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Celeb - Misc

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Celebs - Misc/General,p p.14-10

Kyle Murray’s real life anal adventure (544196748) - SQUISHED

Young offender (544195026) - SQUISHED? not sure if they just put in hard line breaks

A friend in need (28117) - STRETCHED, but only in page 1 prelim info

Randomness (6076) - STRETCHED

Apollo has 2 daddies (544206852), SQUISHED

Skye, the last prince of the vampires (544205074), SQUISHED pp.1-5 and 7-8, also much HTML coding text pp.1-5 and 7-8

A flash of teens (1296) - p.5 wordord

Hurt (600090132) - p.2 SQUISHED

Coin Operated Boy (600050059) - p.1 is just notes, should be incorporated into top of p.2

Passion ch 2 - riding the bull (600050096) - should be incorporated in same story as ch.1 (600050065)

Danielle’s Horrible Afternoon (600005393) - SQUISHED<br style=""> <br style="">

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