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  1. Looking for yaoi comrades :)

    As stated before, I am a hardcore yaoi fan. LOVE IT!
    As has become my mission besides writing, I seek those of similar minds. So I plan to make at least a couple different posts regarding this, one for Bleach and one for Inuyasha, to start. Hmmm does a post need a warning if its replies may later have explicit material? After all, you have to be at least 18 to be on here, so the warning would just be for those who don’t like that kinda stuff.

    Hehehe maybe that’ll be a good use for ‘spoiler’ button!

    1. CloverReef


      I’m positive there’s a lot of Yaoi fans on here, though I’m not sure how active the inuyasha and Bleach fandoms are on AFF. I used to be super into original yaoi manga. Built up quite a collection, (Most of which I had to throw out because I moved across country and had limited packing space, though I kept my favourites) but the only anime I ever really got into writing and reading yaoi in was Saiyuki. 

    2. SesshomaruFreak


      :D Hello!

      Yeah, the fandoms don’t seem very active at all; I think my story is the most recent thing in Bleach yaoi for at least a couple years. I’m hoping to rekindle it a little *fingers crossed*

      I love some original stuff. I have a tiny collection lol I love Crimson Spell but only have 2 volumes. Gentleman’s Agreement between a Rabbit and Wolf was my first. I’m sorry to hear you had to throw a bunch out :( I understand- I recently moved from Arkansas to Michigan with only what fit in my car and aunt’s truck. At the time, it didn’t feel like a big deal cause I was also reeling from divorce. But now it’s like ‘where’s my stuff?’

      I’ve heard of Saiyuki, but never watched it. What’s it about?

      Oh and thank you for replying :D 
      Yaoi United! lol

    3. CloverReef


      Saiyuki is basically 4 dudes who travel around killing demons and bickering lol. Based on the legend of shangri la. Main char is a buddhist monk who smokes, curses, and uses guns. I still love it even though I’ve moved on from anime. And I like the art style because it’s a little more rough around the edges than most anime I’ve seen. Less pretty, but more emotional, if that makes any sense. Anyway, good luck on rekindling the Bleach fandom on AFF! 

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