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  1. Hi, I´d like to report that I just updated my fanfic Untamed with the seventh chapter. I just edited chapter six, too - for some misterious reason, the text had turned into an unreadable block. I just hope that hasn´t shooed all the followers away... or, if it has, that now they´ll know they can follow savage Vegeta´s misadventures again! - beginning of the fic. - chapter six.
  2. Last month, when I updated the chapter 6 of my fanfic Untamed, the text lost all its spaces and became a confusing block. I couldn´t figure out how to edit it, then. Last night, I found out in the FAQ how to edit it - however, when I go to the author´s pannel, and click on Stories, nothing happens. I just can´t select my fanfic to update the chapter. Is that some kind of bug? The bugged chapter _ (I could update chapter 7 without any problems, though)