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  1. When you lose interest...

    Well. to change the subject a bit… I have almost finished re-editing an old story and will post it when a few more chapters are complete.
  2. if you like to work on ideas pls email

  3. im working on about the same thing “I am working on the scene where the older female lover/cousin is getting prepared to make dinner for the heir of a vast fortune. Neither live or act as privileged.”

    my main character lost her father, and she is to protect her younger brother fm others

  4. How Do You Fend Off Stagnation in Your Works?

    I rip things out by the roots and start all over again. It may piss my readers off, but it keeps me from getting stale. “SMILES”
  5. When you lose interest...

    Well, good news… I have found 10 chapters of ‘Alpha Male’ and am editing them for posting. Maybe yanking them was a good thing, it gives me a chance to come up with something even better. LHF
  6. When you lose interest...

    Well, maybe I just needed to clear the decks and start over from scratch. Sometimes a radical re-do is in order when the stories I have written even turn me off. I will re-do all four of my main stories from scratch without the notes I once had… In addition, I will do more adult one-shots featuring my favorite ‘Love Hina’ pairings.
  7. When you lose interest...

    Hey, I have been re-thinking the whole ‘losing interest’ things and think I should have just gone on hiatus instead. The reason: new ideas are now coming to me. How ironic?
  8. When you lose interest...

    Hi, I have had a history of posting and the pulling stories off this website since I joined it. This is the third time I have done this and it is frustrating to ever want post anything again. who knows what the future will bring...
  9. LHF posted this in the chatbox several days ago, I figure it should be cross posted here too in case anybody has future questions.

    Love_Hina_Fan 30 Nov 1:56 AM
    Just dropped by to say goodbye to everyone. I am no longer writing and have deleted everything that i had written or posted on this site or others. This will be my last visit here and I will not be back. Goodbye.


  10. Hi,

    You are greatly missed by me along with the others in your house. If you ever want, I go to the chatbox a lot and would love to catch up with you.

    your friend, Chris

  11. what made you want to write in the first place?

    Hi, Fantastic topic BTW... The main reason I started writing is because a certain writer on another website inspired me to do so (not FFN). At first it was a struggle, but reading other stories pushed me forward. Sometimes it was a bitch putting two sentences together, using proper syntax or sentence structure, and staying away from those damned Passive Voice errors (Hate those). However, persistence paid off... The manga I use in my moniker also inspired me to write since I thought it ended too suddenly. The mangaka had another series that was also very popular at the time and ended one with too many loose threads hanging and alternative paths to go on. Maybe they did it that way on purpose… who knows??? Now, I find it fascinating to create new worlds, add new players and use alternate plots to show off a rich cast. I find it fun too. I continue because of the fun
  12. How do you think you'll die?

    Hi, Cute topic… I guess??? However, my preferred method would be in my sleep. That way I would never know. To quote an interesting anecdote, “I wish to die peacefully in my sleep like my grandfather, not screaming in terror like his passengers”. LHF (hehehehe)
  13. Babble

    Hi DG, It is still one reply at a time.
  14. Babble

    Hi all, It is nice to know that my fears of a zombie apocalypse were unfounded. RAHR! *whoops*
  15. Got any New Years Resolutions?

    Okay then, this should be interesting… Pay off mortgage, did that. Write more, doing that. Losing weight, forget that… (food is too good) Get back into my hobbies, going to when I have time… (What’s that?) Hmmm… maybe next year. LHF