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  1. Desiderius Price

    Jaimie's Campfire (StarRebels)

    Review Reply for Fiends I’ve enjoyed longer stories back when I was a more avid reader, makes sense it carries over into my stories. Thank you for the review!
  2. Desiderius Price


    Episode #20 is posted, enjoy.
  3. Desiderius Price

    Too Big to Flail (Het, Harry/Molly/Others)

    Circumcise that habit! Or not.
  4. Desiderius Price

    Holiday Party 2018 Review Replies

    Yep, I’ve made Father Jordan into a real monster, a creepy priest with a god-like power complex. (See Adam the Altar Boy, Dale’s Game, and Bones for other appearances). Hope’s a good character I do like, he/she’s pretty insightful at times (has an interest in psychology); also appears in Jefferey, Adam the Altar Boy, and Dale’s Game. This story is backstory for a scene that was supposed to make it into Dale’s Game, the one where Jarred finds out about it, except the story decided to end itself several chapters too early Anyways, thanks for the review, glad you enjoyed it.
  5. Desiderius Price

    Holiday Party 2018 Review Replies

    Another thought…. next year’s story, with some magic Christmas dust, could be the successor, ie, offspring from this year’s “gift”
  6. Happy Boxing Day everybody!

  7. Desiderius Price

    Praetor's Discussion Thread

    I’ll frequently do backstory as these holiday/halloween oneshots.
  8. Desiderius Price

    Exhaustion and Writing

    Hey, that’s good. Better late than never.
  9. Desiderius Price

    Exhaustion and Writing

    Halloween writing is enjoyable too simply because villains tend to get away with it too, and readers don’t know if the protagonist is going to win or lose.
  10. Desiderius Price

    Exhaustion and Writing

    I thought I was weaned, but then, this one particular fanfic of mine started to protest, and I succumbed, rewriting it now with the aim of completing/finishing it off. It’s one with a good, strong plot – and I had always had clean/smut editions in mind, so it’s worthy of my time.
  11. Desiderius Price

    Holiday Party 2018 Review Replies

    A quick skim was all that was needed to get it, so not too bad.
  12. Desiderius Price

    Holiday Party 2018 Review Replies

    Thanks for the review. It’s nice to have some stories that you can read. (Well, I suppose you could relocate/travel to a different country….) I’ve definitely have made this world rich in context, with the USofA sliding into a theocracy (it’s not fully there in most of these stories). So, it’s an era where priests have more authority than they currently do today. So, I like Father Jordan as a character, simply because I’ve made him a bit richer in the personality. A hypocritical and naughty priest, with a thirst for power and control. Traits that flourish quite nicely in the world I’ve created (and scary in that we’ve got those traits with people in political office today). Hope (the santa’s preferred nickname) is another interesting character, and he/she shows up in other stories too, usually as a trucker with a colorful backstory. In a bind, I’d definitely trust Hope over Father Jordan any day. Fitz will continue to feel the guilt over this, it’ll still haunt him, his actions, but it’s slightly easier now. He’ll still try to “make up” for it, as in he’ll be sending Jarred to the elite private school of the area. Also, as a result of this incident, Hope and Rube are able to “recruit” Fitz to help with in the opposing cell-style resistance, despite his persisting homophobia, which Jarred will start to become aware of as he gets older. Anyways, glad you enjoyed the story! @CloverReef was disappointed on the lack of deaths in this one … but that would’ve messed up some of my stories.
  13. Desiderius Price

    Holiday Party 2018 Review Replies

    Thank you for the review. I very likely went too fast with some of this… it gets tougher and tougher to avoid with how interconnected my stories have become. So, this is T-day, basically, Black Friday opening early, so think crowds, big crowds, and everybody else focused on getting that big “deal” on crap they don’t really need. So, yeah, very uncommon occurrence, but I needed him to stand out on a security camera, he’s (at least one of) the bombers. And she held the door open for him – enough to be “guilty by association” in this world. And Megan, she could be psycho or not It's retail, so it’s not a glamorous job, and she’s been flirting with the boss for promotions, so apart from a coworker or two, she’d not be too concerned. Baris, Baris, my favorite agent to use from the US. Dept of Homeland Morality, the federal agency in charge of spiritual welfare, who rather enjoys getting his hands dirty and has more of a scorched earth policy. I envision Agent Smith, from the matrix, including the tone, every time I write him. And I enjoyed the irony of Baris using the same method as the family did (though it was in the leftover turkey instead).
  14. Desiderius Price

    Exhaustion and Writing

    @Anesor You can always read/review my stories for inspiration, or even try the holiday anthology at
  15. Desiderius Price

    Holiday Party 2018 Review Replies

    I’m crossing my fingers, hoping that nobody uses my stories as a blueprint for a religious society.