Naruto The Sex Slave

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Hello everybody, as the title says this requests/challenges/ideas that involves a Naruto becoming a sex slave that I would love either made into stories or one-shots. Now the reason, I made this because when I read a fanfic that has Naruto getting raped it's mostly by men, also when Naruto has sex with women he mostly dominate one. So I wish to see fanfic, where Naruto is raped by women and is dominated by women.


Now, here are the requests/challenges/ideas:

One involves Naruto pranking Tsunade, which ends up destroying a chair she recently bought for the Hokage's office. This leads to Tsunade planning on getting payback on Naruto. Here Tsunade summons to the office, where Naruto gets quickly knocked by one of Tsunade's ANBU guards. Here Naruto wakes up naked and tied to the Tsunade's new office chair. Here Tsunade rape Naruto as she does paperwork and it seems it will be an all nighter thanks the huge tower of paperwork and her losing her focus as she rape Naruto. Now for the next part, we have Tsuande summoning Naruto again, where gives he is given the mission of him and her testing out the new secret bedroom she has installed that connects to the Hokage's office. Here Naruto tries to escape, but again is quickly knocked out by one Tsunade's ANBU gards. Here Naruto wakes up naked and tied to the bed with Tsunade already raping him. After the rapping, Tsunade decides to punish Naruto for the trying to disobey. The punishment being Naruto will be forever being her sex slave/toy and will remain tied to the bed till his will is broken, which will never. Now the next part has Shizune come into Hokage's office while Tsunade isn't there and ends up finding the secret bedroom with a naked Naruto tied to the bed. Here asks for her help to save him, but instead Shizune decides to rape him as well. After Shizune rape Naruto for while, Tsunades come into the room and joins the fun as well. Now, the next part is Tsunade talking to four ANBU women, who protect at all times, including her times when she is raping Naruto. She gives them the reward of allowing to rape Naruto as well since they more likely have built a lot sexual stress from watching her rape Naruto so many times. The four ANBU women gladly accept this reward and quickly enter into the secret bedroom, where all start raping the tied up naked Naruto. Now for the next and final part we see Tsunade, Shizune, and the four ANBU women working, but than we see them inside the secret bedroom raping Naruto, where are we learn the ones working are clones and the real ones now spend every day rapping Naruto.

Two is set during the Sasuke Retrieval Arc, where Naruto ends up fighting Tayuya during the Sasuke Retrieval Arc instead of Shikamaru. Tayuya uses a Genjutsu to stop him from move and decides to take advantage of him. Temari shows up after a long while, but instead of helping Naruto she decides to join Tayuya in raping Naruto, especially after seeing how big his dick was. There is an Epilogue that has Tayuya and Temari raping Naruto in his apartment because after raping him during the Sasuke Retrieval Arc Tayuya joined Konoha and become Naruto's roommate/neighbor and when Temari become the Ambassador of Suna, she asked to stay at Naruto's place whenever she is at Konoha, which means they get to rape Naruto anytime they want.

Three has Konan being sent to spy on Naruto(I would like this to be set before the Chunin Exam Arc). One time when she is spying on she sees his big dick, which leads to her having wet dreams about him. When she finally can't take it any more, she sneaks into Naruto's home and rape him. There can be epilogue, which has Akatsuki meeting saying how they still can't find Naruto after he mysteriously disappear. Afterwards, we follow Konan going deep underground Amegakure into a secret room, which well have a naked Naruto with a dog collar on that has a dog tag saying "Property of Konan" and when she goes into the Room Naruto well call her Mistress or Goddess.

Four has Naruto going to the Fire Daimyo's home, when he is selected to by Tsunade to be her gaurd when she has to have an annual week/month long meeting between the Hokage and the Fire Daimyo. During the meeting Naruto well be walking around the place, but he well jumped/meet the Fire Daimyo's daughter and her friends, who well be played by Azula, Mai, and Ty Lee from Avatar: The Last Airbender. The girls well basically rape him by having Ty Lee use her skills to paralyze him. The reasons being that Azula wants a powerful husband and has heard all of Naruto's achievements, Mai because she developed a crush on him when he heard the amazing stories about him, and Ty Lee is the same as Mai and also idea of having a cute/handsome boy like Naruto is a major bonus to her.

Five has Naruto in detention again for his pranks. It's Kurenai turn to stay and watch him, but her friends(Anko, Yugao, Hana, and maybe Shizune) decide to come with her. Kurenai and her friends get bored so decide to have fun with Naruto, which leads to them basically raping him.

Six has Tsume, Hana, Anko, Kurenai, and Yugao celebrating Hana becoming Chunin. Here they spot a preteen Naruto and decide to have a fox hunt, which leads to the women raping Naruto. The next day, Anko and Kurenai have adopted Naruto from the orphanage so they can continue to rape and maybe have women of the village pay them so they can also rape Naruto.


Now, here are rules:

1. No pegging.

2. Females can only rape Naruto.

3. No futanari.



Kyuubi is Female in the story, has been putting her chakra into Naruto's cum, which makes the women who rape Naruto addicted and slowly turn them into demons. The ending for the story has Kyuubi being the ruler of the world, all the females of world have become sexy female demons, and all of the males of the world have been killed, except for Naruto, who is now immortal, stuck as a preteen forever, and is every females' rape toy till the very end of time.

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Guest Nahte

If you look up Naruto Chuko there are a couple of force stories, though none exactly match these.

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