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  1. I didn't used to have a favorite Disney villain. But the other night, I watched the Princess and the Frog, and now it's Dr Facilier -- the Shadow Man. Even his death is awesome.

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    2. GeorgeGlass


      I like his “villain song,” too.

    3. Strange_idea


      as a disney trivia guy i’d like to point out some of the subtleties you may or may not have enjoyed. one, his costume is, naturally, evoking baron sameidei (which is an actual ritual element to evoke a connection with the loa in question) and his name comes from the french “facile” or easy. he is a man who makes things easy.

      also, he honestly tells everybody exactly what they’ll get from him. the butler? is told that he’d be miserable married, but forced to marry anyway, and the prince is told he’ll be given all the green he needs to hop from place to place. buuuut….

      also, did you notice this?

    4. GeorgeGlass


      Schweet. One more reason why they call him the Shadow Man, I guess.