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    Rude and /or Malicious consumers

    I hear you on that. My husband and I worked at a grocery store a little over a year ago. He told me one time this lady claimed she had broken her tooth over chewing a piece of gum. He was so tempted to say *cough* scammer! *cough*
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    Rude and /or Malicious consumers

    A few times I've had customers trying to insist that they know our policy. I work for Starbucks and we used to give out free coffee during the five minutes it takes to re-brew when someone orders a cup of coffee. But, technically we weren't supposed to be doing it, but many barista's nationwide would do it. So we stopped, since we'd be loosing lots of profit. Imagine there is a line to the door, we've suddenly had to re-brew and are giving free coffee (excluding latte's etc) to those who are ordering it. By the time the five minutes is up, the person behind the person who got the free coffee now has to pay. Well that wouldn't be fair, because they would insist on getting it free too because the person in front of them did. An this continues.That's a lot of profit lost. What we do now is offer them an Americano (espresso shots and water) at the same price. So, whenever we're on our re-brew once in a great while, we have a customer that insists it should be free and in their own words "It's your policy." Well, genius, I work here and you do not. You'd be surprised how many people get impatient over waiting 5 minutes for coffee!
  3. From the moment I wrote an essay on his political debates, I knew that this guy was a downright moron. A couple cans short of a six pack, to say the least.
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    Explain Your Username

    Kyouryoku for "Strong" and Senshi for "Warrior". This is actually what my full name means in real life, but I decided to go Japanese.
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    Explain Your Avatar

    My avatar is Sailor Neptune from Sailor Moon. The actual picture comes from a Sailor Moon doujinshi.
  6. Kyouryoku Senshi

    Guilty Or Not Guilty

    Guilty! Who hasn't? Gone to more than 3 different schools. (Not counting transition from grade school to high school)
  7. Kyouryoku Senshi

    Take it to the next track

    Here's to the Night- Eve 6
  8. Kyouryoku Senshi

    Guilty Or Not Guilty

    Not Guilty. Ever peed in a cup? (Other than at the doctors)
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    Willing to BETA for Sailor Moon & X-Files

    Beta Bio: general description as a beta reader Hello, my name is Valerie aka Kyouryoku Senshi. Right now, I am in college and although I am not majoring in English, I'm taking some fiction writing classes to further my writing skills. My Strengths: beta, writing, or reading strengths: I'm great with spelling and making words come to life. My Weaknesses: beta, writing, or reading weaknesses I have a habit of creating run-on sentences and sometimes punctuation. Preferred: types of entries I prefer over others I am willing to BETA any stories that are Sailor Moon, PGSM or X-Files related with ANY rating. I will do PG - NC-17. I will also BETA the following pairings for Sailor Moon: Usagi/Mamoru, Haruka/Michiru, Setsuna/Mamoru, Chibiusa/Helios. Pairings for PGSM (Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon): Usagi/Mamoru, Rei/Minako, Makoto/Motoki, or Ami/Usagi. Anything goes! For X-Files, I will do almost any pairing, but preferably Mulder/Scully, Kim/Skinner or Doggett/Reyes. Would Rather Not: types of entries I do not want to beta for I don't really care for Doggett/Scully or Skinner/Scully romance. Sorry guys, but I am a total MSR nut. Doggett/Scully friendship is totally fine by me. If you are doing a Yaoi fic for pure fun, for ex: if it's Mulder/Krycek or something like that, I will BETA. Those are pretty funny. I also won't do any pairing with Haruka/Michiru separate. For ex: No Haruka/Setsuna, no Michiru/Mamoru, Michiru/Setsuna, Haruka/Usagi or things like that. I feel the same way about this as I do Mulder/Scully. I also don't care to BETA Scully/Reyes romance. Scully and Reyes are JUST GOOD FRIENDS, you don't see it hinted anywhere in the series that they are lovers.
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    Sailor Moon

    Anyone here a fan of Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon?
  11. Kyouryoku Senshi

    Misspelled names in fanfiction?

    I don't know if any of you have seen this, but I recently read a Sailor Moon fanfic and the names were so horribly misspelled that it's hard to continue reading them. The author misspelled two character's names throughout the entire thirteen chapter story. The question is, how can you write fanfic when you do not know how to spell the character's names or bother to look them up? If you are not sure of a name, at least go and look it up before writing a story. Anyone else notice this?
  12. Kyouryoku Senshi


    Anyone watch the X-Files during the nine long years in which it ran? I've been watching the show since 4th grade and I'm going to college now.
  13. Kyouryoku Senshi

    Ideal men

    Hmm, I've never been the type of girl to like them 'tough and rugged.' Perhaps that's because I've never been a girly girl. I like them slim, slender and sensitive. I'm mainly attracted to Asian and Caucasian men. I hit the jackpot when I met my fiance' who is half filipino and half white. ^-^ Of course, I couldn't date someone who is short...they'd have to at least be 5'7" or more, just not over 6'1". Humor is the main attraction, they'd have to be funny!
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    Favorite Color

    Sky Blue is my favorite color...the color of water and the sky.
  15. Kyouryoku Senshi

    Sailor Moon

    Sisters, WTF? Seriously, they don't even look remotely alike! They could probably get away with making them best friends, but cousins and much less, sisters?!
  16. Kyouryoku Senshi

    Writing Chapter Stories? How many and how long?

    I haven't given much thought into this myself, since I mostly write one-shots, it usually depends on how long I can make the chapter according to my ideas.
  17. Kyouryoku Senshi

    Sailor Moon

    I first watched it in the English version, but I discovered the Japanese version was MUCH MUCH better! Considering they make Uranus/Neptune cousins in the English version, blah! Considering at how much the show hints at their relationship, the English version makes it seem like incest. I think homosexuality is accepted A LOT more, so they should have left the relationship alone! And there's the thing about making Zoicite into a female...DIC must be homophobic. The English version was for the Japanese version! ^-^
  18. Kyouryoku Senshi

    Crap. Crap. Crapcrapcrap!

    Oh, I hear you there. I've had several computers crap out on me, and I've lost my fanfiction, music videos before too.
  19. Kyouryoku Senshi

    Rare "Pink Dolphin" Photos

    Damn, how interesting. Cute dolphin.
  20. Kyouryoku Senshi

    Guilty Or Not Guilty

    Not Guity- Don't see movies often. G/NG- Has never had any cavities.
  21. Kyouryoku Senshi


    So is anyone starting or going back to college? I'm taking 15 units at a community college. I'm going to be a nurse and since they have a two year nursing program there, I don't need to transfer to a four year unless I want to get my BSN to be a nurse technician. Right now I just want to be an RN, so I'll be at the college for about four years or so because I need to get my GE out of the way AND pass 11 prerequisites to get into the program alone. Since I will be living on my own, I have to work part time and go to school. However I have to get AT LEAST a 3.0 in all 11 prerequisites to get into the program alone. So I'm a bit stressed out on how I'm going to do both. I certainly cannot work more than 16-20 hours. I remember last year, my last job gave me like 30+ hours at times when I was trying to graduate high school. On the weekends, I worked full time and barely had enough time to get homework done.
  22. Kyouryoku Senshi

    I Have Never....

    Seriously? I have. I have never been with more than one person.
  23. Kyouryoku Senshi

    I Have Never....

    Neither have I and never plan on it. Lol I have never had any other pets besides a cat or a dog.
  24. Kyouryoku Senshi

    Guilty Or Not Guilty

    Not Guilty- I don't remember the last time, G/NG- Has cats?
  25. Kyouryoku Senshi

    Is it bad...

    Don't feel odd, I'm in the same boat. I'm getting married next year to my first SO and I couldn't imagine it with anyone else. I am not ashamed! However, I am not surprised that a lot of people fantasize about others when having sex, it actually seems very common. I think it's the worst when you yell out someone else's name while having sex. Lol. Not for me though. :-)