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Guest Jaxxy

Site News: 1/20/2009

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Guest Jaxxy

May our Northern friends be gazing upon a sparkling Winter; a soft Summer be yours, Southern neighbors.

The faithful change of year, yet again; here, already?, yet again. And here we are, all together again, too. It seems barely a moment since we rang in 2009, and soon, we'll have welcomed the Year of the Ox, as well.

I'm told that the Ox comes to set, firm and strong, the innovative plans of the Rat; quite fitting! In the spirit of this hard-working Ox, on this exceptionally historical American Inauguration Day, and to lovingly christen an inspiring 2009, let us add our own small mark to the day.


We know you noticed those nasty spam attacks. We did! Thankfully, we've found an effective solution. And if you're reading this, it's already gone live.

Tonight, we installed a little script called reCAPTCHA. Henceforth, you'll encounter these new "Are You a Human?"-type check-points at three important Member interaction points: Registration, Add Story, and Review.

With reCAPTCHA, spammers and bots alike should have a far harder time of inundating the Archive with their, well, garbage (!!!). From here on out, you should be notably relieved of the annoyances they bring. (Our Staff will be happier, too -- no more having to delete thousands of spammed un-Stories, first thing in the morning?! -- Whew!)

Review Board "Pagination"

Another convenience-plus! From now on, AFF's Review Boards are paginated. This means that, when viewing Reviews, a Member can now choose to see 10, 15, 20, 25, or 30 Reviews at a time. No more hunting up and down an endless list for a favorite (or otherwise) Review, and what a burden this takes off our server's back!

(The reCAPTCHA and Pagination upgrades actually work together to conserve our technical resources. Less wear and tear is crucial, for this particular program and version, if we are to preserve your Stories.)

Report Buttons

To further dissuade the misuse of our Archive (and the disturbance of our Members), we've added a whole lot of Report buttons to our pages. These will be found as you read along; you should now see a Report button on each Author Profile, each Story, and each Review.

Help us keep the Archive clean -- if something's wrong, hit the nearest Report button, and tell us about it!


Now, those are some nice major fixes, above, but we've done a little bit of re-arranging, too. This will lead to less confusion in Members and database, alike.

Navigation Bar Changes

The HOME Tab's New Addition -- "Archive Index"

From now on, if you're reading in a particular Sub-Archive (Naruto, Harry Potter, etc.), and you want to get back to that Archive's home page, try hopping on up to the HOME tab. Hover your mouse over it, and a drop-down menu will appear; there, you will see a new menu option.

Choose "Archive Index", and voila -- you've just back-stepped up from Naruto>General to the main Naruto page without the old round-about navigation. (Again, this'll work the same way for each Sub-Archive.) Hop to it!

The NEWS Tab

The NEWS Tab... not the NEW tab? No, a new tab!

Click this purple-y detail upon our (also, purple) global navigation bar -- it's right next to the HOME tab -- and you will be taken back to AFF's Main Index page. This will display the last few Site News posts, surrounded by the Main Archive links, as usual.

You're used to seeing Site News on every Archive Index page, so isn't this silly? Well, no. Thing is, Site News won't be anywhere else, anymore. Instead, there will be...


This choice will take you to the Sub-Archive Index of whichever Archive you're currently in (if you're nowhere quite yet, and you hit this tab, you'll go to the Anime area). There, where Site News was, your favorite Sub-Archive's Latest Stories will be!


Members, old and new, thank you for being with us. Please enjoy these new releases to the fullest, whenever you visit with us, with our gladness. If you wish to show your gladness, too, here's just one great way in which you can.

Here's to our brand new day!

-- Jaxxy

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