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  1. shinigamiinochi

    Writing Jobs?

    I recently graduated for college and am looking forward to moving in with my best friend in her apartment. The number one problem I'm having is finding a decent job to pay the 120 a week rent, plus food, gas, and other expenses. I have a part time job, but I'm only getting about two hundred a week. I'm really looking for a career instead of some little part time job that pays me eight bucks an hour. I have an English degree and I'm really looking for jobs that either focus on writing creatively or editing. Preferably, editing fiction, even if it in ebook format. However, I haven't had much luck searching for a job like that. If anyone has advice, knows of really good job sites, knows a website or company that is looking for an editor or anything along that vein, it would be a huge help.
  2. shinigamiinochi

    The Road to Kindness Review Responses

    Here are the review responses for Chapter 8 Part 10: Loverofyaoi: Heero definitely has a problem with anger and situations where someone he loves has been hurt. He internally blames himself a lot like how Duo does, but externally, in order to deal with that guilt, he attacks the people around him. We saw this in the very first chapter of this story, how Heero verbally attacked his mother, and in Chapter 7, where he placed all of his guilt against Trowa, who he saw as replacing himself as Duo’s best friend. This kind of jealousy isn’t far off. Trowa and Duo are a lot alike and Duo feels more comfortable talking about his own faults and his childhood with Trowa, because it would be more painful for him if Heero rejected him instead of Trowa, and Trowa was also a victim of sexual abuse. Heero obviously realizes that Trowa and Duo have this connection and it makes him feel vulnerable, as there are times when he doesn’t know how to comfort Duo. Of course, Heero is equally aware that his anger at Trowa is misplaced and that he’s being immature, as Trowa is his friend, he just has a problem seeing the forest through the trees where Duo is concerned. This is another reason why Duo and Heero cannot be thrown into a relationship right now. Can you imagine the massive protective streak and inferiority complex Heero would get if they were boyfriends? He would constantly be comparing himself to Trowa and getting more and more frustrated. Before that happens, Heero needs to realize that, not only is he the one Duo wants and they are a good match, as much as Duo needs him and relies on him, Duo has to stand on his own and not have Heero be the one responsible for saving him all the time. Djargo: What, you thought just because Wes thinks he’s in love, he’s going to become a human being in the process? Yep, deep down inside, he’s still just as much a dick as he ever was. I’m glad you mentioned Name’s morals. A lot of readers get annoyed that she hasn’t gotten a hit taken out on Wes, but that just isn’t realistic with her character. Yes, she is willing to kill to protect her children, but only as a last resort. This is obviously going to become an issue now, with Duo’s life being in danger. You also brought up a good point about Wes’ reactions to Name as a threat. As you can see in this chapter, yes, he is so arrogant that this isn’t even on one level of importance in his mind. He truly believes that he has control over this situation and the Yuy’s will never find Duo. Wes’ world has now shrunk down to himself and Duo, for him, nothing exists outside of that, which is precisely why I label Wes’ affection for Duo as ‘stalkerish’. And I’m so glad that this story still has an emotional resonance with readers, considering how long it is already and all the different things that have happened. As long as people can still feel a connection to these characters and their situations, I can call this story a success. Also thanks to Annie for the review!
  3. shinigamiinochi

    The Road to Kindness Review Responses

    This topic is for my review responses to my Gundam Wing fic, The Road to Kindness, since my review responses are quite lengthy. Chapter 8 Part 9 Responses: PsychoSausages: My reviewers will never cease to amaze me. When writing this story, not once did I ever consider the possibility that anyone would want to see a pairing between Wes and Duo, and yet I’ve gotten two reviews from people saying that they adore the idea. I’d love to say that I would consider writing an alternate story where Duo says yes to Wes’ proposal, the problems being that one, that would take a lot of time that I don’t have and two, there are just so many plot problems with that. If I did do it, I’d have to tackle the issue of what Heero and the others would go through, having never gotten Duo back, as well as the psychological atrophy Duo would go through, being forced to live with Wes again. Keep in mind something that is very important: as much as Wes might seem like he’s changed, but not once during that whole speech about what he’s willing to do, if Duo agrees to be with him, did he ever ask Duo what he wants. Such a relationship can’t work, so that story wouldn’t end in anything but tragedy. I truly considered writing it, even though it would probably be the darkest project I’ve ever attempted, but it seems like something I’d get stuck on. I might still write it, but in the far off future. If anyone else would like to write it, or if people could send plot points, it might go into my fan fiction ideas folder. Loverofyaoi: ‘Sociopathic bromance’ XD I love it! I can totally see Chris killing Duo for ‘changing’ Wes, too. As for the ending comment, I’ve been getting a lot of people demanding to know what’s going to happen to Duo if Heero doesn’t save him. I only have this to save: Heero finding Duo is not the only way this conflict could end. In fact, there are about a dozen different things that could happen, not all of them good. Djargo: As usual, your flattery makes me blush I’m glad that Wes is coming across as believable, especially since his personality has changed slightly due to his feelings for Duo. Thanks for the all the compliments and you’re right, this story has the tendency to take up all my time, focus, and energy, but hearing from readers about how much they enjoy this story, despite how dark it can be, it totally makes it worth it. Mii: I’m glad it’s one of your favorites, if only because of the immense amount of time I’ve put into this story. Duo doesn’t keep his meds in his backpack. He really should, considering the number of times he’s been kidnapped/run away. And you’re right, Duo not having his pills is going to be a huge problem, especially since Wes is not even aware of Duo’s health problems. Fan-to-fiction: You bring up a few good points here. First off, is Duo really acting like a weak child by telling everyone how he feels about being abused and thinking he isn’t good enough? Sure, by comparing this AU characterization with canon, it might seem like it, but also keep some things in mind. First, we are all created through our experiences. Canon Duo never went through the abuse that TRTK Duo did. When he was living on the streets, he had Solo to guide him and a bunch of kids to take care of. He had to hide behind laughter and try to be the adult because he had other people relying on him. This Duo never had anyone growing up and no one has ever relied on him. He was a lot more alone than canon Duo ever was. While canon Duo hid his problems behind laughter and a smile, this Duo hid his own problems his entire life through silence and lies. Now he has people in his life that actually care about what has happened to him, so does it really make him weak to use them as an outlet, to want to let go of that emotional poison inside of him through the people who love him? And while thinking he’s not good enough might be repetitive, it’s realistic. People who have been abused often feel that way. It is a lot more realistic to have Duo stubbornly hold on to those beliefs, especially after never being given proof that he is good enough, than to have him so quickly letting go of those insecurities. As Djargo said, it wouldn’t make sense for years of psychological problems to disappear in a matter of months.
  4. shinigamiinochi

    Erotic Original Art Websites?

    I'm looking for a list of websites where I can post my original artwork. All of my artwork features characters from my fiction, and vast majority features them in adult situations. The problem is that a lot of these characters are between 15-17 years of age, so most sites (like Furaffinity and Deviantart) won't let me post them.
  5. shinigamiinochi

    Anthro/Furry Clothing Advice

    It's set just slightly in our future, far enough that human-animal hybrids are common place, but not far enough that there has been a significant change in daily life or fashion.
  6. shinigamiinochi

    Anthro/Furry Clothing Advice

    First off: no rants about the evils of anthro/furry fiction, this post is for people who know a lot about clothing, not a debate. I'm writing a story that features a furry character with large, paw-like feet and a tail, which poses a problem with his clothing as the waist needs to actually fit him, but the bottom of the pants have to be wide so he can actually get his feet into them. So far, all I can think of is a loincloth type thing and hakama (the pants that shrine maidens/priests wear that tie at the sides of the waist and get wider as the pants go down). I need ideas for clothing this character would be able to both wear around the house and in public.
  7. shinigamiinochi

    How far into writing a fic do you post it?

    I am, what my friends affectionately call, a 'Stephen King writer'. Meaning, I tend to write 1,000+ page stories (which explains why nothing I write is currently finished) or anthologies of short stories. So, really, how I post depends on a story. If it's an anthology, I only post when the story is finished. If it's a longer story with short chapters, I post after I finish a chapter. However, I do have quite a few stories that have long chapters. For example, when I first started writing a story called The Road to Kindness, I posted once a chapter was finished. Then, chapter 6 ended up being over a hundred pages long, which a site (it was too long ago to remember which one, but probably wouldn't allow me to post. I ended up breaking chapter 6 into several 'parts' of thirty pages each. Now I use this policy for all my fiction. If a chapter ends in 45 pages or less, it remains one chapter. If the chapter goes beyond that, I break it up into smaller parts of thirty pages each. I find that this allows me to update faster and the reader is not overwhelmed by enormous chapters. I honestly can't imagine not posting a story until it is completed. I guess that works if you have a story that is only going to be three to five chapters long, but I really like posting an incomplete story. That way, readers can tell me what is right or wrong about the story before I've put so much effort into completing it.
  8. shinigamiinochi

    What to do when you're writing style changes?

    I've been going through this problem a lot lately. I started writing and posting fiction in early high school. I have a few stories on this site and other sites from that period and every time I stumble upon them, I blush with embarrassment. They're poorly written, cliched, and some of them are far too short or just don't make any sense. So, when I receive a positive review on these stories, that someone likes the plot, it really motivates me to tear the story down and try to do it better. My writing style has gone through three 'eras', high school, early college, and present. I feel that I can always write better, but I put a lot more attention to detail into my stories now than I ever did in the past, so when I reread something that I've written currently, I don't feel ashamed of it. The thing is, there isn't a single story that I've written that I've felt couldn't be remade and should just be thrown in the trash. The problem is finding the time, and inspiration, to take a bad story and make it good. Remakes, I feel, are a double edged sword. On the one hand, nine times out of ten, the remake really is better than the original product. It is kind of like having a first draft of an essay. You already have an idea in your head and now have the source material to look over. You can take your time and really plot the story out, without rushing into the story, just to get all your ideas out there. Readers who are fans of the original story will probably like the remake, too, and if its a story that hasn't been worked on in awhile, will be happy to see some new life poured into it. On the other hand, some readers will hate you for it. You're abandoning something they liked, which requires going back and writing the same scenes over again. It's like a remake of a beloved movie. There are some scenes you already know, which runs the risk of boring your audience until you get to parts that are new. And I'm sure that there will always be readers who liked your original version more. But, as the author, if you feel that you can make your story better, you should. It just takes a lot of patience, but I feel that this is a part of what separates authors that love their work and craft, who really pour their souls into what they write, and those that are just doing it in their spare time, those that don't care about bad grammar or plot holes.
  9. shinigamiinochi

    Call for Anatomy Expertise

    If anyone knows anything about anatomy, it would be a big help. I need to know if there is a place on the front of a person (preferably the chest area) that can paralyze them, or give them an intense amount of pain (preferably both) when someone stabs them there. I know nothing about anatomy and this sort of thing isn't easy to find on the internet.
  10. shinigamiinochi

    Rating or Review

    I tend to get more 5 ratings then any sort of review (one of my stories had 32 five ratings and only ten reviews), so I think of reviews as better. When someone rates, they do it anonymously, at the click of a button, but reviews are more personalized.
  11. shinigamiinochi

    ...They forgot?

    Once upon a time, I had been reading two fics that seemed to be updated on the same day, though the authors are different. I accidentally reviewed the wrong fic one day and I was specific, so if the author or other readers ever read that review, it had probably made no sense at all. I have short term memory issues, so something like that is really embarassing. I'm terrible at leaving reviews, though. As an author and someone who absolutely loves serial reviews, I'm ashamed of myself.
  12. shinigamiinochi

    Deadliest Catch

    First off, we have fanfiction about real life people like celebrities, so reality shows should be on the menu, too, if you can find something to write about them. I'd put it in tv shows. Secondly, I recently saw a fanfic that was a cross with Deadliest Catch and Supernatural 0.o Odd, yet intriguing.
  13. shinigamiinochi

    Moderators - Censorship or not?

    Screening something, be it literature, music, physical art, or anything, really, and keeping it from the public due to content is by definition, censorship. This doesn't mean that there isn't a responsible reason, but censorship sucks. I think that humans should be mature enough to decide what they can handle and what they, personally, won't like, but others might. However, most of us are childish and need someone to hold our hands, to tell us what to read (just look at Oprah's book list), watch, or listen to. People who have the power to censor seem to think that certain content is inappropriate and will end up destroying society as we know it. In something like a website, they have the right to do it because they paid for it and they own it. However, the site shouldn't have reign over personal material, so I don't think it's right for them to do it. It goes back to the violent television debate. Adults should have the right to read whatever they want and make the decision of what they will like and if there is something inappropriate out there, it isn't the site moderator's responsibility to make sure the kids don't see it, it's the parents'. The ideal of a village raising the kids is a nice one, but it isn't true. There is no such thing as something so innapropriate that the entire public should not have to read it, but there is very little you can do to force a site moderator to take something that they don't approve of. You also have to respect their right of refusal. For example, I respect Jack Chick's right to print his religious comics, but there is no way in hell I would want it on a website that I owned and managed. I guess I'm on the fence on the issue. I hate censorship with a burning passion, but I get how companies like and livejournal have the right to do it. It's when an entire content matter (like homosexuality for example) becomes socially unaccessable on all media that censorship becomes evil. So, I hate it, but I understand it. Think of it this way, even if livejournal refuses to post your rants, you can go to other sites, even if it is irritating. Personally, I think this screening does impact on the freedom of speech thing, but there really isn't any way around it when it's against a company like that.
  14. You know you're a dedicated writer when you have a terrible case of carpal tunnel, but against all common sense, continue to write fanfiction by hand. *glares at right hand* You know you're a dedicated writer when you turn down friends just to stay at home and finish a chapter. You know you're a dedicated writer when you start to buy movies and music for the sole purpose to inspiration. You know you're a dedicated writer when all you can think about when reading fanfiction is that you should really be writing right now. I could think up more, but I really do have carpal tunnel, I was just bored and wanted to type something little.
  15. shinigamiinochi

    How does this end?

    I'm a pretty analytical person, so it's surprising to me that all of the fanfics I started a few years back, I have absolutely no idea where they were going. Now, however, all of my fics have completed notes before I start them, it's just a matter of fine tuning everything and sitting down to write it. For example, for my fic 'The Road to Kindness', I sat down and wrote a beginning, middle, and end with the notes only going to about ten pages long. Now, however, I'm on the sixth chapter and I have 22 pages of notes. So basically, as I was in the process of writing the actual fic, instead of the notes going down (as I delete things as I get to them), I kept adding more and more things I wanted to happen in the fic.