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  1. if the mods exist?
  2. Fair enough, thought I had it in the correct location to start with didn’t see it was in announcements. Lol Thanks!!
  3. In that case I’ll take it, I must have misunderstood what the initial was posting. Sorry.
  4. I am now taking request for computer desktops for this year’s NaNoWriMo! Please reply with your requests and I’ll try to post the requests here as well!!
  5. Since most of the “adoption page” is covered in really old adoption that kinda left us all hanging with weather on whether or not they were still up for grabs and generally old info. I felt I’d start this thread!! Here feel free to post any stories you want to give up for adoption by saying “For adoption:Title” If you want to adopt say “Will adopt”, then you can use the info box to say what stories you’re looking for. While I realize we do have an official AdS area as I said it’s exceedingly outdated.
  6. YES!! I would love this story!!
  7. Willing to adopt.
  8. This thread is for those looking to give their stories up for adoption. If you have something like that I’m willing to take it.
  9. Willing to adopt stories with any pairing, can write anything to.
  10. Willing to adopt anything, able to write it all.
  11. If there was never anything done, I’m willing to adopt this.
  12. I’d like to hear more. I’m into all forms of connections. These are magic users after all