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    Under a rock in the Missouri Ozarks
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    Rabid reader and writer. Occasional digital artist - hobbyist level.
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  1. It's Thanksgiving. My mother-in-law invited herself over for dinner and will be here around five. I barely managed to get the place clean. My husband is cranky, I've got cooking left to do, and Woozle just tried to pee on his sister. least the apartment smells like orange cupcakes.

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    2. Ghost-of-a-Chance


      Well, there go my after-dinner plans. I'd rather not get shanked. :fear:

    3. BronxWench


      *dies laughing* I was referring mainly to family. I have certain relatives, mostly on my husband’s side, that I’d rather drop-kick from a great height than entertain. You, on the other hand, are welcome! :lol: 

    4. JayDee



      ...I’ll get me coat.