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  1. How Many Active Stories do you Have?

    I find it helps, especially on making them different, otherwise, I’d likely make them all the same. (Though main characters in my stories develop a common liking to go around naked, maybe that says something about … me? )
  2. How Many Active Stories do you Have?

    It comes down to the whole character creation process. I’ve got trouble with blank bits of paper or blank documents, so I’ll create lists of randomized traits/dates/names/etc, and use those to jumpstart my shaping of the character.
  3. How Many Active Stories do you Have?

    More extensive than that, I’ve got a bunch of XML files, one per character/group/event, and a bit of custom software that spits out browseable HTML with links and each character’s family tree. That, and I’ve got a random date generator to come up with birthdays
  4. How Many Active Stories do you Have?

    And I’ve made a database of characters/key-events/groups, so that what helps me keep track of things. Not perfect, but it helps.
  5. Count To Infinity

  6. How Many Active Stories do you Have?

    All of my originals, including the halloween/holiday oneshots, are interconnected in some fashion. Of course, I try to make each one enjoyable w/o having to read the entire collected works
  7. How Many Active Stories do you Have?

    There was the original story, I pulled because I was trying to do too much and realized I had multiple stories! I split them to become Fiends/Dolbourne/Alaska. Overall, it’s better and fairer to each story. And then, backstory + holiday oneshots cause even more stories!
  8. How Many Active Stories do you Have?

    An example of plot bunnies grabbing my attention… it started because I needed a swimming instructor for a different story …. backstory can be dangerous
  9. How Many Active Stories do you Have?

    Actually, more like 10+ years since I got stuck, tried a revision/rewrite, and that’s six years ago when I finished the revision. Given most potter stories, they likely figure it’s abandoned… not so, but I’ve kinda been keeping my mind on my original works instead.
  10. How Many Active Stories do you Have?

    My potter fanfic, last updated six years ago… I’m still considering that active. (As I’m still STUCK at the same point as I was then….. how to portray both sides while maintaining suspense but doesn’t feel like a deus ex.)
  11. How Many Active Stories do you Have?

    How do you define active? I’ll typically focus on one at a time (or with a second quick oneshot). Open/plan to finish… 3 on AFF, one on, and my minds mulling over a new one.
  12. Count To Infinity

  13. Count To Infinity

  14. Count To Infinity

  15. Count To Infinity