading her precious book, and possibly “joining” her.

- Occasional glimpses at some of the Books’ chapters (with obvious enough descriptions that we, as the readers, at least recognize the portrayed characters)

- Remnant’s women’s reactions to being in the novels (i think Coco and Yang would have find it fun, Weiss would have a meltdown, and Ruby would wonder what’s so great about doing THAT without realising  she’s the girl protrayed, but that may just be me).

- Reactions of the females (and some males) from the Elemental Nations to their portrays in the novels, as well as their realisation that Jiraya is alive and well somewhere.

 Those reactions must include Tsunade, Shizune, Anko, Sakura and Naruto at the least. Naruto in particular must react to his have inspired sex scenes both as a guy AND as a girl, and that his girl-side is portrayed in the novels as having sex with GUYS. Yeah, i think he will react badly to that one.

- Any kind of sex is premitted so long as it’s between Humans (i include faunuses in “Humans”) so long as it’s not rape.

- Rape may only be heard of as mentions, or attempts that Jiraya or any other good guys/not-so-bad guys put a stop to.


May contain:

- Anything you’re agreeable with as long as it’s NOT forced. Otherwise please keep it as mentions only.

- Any of the girls (including those one-time girls like NDGO or other girls from the Tournament) having an active sexual life. Whether it’s just masturbation, experimentaion or whatever is all up to you. That means if you want you can have Ruby masturbating, Ruby and Weiss experimenting with each other, Pyrrah going to a “Gloryhole”, whatever.

- the REAL Naruto having sex with a guy in girl-form (why not? He could have found the books inspiring and want to experiment?)

Must NOT contain:

- depictions of rape of any kind.

- Nora having sex with anyone other than Ren. Or possibly Pyrrah.

- Jaune having sex with Weiss.


And that’s pretty much what i can think of for now.



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