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  1. Australian’s yesterday voted to have marriage equality.  About damn time.  Now it’s up to the useless politicians to actually put it into action.

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    2. pippychick


      Ah… now I get the picture. *nods*

      Just turning up to claim their salary, are they? Yep. Sounds like a group of politicians I know too. And a bunch of unelected idiots whom I will never, ever, meet. And if I did meet them, the title I’d give them wouldn’t be the one they were used to. With the possible exception of Lord Adonis, who is invariably an incredible disappointment every time you see his picture alongside his name. *sighs* I might be tempted into sarcasm with that one.

    3. WillowDarkling


      I’m just going  to say congratulations, Melrick, it’s fantastic news, and hopefully the politicians will be quick to put it into law, as the people want them to. :congratualtions:

    4. Melrick


      They’re saying they’re hoping to have the legislation in place by Christmas.  Yesterday was a good day for Australia, actually.  Marriage equality, and Australia won its soccer match, thereby qualifying for the World Cup!  Woohoo!