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  1. sekah

    D'autres comme moi?

    Salut! Je ne suis pas francophone, mais j'étudiais français pour longtemps au lycée. Je suis une étudiante maintenant, et je vous comprends un peu. Donc, je juste pensais que je dirais bonjour. Désolée pour tous mes erreurs, je suis juste une débutante. J'espère que vous trouviez autres gens francophones! Do I want to know if that came out in readable French? Nope. I know it didn't. XD Anyway, even if it's wildly incoherent, hopefully you can discern some kind of meaning. <3 Good luck finding other French-speakers!
  2. sekah

    Yu Yu Hakusho

    See, I'm in an interesting position, in that I hate Hiei/Kurama, and never read nor write it. When people ask me for good Hiei/Kurama fics, I hem and haw and toss them over to the yyh archive or BlueUtopiah's Recommendation list. If you asked me for Hiei/Mukuro I'd have more fics for you than Hiei/Kurama, honestly. (Oh, and since lots of people are lamenting the lack of Yusuke/Kurama fics, here: has at least twenty GOOD Yusuke/Kurama fics, and then there's Dirge: , and oh Blossomwitch's stuff: , and of course Villain: . Those should tide you over for awhile - if you want more, come ask! I've got plenty of great fics locked in my vault.)
  3. sekah

    Anyone else a Yoko/Suichi fan?

    Oh, Youko/Shuuichi is delicious. And if you ever want to know some decent fics, doujinshi or pictures, I'm happy to help, I've got a bunch.
  4. sekah

    YuYu Hakusho fanfiction nominations

    Title: In Terms of Lolita (and its prequel, Introducing Lolita) Author: L.E. Death Summary: Sakyo/Karasu ; A certain poker player has to wonder--just how far will Humbert go for his Lolita? Or, in this case, a crow for his fox. M/M, Oral Rating: Adult+ Status: Complete Link: http://yuyu.adultfan...01385&chapter=1 for In Terms of, and, for Introducing, http://yuyu.adultfan...hp?no=600201403 Short description of why you liked it: If you enjoy seeing the bad-guys as they are, evil, with motives and desires that are very real, and very warped, then I personally can't think of a better Yu Yu Hakusho fic to recommend. If you're in the mood for a darker, more psychological fic, this is one of my favorites. Honestly, I wish I could nominate all of L.E. Death's stories, but IToL will have to do. Title: A Devotional Alliance Author: BlueUtopiah Summary: What you didn't see during the Dark Tournament. Brutal circumstances bring Kurama and Hiei together in ways they never imagined. Karasu/Kurama Hiei/Kurama. Yaoi, Graphic Non-Con. Lemon, M/M. Rating: Adult++ Status: Incomplete, abandoned. Link: http://yuyu.adultfan...hp?no=544190088 Short description of why you liked it: This is easily my favorite of BlueUtopiah's works. It has just the right level of scope and yet claustrophobia that all non-con fics should possess, keeping you in Kurama's mind, and in Karasu's, too. There are some truly eloquent moments in it, as well. Title: Stepfather Author: Artemic Summary: After Hatanaka moves in, Kurama feels in danger in his own home. Takes place at the beginning of the Chapter Black arc. Abuse, Anal, Angst, Bond, Humil, MC, N/C, Oral, Yaoi Rating: Adult++ Status: Incomplete, ongoing. Link: http://yuyu.adultfan...hp?no=600201404 Short description of why you liked it: Wen I first started reading this one, I was expecting the usual Hatanaka-is-suddenly-an-abuser, and all the trite pieces that come with that. What I found instead, however, was a brilliantly inventive and utterly brutal story that exceeded all my expectations, and definitely earns its place here. I have profound respect for Artemic as a writer. Title: Blind Man's Bluff Author: Thoth_Moon Summary: Kurama never came, but someone did. A Yomi-centric story, taking place post-blinding, pre-reunion with Kurama. Abuse, Anal, Angst, Bi, B-Mod, Language, M/F, OC, Oral, Slave, Violence, WIP, Yaoi Rating: Adult+ Status: Incomplete, ongoing. Link: http://yuyu.adultfan...hp?no=600201374 Short description of why you liked it: I really like all of Thoth_Moon's work, so really all I did was pull this one out of a hat. Still, like all her works, Blind Man's Bluff is eloquent and inventive, very unique and enjoyable. Title: Striptease Author: Villain Summary: Yusuke goes to a strip club and is captivated by a certain Fox. Inside, prostitute!Kurama rears his stunning head. Yusuke/Kurama Anal, Oral, D/s, Solo M/M, Lemon, NC, Yaoi Rating: Adult++ Status: One-shot, complete. Link: http://yuyu.adultfan...hp?no=544193808 Short description of why you liked it: I really wish I could nominate Villain's longer fanfiction Unwilling, but since she never got around to posting that on here, I'll say only, Villain's another one who deserves to have all her stories nominated. If you look at things purely from the viewpoint of erotica, she's one of the queens of the fandom. Striptease, like all her works, is so yummy it hurts. Title: Just Desserts Author: Osoimaru Summary: Kurama wants all the sins of insanity carved in Karasu's mind and body. Anal, Angst, Bond, D/s, Humil, Language, N/C, Oneshot, SH, Violence, Yaoi Rating: Adult++ Status: One-shot, complete. Link: http://yuyu.adultfan...hp?no=600201464 Short description of why you liked it: Again, I wish Osoi had all her fics up here. Of the ones she's posted, though, this is certainly the best: a dark and clever turnabout of the traditional dynamics of Karasu/Kurama. I don't usually support the pairing in this order, but God if she made me love it.
  5. sekah


    Hmmmm. Have you read Time, by Fawx - or Tiger? I know I've read some others, but it's not really my thing, so that one is all I can think of at the moment.
  6. sekah


    There are a bunch; one I've always loved is Kurama in Narutoland, by Toki Mirage. There are others, but none that are jumping to mind right now.
  7. sekah

    PLEASE help me find them, been lookin for ever.

    You're looking for Forced Bondage, by Natalya, for the first one. The title's a link. The second one I'm not sure about, so good luck finding it!
  8. sekah

    Looking for a karasuexKurama fic...

    I'm pretty sure you're talking about Kowareta. Look familiar?
  9. I'll freely admit that this is my first chaptered fic, so don't be gentle at all. I need to learn! *bends over and takes it like the man she is* My reticence towards writing has really screwed me over now that I actually want to write, and I'm trying to test my limits. At this point I have no idea of what my strengths are, and I can only guess at my weaknesses. In short, I need grammar and diction advice, and would appreciate any pointers on malapropisms and mischaracterizations. (Before you go in, know that I'm writing this story mainly from the canon of the anime; more specifically, the english dub. Don't worry, though: I'm versed in all the canons.) Here's where it gets tricky. This is not going to be a nice fic. This is a fic about brutal rape, torture, humiliation, and staying sane when surrounded by insanity. I know, haven't I picked a cheery topic for my first fic? I promise there won't be any falling-in-love-with-the-rapist here. If you're game for things that are a little sick and wrong in all the right ways, and hopefully not explicit to the point of bad taste, PM me. The first chapter is already posted, and extensively edited since it was last in document format, so I can only direct potential betas to it. Thanks for reading this if you can't help, and thanks for helping if you can! I'm sorry if this post seems a little lengthy.