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  1. Mum got her first covid vaccine shot today. :) I mean, things aren’t exactly troublesome down here, but it’s still definitely nice to have.

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    2. WillowDarkling


      Yes, the government up here has also decided to not use the AstraZeneca vaccine for the under 50 crowd, because of those blood clot cases. But as far as I know they’re pretty much on schedule with the vaccine plans, so my parents (mum has underlying conditions, and dad’s turning 69 this year) should be up this month, and then hopefully I’ll be getting mine near the end of the month, start of May. And we’ve got decent control of the pandemic up here as well, although we had a fourth wave pick up just around Christmas, which is thankfully back under control. 

      Let’s hope you guys stay on track with keeping Covid under control (knock on wood) and that you’ll get the jab soon. And I can only imagine how much stress it lifts for you that your mum is getting her jabs, and therefore getting some level of protection :hug: 

    3. Melrick


      The health district that we live in is called the Hunter New England health district, which is nearly 132,000 square kilometres in size, just to give you an idea, and we haven’t had a single case of Covid for 251 days, so we’ve been living life pretty normally for quite a while now.  And here’s hoping that continues!

    4. WillowDarkling


      :jaw:Alrighty then… Iceland is 103.000 km2  total  :rofl:   And we’re definitely not doing that well :D Population is somewhere around the 350 000 mark now, I think. But I hope you guys keep doing that well, and that we’ll catch up eventually :D