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    My friend's in a coma.

    The husband of a person I'm good friends with has been in a coma for a little under 48 hours now. He collapsed while her and I were talking, and she hasn't left the hospital since. The neurologist said something about the nerves in his brain that control motor functions and something else burnt out, and he has about a 50/50 chance to come out of it. Aint life grand?
  2. I'm so tired of people calling me a troll because I have an opinion differing from their own. I told this teenager that being bisexual is a fad, and suddenly everybody in the IRC channel started calling me a troll. Trolling: Stating an opinion differing from your own just to get a reaction and piss people off. Opinion: Stating something you believe. I forgot that channels with religious people or people who pretend they're gay/bi are shitstorms if you mention either. He said I insulted all bisexual people by calling it a fad. That's like if I had gone back into the 80's and called spandex and big hairstyles a fad, and it had offended everybody with big hair. Or if I called hippies a fad. Look how those turned out. Do people still do it? Yeah, there's some hippies still, there's people who still walk around in spandex and giant hair. Is it popular like it was back then? No. It was a fad. In 5-10 years do you think Emo will still be as popular as it is nowadays? Do you think every school will have a bunch of supposedly bisexual people? No. Will there still be emoes? Yeah sure. Will there still be bi people? Of course. It's still a fad. Hell, I bet this guy who freaked out at me (He called me an immature, close minded idiot.) has never dated a guy outside of his highschool. He just says he's bi because he thinks it makes him cool. Just... FUCK. I seem to be the only person there without a stick up my ass. Everybody's way too fucking serious about EVERYTHING. ASDJ:LKSDFJL:SKJDF:LKSDJF:LSKDJDKLAJSDHLKASJDHLJKSBGFOIWEUNCVPRUVNPWERUGN:SDN{OI AJDC{OIX{IOVG{Q(WE{Q#(* Okay, I needed that. :|
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    Don't you just hate when you read a really great story, JUST what you've been looking for, but then all of the sudden, out of nowhere, it starts turning into a completely different pairing, with lemons, that make you stop reading? I was in the process of reading Shrine Prostitute, an Inuyasha/Kagome, a few weeks back. It started off great, I loved it, but then out of nowhere (Even though I kind of expected it) it turned into Kagome/Kouga. Now, no offense to fans of that pairing, but I just can't stand it. I had to (Yes, had to.) stop reading a great story, just because of that. Now, I visit certain sections of the site to read certain pairings, and when people don't at least put somewhere in the description that it's going to change pairings half way through, it sort of puts me in a bad mood. Okay! Some of you might be wondering why I'm making this thread, weeks after reading this. (By the way, it's not a direct attack at this story, I actually recommend it if you can stand Kouga/Kagome.) Well it was recently updated, and since I don't have the greatest memory, I was like "Oh! A new chapter, maybe I should start reading it again!" Well, I remembered why I stopped, once I started again. So... Yeah, just a little rant, I suppose it's in hopes that people who read this will start to put warnings on stories in certain sections. (I think General is sorta a free for all, so it doesn't count.) It's like when people don't add on tags, like M-Preg, or rape, or um..... Well, there's a few more, but yeah, you get my point.
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    [Official Request Thread]

    This thread was made in the hopes that we can revive the fandom and help old writers continue to write. Certain bad, bad things were spotted in the fandom, very bad things that shouldn't be, and we're trying to get rid of them, and get more people who aren't fangirls of just one character to write stories for the Inuyasha category. Rules: Requests should contain the following; Pairing: Preferably requests for Inuyasha/Kagome, but any pairing besides Sesshomaru/Kagome can be requested. Basic plot: Describe what you'd like to see, not just "I want to see x and y have sex." Tell about the setting you would want, original, or alternate universe, as well as any other aspects you'd like to see in the story. Optional: Tags: Choose the fetishes you want, if you have a special request. Form: One-shot or chapters? Pick an author!: Challenge your favorite author directly! (PM them after posting, or they may not see it.)
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    The Mary Sue song!

    I didn't do any thing involving this video. Just thought I'd share. :3 I don't read Harry Potter but, it's still pretty funny.
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    Show us your desktop.^^

    Is that STALKER I see on your desktop? Fuck yeah high five!
  7. DarkInuLord

    Show us your desktop.^^

    Like this? Sorry I'm not into guys.
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    Let's Take The Fandom Back! ><

    Note: This contains plenty of Sessh/Kagome bashing. You were warned, don't read it if you don't like it, and don't complain if you DO read it. I noticed the number of generally poorly written Sessh/Kagome fanfictions are creeping dangerously close to the number in the Inuyasha/Kagome section. Sure, number doesn't make up for how well written most of the Inuyasha/Kagome is, but it's depressing to see that such a horrible (In my opinion, don't complain) pairing has such a large fan base putting out such bad stories. We need to start putting out some stories and take back the fandom... Oh, I remember the day (Years ago, when I was underage mind you.) where Inuyasha/Kagome flourished, and Sesshoumaru/Kagome was few and far between. Those days are no more my friends, and the Sesshoumaru fangirls are taking over. (Hell, my girlfriend prefers Sessh over Inuyasha, but at least she doesn't write about him. >.>) Anyways, I'm going to start trying to finish the story I was working on, since I'm a lazy bastard. Have fun writing, I look forward to shooting down any 'flames' that come after this post.
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    Well the fandom had a great life.

    How long has it been? Six years or more now since the Inuyasha fandom was popular in fanfiction? Well I suppose not many last in popularity for much longer than that, and really what I'm trying to say is.... It's all been done. All of it, really. I've been looking through the stories for the last few days, hoping something would jump out and catch my attention. Sadly, the summary's are the most cliche, overdone things I've ever read. The few rare times nowadays that I see an original storyline that doesn't involve Original characters (I refuse to read those.) I read it, only to find that two chapters in they'll ruin it with some 'twist', or change the pairing without warning, which is a complete turn off to a good, or even great story. Take for instance, the idea of 'marking' and 'mating'. This was a fan based idea that seems to be present in ALL stories which came after. I've put them into my own, yes, but normally by the end of the sex scene I just need it over and done with, and it seems to be a good close. But if a story is going to run for a few more chapters, they could think of something a little more original, to give their story that much more, and make it more interesting. Sigh, I suppose I've been ranting. I just wish there was something that could hold my interest past the first chapter, without making me mentally scream "THIS HAS BEEN DONE A HUNDRED TIMES.". Also M-Preg, why is there so much M-Preg in the hetero section?...
  10. Naraku/Kagome [Fics: 46] InuYasha/Sango [Fics: 43] ... Self explanatory enough? You know, I think I'll rant a little about this, because I think I just realized why it is. Inuyasha fanfiction writers are primarily female. Fact. Pairing containing Kagome have more stories than stories containing other female characters, no matter which guy is with Kagome. Now this may not be true, but it's just some speculation on the subject. The writers think of themselves as the Kagome type, almost always writing her as an innocent virgin, etc. Thus, the writers will write stories with Kagome in them, but not other females. Thus, comparing the amount of stories without Kagome, to the amount of stories WITH Kagome... Kagome wins by a few hundred while other pairings are left out to collect dust. (For example...) InuYasha/Kikyo [Fics: 14] InuYasha/Rin [Fics: 2] InuYasha/Sango [Fics: 43] OH... OH MY GOD... I JUST NOTICED. Sesshōmaru/Kagome [Fics: 797] InuYasha/Kagome [Fics: 793] I hate fangirls... I hate fangirls... :: Rocks back and forth trying to pretend that this never happened, that he didn't see the worst pairing ever invented pass up Inuyasha/Kagome... ::
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    Fucked up dream

    Goddamn. So last night I fell asleep really early, 9PM, after watching Berserk and 5cm Per Second. A strange combination. Anyways.... So in my dream, I was browsing the site when my dad decided he wanted to go to the store, so I said I'd go because I wanted to buy some cookies. So we got there and I stuffed some cookies in my clothes because I'unno, I guess in my dream I was a klepto. Anyways. We go to pay, and the dumb girl at the register is talking to some conspiracy theorist behind me instead of letting me pay, and he was saying that sugar pills make people comit suicide. So I say "Can I just pay now?" and she gives me a really dirty look and says "Yes" and rolls her eyes. So I give her the money (Even though I previously stole the stuff?) and walk out. On the way back to my dad's truck, I decided to stop by the pet store, and this is where it gets messed up. When I got inside, I recognized a bunch of people I went to school with, all guys, in the front room. So I went to the back room that said "Dogs" but when I got inside there wasn't any dogs, instead, a bunch of girls I went to school with were tied up in bondage clothes and naked, but they were all smiling. So I turned around to leave but got lost and ended up in another room, this one was the same as before but bigger, and it was really noisy and there was people all over. And once again all of the girls I went to highschool with, and more guys, and some people I don't even remember I think they were just generic background characters. So, for some reason I started trying to yell over the people, asking if anybody had a polaroid camera, I guess because I wanted proof of what was going on, so, finally, a guy I've known since elementary school was like "Yeah" and pulled this light down from above one of the girls' cells, since, they were all in like jail cell things. But no doors were on them. So after he pulls the light down he grabbed this digital camera from behind a pole, and hands it to me. I go "Thanks" and then start walking back to get a better picture, but I tripped, and fell on my hand and was like "Oh gross I can't believe I touched the ground in here that's disgusting." So I got up and tried to take a picture, but it was really crowded and I got knocked down. So I stood back up and wiped myself off and tried to take a picture again but as soon as I had a clear shot, everybody was dressed again, but I took a picture anyways and it printed out of the camera. I gave the camera back to the guy and looked at the picture and it wasn't just one picture,but it changed between a whole scene of pictures like the camera had been going off for a while, so I actually had proof of what was going on. So I pushed my way through the crowd and made it back outside, and then when I saw my dad's truck I woke up. Yeah. :3 That was my dream.
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    Difference in trolling and opinions.

    FF7 is probably the most overrated pile of garbage in existence. :|
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    Fucked up dream

    I had another weird dream last night... In this dream, I was part of an army that was forced to fight a battle over and over again until they died. The survivors at the end of the battle were just given more authority in the next battle, the ones who died, I don't know, maybe they just went to hell or something. After the battle was over, if you were still alive the same battle would begin again, you'd have a new army, but face the same enemies in the same places. This means that the more times you fought and survived, the more information you had about your enemies and the easier commanding the other men became, except you had no rest between each battle so you would eventually just succumb to exhaustion after a while. Toward the end of the dream, the battle got changed, and there was some big demon or monster that attacked the army that I was with, and we lost most of our old troops who knew had been there the longest, and we lost our commander, and I was the next in line, so the next time the battle started over I suddenly became the commander, and so instead of doing all the fighting I was commanding the troops, but there was a lot less than the time before and they were inexperienced and died really easily, and then the demon/monster/thing appeared again, and there was only a few of us left, and he killed the rest, and I picked up a spear and charged at him and stabbed him in the shoulder. Then I woke up. Man, that was a fucking manly dream. It was awesome as hell.
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    Quick question

    Would you do her? Yeah. That's the only question.
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    Quick question

    :| No thank you.
  16. DarkInuLord

    Quick question

    Lol, that won't happen. Even if it did, I don't think a skinny guy that looks like a girl, and 2 muscular women would make a good porn.
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    Quick question

    Yeah the catch is she's the crazy-threesome-chick's aunt. :| Also I don't know how I'd get to Illinois, I hate heights, flying would give me a panic attack. D:
  18. DarkInuLord

    Quick question

    I don't know. :3
  19. DarkInuLord

    Quick question

    She could beat the hell out of me if she wanted. D: I wouldn't stand a chance. Also she's my friend's aunt, lol. But hey, money's money.
  20. DarkInuLord

    Quick question

    Well. She's over twice my age. :3
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    Would You Like to Date My Friend?

    No offense. But your friend's probably on drugs. :3 I know somebody like that. She does cocaine and heroine.
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    Alirhgt, Uncle Fester is Here!

    It's always dead in here.
  23. DarkInuLord

    Difference in trolling and opinions.

    I meet people on the internet. :3 And yeah. As long as I agree with them everything is all hunky dory, but if I disagree I get the "Who cares what you think? You hate everything." talk that they're so fond of. Man, anybody notice how racist this smiley is?
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    Would You Like to Date My Friend?

    I have a feeling like this is a gag and you're wanting us to say "Yes" to the ones we should say "No" to. :| But then again, that last question makes me really think you're serious here. Hope the search goes well!
  25. Your friend from another state wanted to visit with a couple friends so that you could have a threesome with both of them? I mean, I JUST became single and she's trying to set me up with TWO GIRLS at the SAME TIME... She's like "Well when I visit you won't be having sex with me, I'm married, but I'm bringing a couple friends along" then wanted me to describe the kind of girl I want... I have absolutely no idea what to do.... D: Oh god just got another email from her... It says... "What about specifics? Like do you want a girl that's willing to do anal or something in addition like that. How many orgasms can you have in a row before needing to rest?" ...