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  1. NightScribe

    Story Double Posted

    In the Harry Potter archive, there is a story that is double posted. It appears in the Snape/OFC sub-category here: The Pains of Becoming And in the Lucius/OFC sub-category here: The Pains of Becoming By the assigned story numbers, these were posted at the same time, one after the other.
  2. NightScribe

    I Am...

    I am joining Big Sam in flicking my Bic for Night Court
  3. NightScribe

    I Am...

    I am also missing the hash brownies episode I am also missing the "mom and pop" porn shop one, as well and Harris' porno movie making assignment I am saying they don't make shows like that anymore
  4. NightScribe

    Famous Name Game

    Katarina Witt
  5. NightScribe

    I Am...

    I am tickled to hear that Big Sam is "fervent" I am glad he is enjoying the season thus far I am admitting to being an old timer I am nostalgic for shows like Homicide and Barney Miller I am thinking I may have to investigate the slew of cable series a bit more
  6. NightScribe

    Person above you game

    ^ has a libido that won't quit
  7. NightScribe

    Chuck something at the next person

    I rob the nun of her habit, put it on, and wait for Red. Chucks a riding crop
  8. NightScribe

    Famous Name Game

    Abigail Adams
  9. NightScribe

    The Three word Story

    but nothing happened
  10. NightScribe

    I Am...

    I am disappointed with the CSI premiere I am tired of the soap opera-ish relationship angles on that show I am thinking the new tv season in general is a bust
  11. NightScribe

    I Am...

    I am telling Sam that I hate when that happens I am convinced that the full moon makes for strange behavior and events, despite what some "experts" say I am now entering my busiest time at work I am frightened because people are meeting the deadline this month
  12. NightScribe

    I Am...

    I am extending my sympathies to all the allergy sufferers I am thinking that hammering out a quickie one-shot may rejuvenate my flagging motivation I am putting out an A.P.B. on my muse if that fails me
  13. NightScribe

    Adara's Next Gen Gender

    Congrats, Ada; she's a doll!
  14. NightScribe

    I Am...

    I am saying a Snape/Voldemort slash pairing could be some twisted, interesting stuff I am hoping I won't be so busy as I have of late and can post more I am feeling like a slacker I am thinking I should have some dinner
  15. NightScribe

    I Am...

    I am thanking Leon, but Musenex did nothing for the last cold I had I am thinking I'm an anomaly in that regard I am a firm believer in Zicamâ„¢