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  1. DA??   DA??   Are you hiding?  :safetocomeout: 

    You’re definitely missed around here.  Hope to see you soon.


  2. Hi DA!

    Haven’t seen you around in a long while, missing your presence greatly around here, things just aren’t the same TBH. Hope we see ya around soon.


  3. Hey hun, haven’t heard from you guys for a while so I’m concerned. Told myself I’d wait until Sunday to post to your wall. Hope to hear from you soon!

  4. Hi,

    You are greatly missed by me along with the others in your house. If you ever want, I go to the chatbox a lot and would love to catch up with you.

    your friend, Chris

  5. Anyone able to contact DA??  She has been too quiet for too long.



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    2. Rescue25


      Very close !!

    3. Mr_Fairplay


      Alright, its been a week more than the last. Still not anything.


    4. Mr_Fairplay


      So, almost 2 weeks now.


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  8. so should be posting soon, kinda stuck on one part, think we may just give up and leave it a bit awkward
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  12. Hi everyone. so the new is good, bad, and several shades in between :P. I am doing better, much better, but I’ll be having one more surgery to replace the graft that failed. Hopefully it isn’t a disaster like last time, everyone cross their fingers Steve is doing good, really good. He’s had zero growth from his cancer and is feeling so much better, nice to see him laughing and joking agin. He has started working again but promised he wouldn’t be taking any risky jobs, believe that when I see it LOL. My hubby the adrenaline junkie :-/. Angie is teething so yay, cranky baby LOL, but she’s a little toughy and actually still pretty happy. Still not growing much but her doctor assures me she is doing fine, she’s gonna be little like her mother evidently. Kinda hoped she’s get some height from her father but oh well. everyone else is doing good so life is going on as usual, my happy little insane asylum LOL. We have started writing again and hopefully will be posting chapters soon, but summer is coming and it a busy time for us, but we’ll do our best. Hope this finds everyone doing as well as we are, and I appreciate all the well wishes and concern (thanks Rescue for poking me to find out if we’re still alive LOL). Talk to you all again soon...or when Rescue prods me to wake up again LOL.
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  15. DG said something about working on it the other day