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  3. So, the zombie apocalypse isn’t for you?
  4. Maybe it’s just my attention span, but I need the story to draw me in quickly, because otherwise, I’ll put it aside. In the era of you-tube/TV/movies, perhaps the attention span’s shorter and thus the publishers are well justified in wanting that early hook.
  5. I’ve tried writing PWP, but then a plot formed, and, well, I’ve got my series of stories still chewing on those!
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  7. The lion’s share is characters and organizations, including family trees and membership rosters. (Each character has things like birthdays, deaths, religions, parents, occupations, notes, etc….) Obviously, MCs will have more details in their notes than, say, a great grand parent. For more noteworthy events, I’ve got those, and some place names too. I try to keep it simple. Each character/org/etc gets an XML file, describing that character, including parents, organizations they belong too. Then I run my (custom) tool that creates a folder full of HTML files, generating the family trees, rosters, etc from those character/org XML files. My current tally is 2186 characters and 305 organizations in this database – this is collective across my entire work in the SR universe. I’ve been trying to expand into 3D modelling using blender/unreal with limited success.
  8. World building’s easy…. bbl, need to work on that database tracking mine….
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  10. I figured practice would help me….
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  13. Historical fiction is that, fiction ….
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  15. Chapter 10, “Valentine” is now posted. Enjoy. - DP