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  1. Holy word count, Batman! I was looking today, because I just posted chapter 50 of my main story, Billion Dollar Harem, and I just can’t believe how far this story has come! It blows my mind to think I’ve written an entire novel… of smut lol! At chapter 50, I’m at 711 pages and at over 375,000 words… of smut… lol! Its so strange to think when I started this story… holy crap 4 years ago now, that it would be this freaking huge! I want to give a huge shoutout to anyone and everyone who has given my little harem fic a read and especially to those who have reached out to tell me they liked it or to offer up some comment or criticism of its very immaterial material... Thank you!

    1. Thundercloud


      375000 words is longer than most of Wheel of Times books so you have written far more than an entire novel.

    2. Mal


      Holy crap! Is that true? I always figured I had a long way to go, word count wise, to even come close to a Robert Jordan length novel. You just blew my freaking mind, sir!

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