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  1. Oh, my… Tormund and Clegane are going to fight! Like, actually, really fight!

    Wow… *types faster*

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    2. Desiderius Price

      Desiderius Price

      Punching Player Pianos?

    3. pippychick


      lol… I think mainly Clegane is really pissed off that Tormund has outdone his: “I’m not a Knight.” statement about a hundred times over by saying: “I’m not a King” *giggles* They’re just working some things out, I guess. Also, Clegane has just admitted he’s pledged himself to Jon Snow, and Tormund is all pissed off about that, because.. well.. he belongs to them. This is so exciting. I really wasn’t expecting it, but it does make perfect sense. The making up after will be amazing. :yes:

    4. pippychick


      Mind you, at this point it’s getting to nearly 48 hours post chapter posting, and not a peep which I expect on aff since reviews are few and far between here, but not even anything over on ao3, which makes me think that after writing this I might have to take the previous one down to have another look at it. :(

      Maybe that 2% really does matter.