Sekirei Het fics?

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I cant find any ANYWHERE and given what little know about it, hot big breasted women being bonded to their 'chosen one' through a kiss, I thought there would be more. Im just looking for any right now, I can sift through where they're at for stuff i'm interested in. So if someone could point me in the right direction that would be awesome.

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Guest TheWarlockofChaos

I agree Spartan. This may be because of the wimpiness of the protaganist though. However that could easily be solved by an OC Ashikabi (I do not belive that all of the Ashikabi were even known anyway) cuckolding Minato and turning his Sekirei into the new Ashikabi's sex pets through drugs and sex or hypnotism if the OC was a regular human. If he wasn't a regular human, say he was a guy that worked in MBI and turned himself into a psuedo-sekirei like Takehito did to Seo except with more abilities particularly if he used the Jinki. He could override the bond between Sekirei and their Ashikabi as well as having Sekirei-level strength, speed, endurance, durability and psychic power. He could also possess a special ability like the Sekirei do and be able to mind-control or brainwash Sekirei into doing as he pleases thereby making a harem of all the female Sekirei or however many he wants. Finally he could make himself a living god just like that mad scientist in charge of MBI wants somebody to do.

In order to prevent MBI from interfering he could kill the people in charge and hack everytjing depending upon his abilities and genius if that is a complication to their writing lemons about the Sekirei.

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