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    Making References Within Writing

    Do you make a lot of references within your texts? Do you enjoy reading texts with a lot of references? By that, I mean like, quotes from television or books or films, or references to certain events, or historical elements or classics. I really love reading stuff that’s heavy or thick with references, and I enjoy incorporating them, whether it’s very obvious or a direct quote, or if it’s something very veiled and mild, like.
  2. DictionaryWrites

    All-New Harry Potter Kink Meme!

    The Kink Meme started in 2007 on Livejournal: the idea of it was simple. Anonymously, users could comment on a thread on LJ with their request, whether it was shippy, filthy, or just plain mad; equally anonymously, people could respond with a fic filling their request. Kink Memes are places to ask for the stuff you just wouldn’t know where to post otherwise, that you’re too ashamed to have your username attached to, or just to have fun as you go through a lot more outlandish things than usual. And for the writers, Kink Memes are a great place to get simple ideas you can easily write out, to an audience you already know is waiting. We currently have around 100 prompts up! Come add some more, or fill a few! The Harry Potter Kink Meme