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    Awesome old Kag/Sesshomaru story

    This is a story I had read a long time ago and I need help finding. Kagome and the group are searching for the remaining jewel shards when Sesshomaru joins them for the final battle that ends with Inuyasha's death. Sesshomaru grabs Kagome along with Inuyasha's sword and takes her to his home where she is extremely sad over Inuyasha's death and blames herself. Kagome begins to heal being around Rin and Sesshomaru. I don't remember everything, but towards the end a lot of youkai come for both of them in Inuyasha's forest and Sesshomaru scares them off by proving that he's in control of the powerful Miko by marking her. Giving her cresent moon bites on each side of her neck that slightly burn. Hope someone knows what story I'm talking about because I feel crazy looking for a story that seems to no longer exist. Thanks!
  2. sweetheart143

    Need help finding 2 Sessh/Rin stories

    First story opens with a young Rin whose in a hospital and can't walk because she was in a car accident that killed both her parents. Sesshomaru is a famous rich young man who visits the hospital for the good publicity and is led by the nurse to speak with Rin. She knows who he is when he approaches and begins talking with him. Over the next few years Sesshomaru begins a brother like roll by taking Calling, taking Rin on outings, spending Christmas with her, and ultimately giving her the strength to learn to walk again. After she is fully healed she leaves the hospital to go and live with her mother's sister who she has newly formed a bond with while the growing feelings for Sesshomaru makes her jealous to see the tabloids with him and other women. Because she spent so much time out of school her aunt finds her a tutor (Koga) to help get her ready for the upcoming school year. While the story progresses its a back and forth of Rin acting out because of her feelings for Sesshomaru doing things such as joining Koga at a 21+ bar to join him on stage to sing to "Hot in here" by Nelly and getting dragged out and spanked on the hood of Sesshomaru's car for acting out. The second story which I do not remember as well as the first is about Rin who lives alone with her father since her mother is dead and Sesshomaru who is her teacher. One day Rin's father has been drinking or something and takes it out on Rin by hitting her. Rin goes to stay with Sesshomaru and has him not tell anyone since her father has never done that before. The story goes through them living together before there relationship becomes a sexual one. A murderer is also stalking girls and had killed Rin's friend when she was young and now has eyes for Rin. In the end its the ghost of Rin's dead friend that helps save her from the murderer. Both were really great Rin/Sesshomaru stories and I appreciate your help trying to find them!
  3. sweetheart143

    Looking for Sessh/Rin Fic

    I am usually a Kag/Sessh fan but awhile back I read a few Rin/Sessh fics that were so well written and the plots so awesome that I fell in love. I have been looking for this perticular story for awhile now and hope someone here might be able to help me. It starts out with a teen or pre-teen Rin who is in the hospital after an car accident that killed her parents and left her paralyzed and stuck in a wheel chair. In come Sesshoumaru. He is a celebrity who visits a hospital for publicity. He is sent to talk with Rin who is the most lonely and depressed child in the ward. After a charming conversation begins a growing friendship where as the story progress' Sesshoumaru begins to dote on Rin. Soon Rin is rehabilitated and goes to live with her aunt. This around when the story turns more romantic and Rin becomes more rebellious because of her feelings for Sesshoumaru. Rin get a tutor because of all the school she has missed who turns out to be Kohaku or Koga I forget. Rin becomes close friends with her tutor in spite of Sesshoumaru obviouse jealousy. There is some interesting scenes with Rin and her tutor, like her on stage with him at a bar they frequent dancing and singing "it's getting hot in here so take off all your clothes" I hope that description helps. I remember most of the story except who wrote it and where I read it. Thanks!