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  1. Is anyone else, like me, looking at the news in sheer unbelieving horror?

    Or has everyone taken the route of sanity and turned it off?

    Refugees denied, families seperated, US residents denied entry… suddenly that TV section from the newspaper about the inauguration doesn’t seem as funny.

    And I swear everyone around him.. you can see in their eyes that they know he’s completely and utterly insane. They just haven’t got a clue what to do about it.

    This is some really, really bad shit… :( and terrifying. 

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    2. BronxWench


      Preferably by tying it to a large rock and dropping it on his head. Repeatedly.

      The larger issue is who he’s surrounded himself with as his advisers. Steve Bannon is believed to be the primary draftsman of that piece of excrement passing itself off as an executive order, and he is a self-avowed Leninist who’s publicly admitted he wants to tear the government down.

      I think we left skidmarks as we passed “impeachment: and are careening down the road toward “treason,” for which we still have the death penalty.

    3. pippychick


      If it makes anyone feel better, around 1200 people a minute are signing a government petition here to ban Trump from coming to the UK. It has 380,000 signatures now.

    4. BronxWench


      I’m utterly loving that, and I so hope it has an effect. 

      I actually saw a mention of the Cheeto grabbing May’s hand because he was walking with her down a ramp, and he has a fear of stairs and slopes. My writer’s mind was agog with the possibilities...

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