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  1. Been such a busy year over here that I’ve barely even had time to visit this site. I moved into a new place among other drastic changes.

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    2. Kurahieiritr


      Thanks. I’ve had a few days where a stiff drink sounded amazing this year. ROFL

    3. BronxWench


      I hope the changes are at least positive?

    4. Kurahieiritr


      Some were positive, but I lost most of my discretionary income when Terbush died. Still do my counseling on the side, plus the dog/house sitting business, but losing a couple hundred a month in income has been a hard blow to the wallet this year. A lot of turmoil has been in the offing this year as a whole I am sad to say. The move had to happen because I inherited Terbush’s rotty mix. 

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