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  3. Cash *is* a review, IMO.
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  6. I’ve got original, unfinished, stories with a load of warning tags, so, yeah, I kinda feel like my stories are underappreciated given the hit counter and handful of reviews. However, I also recognize that there’s an element of luck here, either your brilliance is found out, or not. Some marketing does help the odds, but in the end, it’s still luck.
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  11. We are on AFF I’ve tried absolute lines only to find my writing crossing them. Minor1 was the first to fall, when I had an otherwise good premise, and the MC’s sister (13 year old) found her way into the story in a more major role than I had originally anticipated. I considered changing her age, but then the MCs would have to change their age, and that’d affect other stories as I’m tying a bunch of them together (it’s more of world building than simply story telling). So, in the end, I just require good reason to go with younger sexual activity. (Though I do have younger nudists.) Like BW mentioned, I let the characters be themselves, they can explore what they want to explore … its not like they listen to me In extreme cases, I can always have their parents/others walk in on them ….
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