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  2. Life is nature’s way of keeping meat fresh…. (to quote Doctor Who)
  3. Funny enough, IIRC, the summer heat wave many years ago (in a house w/o AC) as a kid is how I started sleeping nude.
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  7. I came up with a summary for my new story today (not the halloween, not yet posted)…. “Alyssia opts for extended service after the repair guy shows up to fix her A/C in his underwear.” That ought to wet the appetite, I think.
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  9. Cheeseburgers...drools...
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  11. Bob Prime goes into the jungle and becomes Amazon Prime.
  12. What’s right? What’s wrong? It probably depends on the intended audience, to some degree. If there was a precise science to it, I’d have licked this ages ago, instead, I find it to be rather...fuzzy. (No, I do not mean a fetish there)
  13. Like most things, requires practice, and don’t be afraid to revise it! Still not great at it, most of the time I muddle through it, because something is typically better than nothing.
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  15. Given the time/effort/reward involved, few are in writing for the money. And those who do, they’re the lucky few that effectively won the lottery, are now screenwriters or best sellers.