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  2. That moment when you realize your potter fanfic has more posted words than JKR’s books 1-7.  Yeah, I checked--mine’s longer and this Harry’s having a worst time than canon too.

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  6. I know some people dis on the daily writing habit, however, I’m finding it quite useful.  In my case, this has become my most overall productive time of the day, squeezed in between when I wake up and when I have to punch into work.  This morning, it was 1.2k, so not too shabby for a work day.

  7. Black’s so overdone as a nefarious color choice.  In my current potter fanfic, it’s now canary yellow!  Really helps distinguish this group from the others.  (The next group in this story will be using bottle green.)

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    2. Desiderius Price

      Desiderius Price

      Yeah, sterile white sounds good, especially when the nefarious group thinks/believes they’re doing the right thing.  Even in my case, the canary yellow group thinks they’re doing the right thing too.  As I re-read the material (rewriting), I did notice a lot of black, however, I think the switch to canary yellow is a *WAY* better decision.

    3. GeorgeGlass


      For villains, I like to use colors that seem unnatural or out of place. I once wrote a Steven Universe fanfic about a nefarious collective intelligence called the Splinter, which could infect people and control their minds. Infected persons had swirling orange specks in their eyes. I chose orange because it's not a color you ever see in human eyes, or a color that was normally associated with any of the main characters.

    4. Desiderius Price

      Desiderius Price

      I really make my plots complicated.  In my case, it’s not the intention of the canary yellow group to be evil, the canary yellow simply being a close proximity to the Hufflepuff colors around the martyr that’s been chosen, and this group is being tricked/fooled into being evil toward Harry.  Bottle green is by the next group is to (incorrectly) affiliate themselves with Harry, reinforcing the fears at the core of the slander/smear campaign being waged against him.

      In prior drafts, I had both groups in black (ie “dark”).  However, this pass through (of what I hope to be the FINAL draft), the canary yellow simply evolved, and I realized it was more effective than the black had been.  I applied the same logic to the next group, and so they’re going to be in robes of bottle green, to match Harry’s eyes.

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  12. YAY!  I’ve finally met my NANOWRIMO (November’s) GOAL!  Yippee!

    1. GeorgeGlass


      Better late than never.

    2. Desiderius Price

      Desiderius Price

      The game’s been distracting, so haven’t been sinking quite as much time as I’d like into the story, it was otherwise a semi-reasonable goal.  This is also where having a daily morning writing habit helps, because I hadn’t really abandoned that (simply because it’s too unsafe to delve into the game before work), means I’m still plodding along at hundreds if not a 1K per work day.

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    looking for a trophy.

    That’s where having a preserved willy on the wall would be a good addition. So, got the guild token on the wall, along with the willy. (Note, it’s a tavern, tall tales are fine, so it doesn’t actually belong to the same person.) “See that on the wall?” the owner said, “After we claimed our first prize, he came back and harrassed, I had to defend my girls’ reputation, claimed the second prize too.”