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So if anyone has seen my various challenges and requests then you can probably tell that I love Harry when he has a harem or is a slut. However I also love fanfics where Harry is being dominated by a beast so this idea popped out.

I would love it if someone did a fic where Harry (still humaniod) had a slash harem with dominate beasts either due to some creature inheritance or due to a potion accident.

Creature inheritance should be so rare they're believed to be legend and only certain creatures can even pass the gene down.

The harem should have at least

1) Buckbeak

2) Werewolf

3) Centaur

other possible creatures

1) Thestrals

2) Canine creatures (Fluffy, Fang, exc.)

3) Basilisk

4) Fawkes

5) Dragon's

6) Satyr

7) Minotaur

8) Unicorns

9) a anthro creature with tentacles

10) Anthro feline creatures


any other creature you want be they anthro or down right beasts

You can add some humaniods like humans, giants excetra but I rather this had mostly beast in it (In fact Hagrid would probably get turned on watching Harry being taken by animals

If you are fine with anthro but not beast then feel free to give these creatures anthro forms but I rather it be with a majority of beast features

If you also want to add plants like the whomping willow or a unique plant of your creation feel free

Basically as long as you have a few beast preferably the top three you can do what you want with the rest but I also love Dark Harry fanfics if written well enough like Harry Potter and the Descent into Darkness, Harry Potter and the Breeding of Darkness, and In Servitude to the Dark series all good stories to look at for Dark Harry

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Game. Set. Match. I just finished the story. I think it fits all your criteria. It's called Harry Potter and the Beastly Harem. Cheers.

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