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  1. JordoZ

    Kushina Story

    I don’t count that story. Even being the one that lay the foundation for it in the first place. The fact of the matter is, it was originally written in French. And then translated with Google Translate, and it shows...badly. I can’t consider it an English written piece, so as far as I’m concerned. There still isn’t an English bodyguard Kushina written other than a few drabbles in my own thread.
  2. JordoZ

    Kushina Story

    Hmm, you know...this thread kinda leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Granted, not because of Ikarusu. It seems most people that replied just came to try and force their ideas on you in a way – not one of them even discussed the ideas you already proposed, the ones you’d already thought on yourself. Out of the votes, the one I voted for myself was the bodyguard mission. Since, all the other ones actually have had lemons written for them. Not many, but still there hasn’t been a bodyguard one for Kushina – out of all the ideas, it’s the only one that hasn’t been done already. Do you have anything thought up for that one?
  3. JordoZ

    Red Hot Misadventures?

    In general, this thread I created here was just to ask if anybody knows if Red Hot Misadventures is still being worked on or if the writer gave up.
  4. JordoZ

    Stop teasing us Sensei! Discussion page

    Hmm, is this story still being worked on?
  5. Well, the world is already sexualized so it isn’t out of the realm of possibility that most people Kushina runs into would be hung and skilled, or something along those lines. Maybe you can start off with something simple as a mission, like babystting. I seem to recall a similar mission in the actual violated heroine game. You could show the difference in the worlds here, with her babysitting a young teen of some kind, possibly the kid who saw her naked that first time, having him come on to her and eventually dominate her. A show of’ if that’s what the young teens are like, what are the full grown like?
  6. JordoZ

    Review Replies for MILF Hinata vs Perverted Student

    What's your plan for chapter 2? Well, I know you plan on showing the MC arriving in Konoha, but do you have a plan on how your going to go about things?
  7. JordoZ

    Review Replies for MILF Hinata vs Perverted Student

    Not really. That just seems to be you wanting him humiliated. Kind of a turn off for people who actually like to read Naruto-centric fanfiction you know.
  8. JordoZ

    Review Replies for MILF Hinata vs Perverted Student

    Cool, I'll check back with this thread every now and then, then.
  9. JordoZ

    Review Replies for MILF Hinata vs Perverted Student

    Well, the only problem with the new story is that it could do with a bit more build up, and description, but other than that. It's fine. Will next chapter focus on someone different? Possibly a flashback to his arriving in the village? Either way, feel free to bounce ideas off of me.
  10. JordoZ

    Review Replies for MILF Hinata vs Perverted Student

    Hmm, am I right in guessing that the Rd-haired anbu is Kushina?
  11. JordoZ

    Fate: Gamer Night - Shota Edition

    The thing is though, he's over the typical age of normal Shota's. He'll be about 12/13 when he gets laid. At that age, I myself was already pursuing girls and I lost my virginity at 14. Hell, can we even call Shirou a shota when he's gonna be over the age of consent in Japan?
  12. JordoZ

    Fate: Gamer Night - Shota Edition

    Experienced fighters have a different sort of underlying confidence. Being nervous, and a bit shy is fine...though Shirou never really complained much when it came to the sex he was getting. But, being timid and easily bullied into being molested is different, I just can't see Shirou if he's unwilling to explore the perks not at least fighting back. On another note, how hung is he gonna be in this story? It would be kind of boring for just a little kiddy dick.
  13. JordoZ

    Fate: Gamer Night - Shota Edition

    Well now, this is interesting. I'm wondering, what is Shirou's character going to be like when it comes to women and the sex he ends up dragged into? I'm really hoping it isn't some shy timid personality, it doesn't really fit Shirou at all. Even as young as he is in this story, he was picking fights with older teenagers if he saw them bullying others for instance. For instance, this is Shirou at 12. He isn't really a timid person, he's pretty headstrong and I'd think fighting monsters and gaining experience in combat would only highlight his confidence.
  14. JordoZ

    Kushina Uzumaki Slut of sluts!

    Hmm, well I vaguely recall the mods saying that we can't post more than a few paragraphs of content in the forums. I randomly wrote this earlier one, trying to inspire myself but no such luck. Maybe it'll help a few of you, who knows. It runs on a similar premise of Milf Sensei - but is completely separated and takes place in its own world. Kushina let out a surprised yelp as her young student's fist was suddenly wrapped in her long red hair, and she was roughly yanked down. The busty red headed mother found herself falling off the bed and landing on her knees, Jokuro's massive cock slapped across her face, leaving a smear of white sperm across her beautiful face. Her large, round and heavy breasts pressed against his thighs and her full, plump ass wiggled from side to side as her violet eyes met the grey eyes of her 13 year old student. "I wanna see those lips wrapped around my cock sensei!" He practically demanded, a lust filled sneer on his lips. Kushina's eyes widened when she realized just how hard the pillar of flesh resting atop her head now felt - he never even went down after cumming! "Kami-sama.." Kushina breathed, violet eyes wide with awe at the sheer vitality of his cock. This situation was ridiculous. Her spandex shorts hung from the ceiling fan, her Jonin flak jacket had been ripped in half - her lacy black be frank, Kushina had no idea where it was. The last she remembered, she was wearing it when she gave her student the lap dance he won from her in their bet and then it was gone. Then there was her lacy black thong, it was pulled to the side on her hips and wedged between her full ass cheeks. She realized idly - as her student speared his massive cock through the space between her big tits and fucked a good few inches of dick meat down her throat.
  15. JordoZ

    Sexy Sensei vs Perverted Student!

    If you say so. But really, I'm not. What I posted was cheating, not cuckold big difference.