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    Bad Reputation discussion thread

    "I just want to say, having you return to posting is amazing!!! I love your story!! Cant weight for state! Go Crusaders!!! That being said, I'm still looking for a chapter from Will's point of view. Seeing how he is reacting to the stuff at school and at home would be cool. Epically if Red has to stand up for will because his actions are causing problems for Will. It could help Red realize that he is not the only one in this and they need to work together to figure out the new family dynamics. This is also bring up questions for me about Will's relationship with his own mother and where she fits into the picture. I love your story and all the charters you bring to life one the page. Will is the only one you haven't delved into, but you still have given him great potential. Any one with the balls to say "Gag him or I will" to Red needs more page time." - Arobynbird Robin! So cute. Hey Robin, part of this I answered in the previous post, but part of it I didn't. You mentioned Will's mother, and part of the problem I'm dealing with is that the way I set Will up is no longer how I want his backstory to be. I can't even tell you the gist because it would ruin the surprise, but suffice to say that Will is one messed up dude, and his mother ain't got jack to do with it. You mentioned Will having the balls to say "Gag him or I will," and my hint for you is this: Why would Will, charming, shallow, petty golden boy William, even think about gagging someone? heh, I'm evil, that is a weak hint.
  2. sauropod

    Bad Reputation discussion thread

    "... I do question William's reaction to all of this, but I think Red's is pretty realistic. Split parents are pretty hard to deal with, and them getting back together can be just as rough as them splitting. Which is why I think how Will responds to all of this is important, because I'm not sure if he was ever told he had a big brother before he met Red, but either way, first Red got ploped on his family's door step, this strange kid who shares the same father as him but who he's never met, and now this strange woman shows up, the mother of his brother who was married to his father before his own mother was, and now she's slept with his father. I realize Red is having enough of an outward reaction to all of this for both of them, but I still think Will needs to have some kind of opinion. To be honest in a lot of this story he's seemed more like a prop and less like a character, and we've gotten maybe one instance where there's been real chemistry between him and Red (When he covered for him when he went to Dannie's party), and I'd be interested to see how you bring him more into the story now that the family dynamic is being brought more into the spotlight." - The_Silent_Rose Ok, Rose (hehe), as always, thank you thank you for being frank and honest, I seriously need people to call me out on stuff, it helps me build the kind of revisions I'm planning once I'm done drafting (which is why I'm not looking for a beta)! As for Will...William, William, William. Part of my difficulty in handling his character is that I know all things about him that I haven't told you yet in the story, but that I never initially planned for him to have in the first place. He started out basically (and I think you said this) as a prop. A counterbalance to Red, everything he wasn't, and initally, Red was basically just going to be some bastard child, and James was going to still be married. But then (because I clearly wanted to cultivate a clusterfuck) James' character deepened, and the backstories started falling into place, and I realized at the beginning, both James and Will are flat, and prop characters, and I'm going to change that when I revise. But for now I am posed the crux problem of contradicting myself, intentionally, in the story. Will is propped up in the beginning as the glorious, spoiled, bratty second son who James loves more, because why would James have emotional attachments to his wives or bastard children when he's a flat portrayal of a total prick. See the problem? all I can say about Will's backstory and character development is such that I have literally enjoyed his future depth so much that I probably wont even start it in this story. Hint: He'll be getting his own. He is not what he seems, and the initally backstory I posed for him I've mentally scrapped and moved on from. Suffice to say that Will is going to end up being one hard, sharp-tongued bad-ass motherfucker, (and I have his perfect future counterpart mapped out, too, and you'll meet him soon). And then I will be editing this piece of work down to appropriately reflect those changes. Cool? Cool. I promise, all will make more sense once it comes to light who Will really is and what's he's really like.
  3. sauropod

    Bad Reputation discussion thread

    I'm just gonna yank various questions from the reviews and answer them: "What a great chapter, sauropod! I felt so badly for James, his hands were tied and he couldn't do the one thing he really wanted to do w/o the risk of losing everything. And Gloria and Red never knew that. I was confused though - why did James keep calling Gloria Rosie?" - Lisa Gloria's fullname is Gloria Rosemary Freeman-Harper (or atleast it used to be...we'll see), which I think I mentioned in the earlier scene in Cat's in the Cradle. Hence, Rosie. I think it's a cute name.
  4. sauropod

    Bad Reputation discussion thread

    yo, people, how they hangin'? haha, this is your friendly neighborhood dinosaur speaking, and this is a thread for the discussion of my story, Bad Reputation, fuckin' finally, right? I'd love to answer people's questions posed in the reviews, especially concerning character development, errors, concerns, etc, as well as any and all miscellaineous stuff you guys would like to know about what's happenin.' <3 sauropod