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  1. Ok, so I have a serious problem with personal organization. That extends to writing, and I wonder if anyone else has this problem? I use notepads to write down ideas when I am struck by them during the night, at the gym, etc and it's annoying to open my laptop or write a note on my phone. But then I have these notepads everywhere, and I have to make sure I look at them before writing so I don't forget something important. I also keep a little box where I stuff things that give me ideas/inspiration. Then there's the whole use of Word. I just open a regular document to write in, but have several other accompanying documents and a spreadsheet where I put research. But I also put research and records of characters (like full names, descriptions, etc in case I forget) on the bottom of my main document. This is starting to really annoy me. I mean, I put all those in its own labeled folder inside my AFF folder, but still. Now I even have a section at the bottom of my main document that has quotes and page numbers of published fic that gives me ideas. This is getting out of control! Do you think I should have a separate document for different types of research so I don't put it all in the main doc? Is there a word processing program that anyone prefers? I just use good old fashioned word, currently the 2011 Word for Mac. I haven't gotten the 2013 version yet. Is Publisher useful?
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    Review responses to #hashtagwar

    This is a thread dedicated to the M/M slash fic #hashtagwar. @Lisa: You're the most awesome of awesomist readers ever. I know I told you in my pm about OTW. To other readers: I got quite frustrated with Off the Wall because I was over-editing and over-thinking the writing process. It's hard for me to work on more than one fic at a time, but I think I'll be able to write more about Fico and Luke in the nearish future. @RitsuOuO: Thanks for the nice review. I'm glad you liked the first chapter. What do you think of the others? @Lisa: Yeah, I like insecure characters because I think they're a little more believable, especially when they're teenagers. I'm glad you think it's funny, as I'm going more for cheese and laughs than anything else. @Lisa: I know, Pete isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer. That's the way I was hoping he'd turn out. Yeah I think Rob is pretty flabbergasted at this point but maybe not so surprised, since Max hasn't really paid much attention to him in the past, and as you'll see later, Rob has his own prejudices to overcome. I like the character Pete because he's angst-ridden but also pretty practical. He wants to take care of himself and those he cares about; he's selfish to some extent but also very loyal and wants to keep the safety of his sister a priority. @bambi4real: I hope Ch4 solved some of your questions. I know it seems like Pete is in danger, but he's quite a tough person and very self-reliant. He's withstood years of abuse and hasn't turned to drugs or alcohol to solve his problems. He's internalized it. His character is partially based on the life of one of my cousins, who endured similar abuse and seems fine externally for about forty years before she had a nervous breakdown. Sometimes people can learn to take abuse through internalization this way; it is unhealthy, but can be maintained for longer periods of time than someone who engages in risky behavior. You can see some of the side effects of his anger internalization through his angry outbursts. Don't worry too much about him, though. His salvation comes in Ch5. Max is in immediate danger because at any moment he could OD or become a vegetable. He doesn't really understand that the drugs he mixes can be a lethal cocktail. Teens like him think they are immortal -- I know I was like that at his age. I took very big risks with my life that when viewed objectively, could have killed me. @Lisa: I know, Pete is such a loveable villain. At first he was just going to be a mean bully, but I thought that would get boring fast. I'll explain Pete's situation in Ch5. I'm glad you like Sanyu! Her personality is somewhat based on my sister's son, who I babysit. He loves to do similar things with his diaper, my sister's socks, etc. Little kids are pretty fun to write about!
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    Review responses to #hashtagwar

    @Lisa: Thanks for the review . I guess this isn't a very popular story, you're the only one that seems to continue reading it! I'm trying not to let it bother me but I wish I knew what was wrong with it. I guess maybe it's just boring or maybe offensive. Writing for AFF is good practice for me, though, and I'll definitely continue writing this fic. Well I thought maybe the beginning of this chapter was slow, but I couldn't really figure a way around that. I'm glad you liked this chapter. If there's something wrong, boring, etc be sure to tell me that as well. I wish I knew why some people prefer characters over others, or what qualities are good about characters you think of as "good." I've been reading a book by Orson Scott Card on creating and developing characters, so hopefully that will help me get better. I like Hazel too, and included her both because Native cultures revere their elders, and because I wish I'd had a grandmother when I was growing up, who could teach me about Mexican culture and traditions. I'm pretty sure Max will find out about the real reason Pete hacked his account in chapter 6. I had too much written for this chapter, otherwise I would have finished the steamy scene at the end. Instead, it's going into chapter 6. Chapter 5 is all about Trevor and Pete.
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    Editing nightmare

    My problem is that I see actual errors such as extra spaces, wrong tense, overuse of an adjective, etc each time I check the draft. I'm not sure what happens but I think since I'm writing at night, I'm tired and maybe have more errors than if I wrote at a different time of day. I have this terrible fear of people seeing my mistakes, and it gets paralyzing at times. You'll laugh at this but I edit a single chapter something like 10-20 times. I can't imagine only editing 3 times.
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    Editing nightmare

    So I have this problem where I go overboard on editing. I get really nitpicky and go back over and over my chapters until I literally get sick at the sight of them. How can I stop this? It seems to waste a lot of time and energy. It's also interfering with my writing process and is so frustrating. I should add that I had a problem in college with this as well.
  6. I should add that I only do original fics, as I have no idea how to do real fan fiction!
  7. Usually what happens is that I get ideas just before I go to sleep, then I half dream about it for several days or weeks until I write some ideas down about the characters. Sometimes I get ideas just about dialogue, and record that. Then when I really make a decision to start a story, I begin by creating a character sketch including name, background, visual description, internal and external conflicts, family history and personality quirks. I do this for the main characters and as I go along, add them for minor characters. Then I make notes of the particular scenes and places involved in the story: descriptions, locations, smells, etc. After all that is done, I create a more cogent plot outline. This may start from the beginning and go to the end, or the end and go toward the beginning, or start in the middle, etc. I put the plot together like a puzzle as I go along. Then I make a concerted effort to write the first chapter notes, and subsequent notes for later chapters. Finally, I outline the first chapter and work on each section of the outline. Often the plot springs out of dialogue ideas or ideas I get from popular culture. For instance, I might get an idea from a sketch comedy on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon or Saturday Night Live. The current fic I'm writing stems from a Jimmy Fallon sketch he did with Justin Timberlake. It may sound random, but I tend to get really random ideas and flesh out a story from that original spark. It seems to work well now that I use Scrivener, because it has sections for research, character sketches, locations, etc. I also should note that I keep a log of all the research I do and derive ideas from that as well.
  8. How many mistakes can I find in one view of my fic? The world will never know.

  9. editing editing editing...

  10. At the library volunteering and very bored. At least I'm not out in the rain like the poor homeless people I see everywhere.

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    Beta Reader: Deadmau5 Fandom

    OMG deadmau5! My avatar-sake! I'll totally do it. I <3 EDM and deadmau5. He's actually pretty hot...did you read the 2012 Rolling Stone interview?
  12. New years resolution: lose 77 lb over 12 months. I suppose that's better than 50 over 3 mo like last time. I've always wondered since the biggest loser started how those ppl don't end up w/ eating disorders after.

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      I mean, it's not safe to lose more than 2 lb a week, and the trainers always are disappointed when the poor guys don't lose like 9 lbs in one week. That's pretty hard to do without starving yourself.

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      40 pounds here, although 35 would still please me, and 42 would make me ecstatic. Depending on your own metabolic rate, the number of calories you consume daily (and the source), and the amount of exercise you get daily, weight loss can vary, but 9 pounds a week is excessive. Also, what people forget is that daily use of exercise equipment can do more damage than good. Every other day is best, with straight cardio on the off days.

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      I lost 50 lb in 3 mo because I was walking about 4 mi a day due to the fact I didnt have a car and lived in a large city. Also I made myself walk up 10 flights of stairs in class instead of taking the lift like other students. I didn't use the gym, but ran hills about 3x/wk. Other than that, I ate about 1000-1200 kcal a day b/c I was poor. Now that I live in the states again, the portions are huge, I have a car, and I've stopped purging. Plus bulimia, contrary to popular opinion, end...

  13. I volunteer at a non-profit library where we fundraise through If you make an account using a valid email address, every time you enter a query in their search engine, they donate 1 cent to your cause of choice. So far my library raised $154 in about a month of using the search engine.
  14. Damn it. I hate holidays. The old binge/purge coping mechanisms rear their very ugly heads. Will it ever stop???

  15. The doglet is barking at the holiday firecrackers. Why couldn't he be the kind of dog that cowers in fear at loud noises, rather than confrontational barking kind?

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    Writing organization - notepad vs computer

    Scrivener has Freemind's kind of functionality in an option called Group Mode. It's visual background is a cork board, and you can add notes and shuffle them around however you like as if you were using a physical cork board, sans annoying sticky notes and/or pins. I am so happy with Scrivener. It is hands down the best word processing program I've ever used. The best functions, I think, are the Comment and Snapshot functions. Snapshot takes a copy, or "snapshot" of your current document and you can compare it to earlier or later versions. There are multiple docs within the whole doc so you don't have to look at the whole doc at once when you use Snapshot. Comment is a hypertext function that gives you a link within the document to a note that you type in the margin. When I edit, I make comments on things I want to look at later, research further, and words that need a thesaurus. You can easily delete the comments when you're ready to print or publish.
  17. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all AFF users and mods!

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      Thank you, and the very best to you and your loved ones. :D

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    Off the Wall: Review Responses 'N Stuff

    Okay so I'm feeling really insecure about my writing right now. I wish I had someone to encourage me IRL. I wish I could just tell someone I write gay porn. There, I confessed. Now I'll go back to brooding.
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    Off the Wall: Review Responses 'N Stuff

    Bienvenidos and Welcome to Off the Wall: Review Responses 'N Stuff Off the Wall (OTW) is my latest and maybe-not-so-greatest addition to the magical wonderland of AFF. It's about a cubano skater boy, Fico, who tries to negotiate the trials of growing up Latino and gay while having an unrequited crush on the school's golden boy, Luke. It is set in present-day L.A., California, and begins in mid-August 2012 as Bishop Mora Salesian High School starts fall term. The story is peppered with words in regional Spanish dialects and a small amount of English skater slang. I've tried to reply to reviews at the bottom of each chapter, but I also want to publish my Spotify playlist. So I moved the responses here, where I can add links and stuff... The Spotify playlist containing the OTW soundtrack is available online here. Songs are added with each successive chapter. You can generally find the local files (files only available in my Spotify music library) at The Hype Machine. The reviews for OTW are available for viewing here. ***** Okay ladies and gents! I've compiled a few slang dictionaries and I'm adding them here in case you're interested or have trouble with reading the story. You may find the dictionary at or useful with the SMS lingo. [Terms updated for Ch 4 on 30-4-13] Off the Wall Slang (Modismos) Dictionaries Skater – English and Spanish airfeet = feet coming off the board when ollying ass knife = mess up trick and the board sticks in your butt B.E.V. = bird’s eye view for taking vids barrel = fat chick bro = friend, dude Chill sesh = hanging with friends chode = derogatory term, dried poop on your butt Cruising = travelling on the skateboard dag = interjection diamondz = perfectly executed trick Ditch = leave donut shop = the cops down = I’m down with that el ollie, etc. = all tricks are masc. el truco = Spanish for a skateboard trick, plural los trucos estilo libre = freestyle fetus = “X is such a hamster fetus” gnarly = sketchy, trick that needs work hammer gloves = protective skater gloves that pansies wear hamster = replace “fuck” around parents/cops, etc ill = sick, cool. the same as sweet, tight, rad kinked = rail with bumps on it la tabla = Spanish slang word for skateboard locals = kids who frequent a skate spot los skatos = skater kids Meh = whatever mellow = calm mobbed = bad trick monopatín = official Spanish word for skateboard noggles = lightly tap nuts with board nups = someone outperforming your tricks off the hook = cool old school = old style of skateboarding on the hook = lame props = respect to someone pusher = boastful skater schralped = taken skin off session, sesh = time you go and skate set = set of stairs sk8er boi = poser sketchy = trick that needs work sick = awesome, really cool smooth = not quite as good as diamondz suspect = a pic that looks like a trick wasn’t landed technical = new skateboarding techniques that’s sick = that is cool, awesome trasera = tail of board tricktionary = a bag of tricks so sick they need to be catalogued trippy = messes with your head trucos de piso = flat ground, flip tricks Cuban Spanish al retortero = abandoned, neglected, in chaos ajustador = bra aragán = lazy person asere or socio = friend, mate, buddy atrabancado = caught, arrested bailar con los quince latinos = to masturbate bajar al pozo = to eat pussy bemba = lips berreado = person that angers easily bicho = penis bodega = grocery store also -> resabioso bollo = pussy bollo = vulgar word for vagina bonche = joke bróder = friend (male) bruja = broke also -> joda, trajín, vacilada buscar flete = to hunt for pussy cafre = stupid person calientapigna = cockteaser carro = car chancletas = flipflops (also in Mex Span) chao = bye chavos = money cherna = gay man (derogatory) chicharrón = servile, fawning person chivato = police informant chola = head also -> jalaleva, sulatrán chor = shorts chupar = to suck cinga = fucker (female) cingao = fucker (male) cojones = balls or ‘shit!’ come pinga = dick eater comemierda = eat shit, bastard, stupid comepinga = dick sucker coño – shit!, or bastard, stupid cuidate = take care culilloso = impatient person (male) curda = alchoholic curralar = to work dale = go for it, it’s ok delgado =slim person ecobio = close male friend el chulo = pimp en carne = without money, broke eschar un palo = to fuck ese huevo quiere sal = He wants sex estas comiendo mierda = You’re eating shit este de pinga = it’s shit fiestear = partying, having a good time filtro = smart person flaquito = thin person, term of endearment fosforera = lighter frigi = fridge fuki-fuki = having sex gallego = bad lover or bad sex gandición = greed gandido = ambitious, greedy person ganso = less perjorative term for gay man, maricon is like faggot guagua = bus guatacón = sycophant guataquería = flattery güiro = head huevon = lazy irse en pira = go away jama = food jamaliche = glutton jediondo/a = stinky, smelly jodete y aprieta el culo = go fuck yourself jodido = fucked up jodienda = nuisance, annoyance jugar a los dos bandos = to swing both ways, to be bisexual lague = beer loco pinga = crazy dick maceta = rich person mamalon = male dick sucker mamar = to suck mami = mom manganzón = lazy mangon = guapo maní = marijuana maricon cingao = fucking faggot mate = intense kiss w/ tongue mi cariño = my dear one mi vida = my love, my life monado = police moni or baro = money mono = cute/pretty morranga = big cock naiclú = nightclub, bar no es fácil = life is hard, a dicho no me jodes = don’t fuck with me no sé = I don’t know Oye = hey, what’s up? pachanga = party, celebration, fiesta paja = male masturbation paja mental = masturbate also -> rumba pájaro = gay man papi = dad parejero = disrespectful pargo = gay man peste a culo = smelly ass pioloto = disreputable bar pincha = work, job pinchar = to work pincho = boss at work pinga = fuck! pinguero = male prostitute pitirre = (male) an insistent, annoying person por sí las moscas = as a precaution pulover = t-shirt Qué bola or Qué volá = what’s up?, reply is nada Qué es la que hay? = What's up? quimbar = to have sex Radio Bemba = gossip rascabuchador = peeping tom, voyeur rebambaramba = a riot, or dispute between several different ppl, or groups of ppl resiñate = fuck you (v rude) reventado = lucky person sambumbia = nasty drink or soup ser un punto = being stupid, wierd singa tu madre = fuck your mother singao = motherfucker singar = to have sex singarte un caballo = go fuck a horse suerte = good luck tacho = hair ¿Te gustas? = you like it? (the taste of food, drink) temba = over the hill tenis = sneakers titingó = a fight toto = pussy trago = a glass of an alcoholic drink trajinado/a = derision/mockery disguised ¡Tumba! = get lost! tortillera = a dyke, lesbian tu tienes cojones = You’ve got balls/guts vaciladera = lustful gaze vandalaje = vandalism vapor = anger vejentud = old age verdura = truth verraco/a = naïve or an idiot vete a cagar = go take a shit vete a cingar = go fuck yourself vete a tu pigna = fuck off viejuco/a = term of endearment for a parent viruta = coins vistilla = perfect vision, or vanity/pride vivir = to look at lustfully also -> virulilla viyaya = naughty boy/child vuele = "flying" - altered state due to drugs yaya = small skin wound, or small imperfection (of anything) yegua = gay man yeguada = stupidity, nonsense yin = jeans yira = money yuma = gringo, foreigner yunta = close male friend zangandongo = large zanguango = silly, stupid zanguanguería = silly, stupid (derogatory) zicote = foot odor zicotudo = person with smelly feet zocotroco = stupid person zoquetada = arrogance, pride zoquete = haughty, presumptuous, arrogant zunzún = zipper zurdo = inept, clumsy zusnar = to sleep Mexican Spanish More at: al aparto = penis/cock ¡Aguas! = look out! Watch out! Alíviate = chill out Alucinante = amazing, mind-bending ándale = come on, faster Antro = dance club apapachar = to cuddle a todo dar = far out, fabulous, great Ay Dios altísimo = oh god almighty baboso = idiot besa mi culo = kiss my ass bicho = cock bolillo = racial slur for white person bolo = gig, concert Bueno pues = Whatever Cabron/a = bastard caca pasa = shit happens ¡Cállate! = shut up! carnal = close friend carnalita = little sister chale! = No way, give me a break chamaco = vulgar word for young boy chaqueta = male masturbation Chécalo = check it out chela = beer chevre = beer chido = cool Chilito = little dick chilpayate = young boy ¡Chin! = bummer! Chingado/a = fucker chingao = fuck! Chingate = fuck you chingón = awesome, cool guy, badass chirula = cock Chocho = cunt Chupa mi pito = suck my cock/dick Comprendes, mendes? = cute way of saying ‘understand me?’ cosito/a lindo/a = pretty little thing (masc. cosito, fem. cosita) Example: Mi cosito lindo means "my pretty little thing", and it refers to a man or boy. cruda = hangover culero = asshole ¡Dale a la madre! = fuck him up! (in a fight) De nada, limonada = Cute way of saying ‘you’re welcome’ Dios mío = my god Dios te bendiga = God bless you Don Perfecto = Mr. Right el mayate = faggot el morrongo = penis/cock el quebracho = faggot el quebrachon = faggot el retazo macizo = penis/cock el rul = asshole el rulacho = asshole el zorrero = jerk, fool, dumbass está de pelos! = that's hot! That's cool! Estar flechado = to be love struck este… = ummm…. Face = Facebook gallito = tough guy güero/a = blond, light colored person, a white person Hablamos más tarde = talk to you later Harto/harta = a lot, tons hijo jesu = oh my god híjole = Christ! Idiota (only fem.) = idiot, stupid jeta = face jota = gay man la reata = penis/cock la riata = penis/cock loco de remate = out of his/her mind maleton = SOB mande = what did you say? Pardon me? maricon = faggot (also same in Cuban slang) Menso/a = idiot Me vale mierda = I don't give a shit mi bien = my darling, my love Mirón = an oggler, a person that stares mocoso = a brat ¡Moles! = Oops! mohadas = faggot?? muerdeal = faggot Oiga = Listen ¡Órale! = right on! Cool! Oye = hey! listen up! naco = hick nel = "no" Niño Fresa/niña Fresa = rich kid, spoiled brat, preppie ¡No manches! = no way! N'ombre = No way No mames! = get outta here, no way! - same as 'no manches' palo = sex panzon = fatso papi chulo =hot guy, hunk para chuparse los dedos = finger-lickin good parchar = to fuck Pelón melón = bald guy Pendejadas = nonsense, ridiculous actions Pendejo/a = bastard picaflor = faggot pichi = baby pinche = fucking ____ pinche cabron = fucking asshole príncipe azul = Prince Charming puñatero = masturbator puta = fucking ____ , or whore Puta barata = cheap whore (fem.) Puta madre = motherfucker puto = faggot rata = thief ratero = thief sale = alright - used at the end of a thought ¡Salud! = cheers! sancho = fuck buddy sangrón = stuck up person sepa = I don't know sepa la sopa = I don't know (funny way of saying it) simón, de la Rosa = yes, right on (you can also just say simón by itself to mean the same thing) sueño erotico = erotic dream, wet dream tarugo = stupid person tatema = head ¿Qué chingados quierer? = WTF do you want? Qué huele? = What's up? Qué onda? = What's up? Qué padre = That's tight Qué pedo? = What's up? Una Paliza = a thrashing, a beating un chingo = a fuckload un favorzote = a big favor vale = yeah, alright, okay ¡Vamos de pinta! = let's ditch class vete al carajo! = Go fuck yourself! vete al infierno! = go to hell! yesca = marijuana ¡zócalo! = OMG! zurramato = dumbass Colombian Spanish ala = jeez a la verga = fuck or dammit almacén = shop (store) andén = pavement, sidewalk arepera = lesbian arrecho = turned on avión = clever person ¡Ay güevón! = refer pitifly between guys, "Oh man!" bacán, bacano/a = someone or something cool, kind, friendly bareta = joint, blunt of weed baúl = trunk of a car berraco/a = someone awesome, hardcore, worthy of admiration, "the man" birra = beer bochinchero = rumormongerer, gossiper, makes up stories behind someone's back bolqueta = drunk bomba = balloon, or a fuel pump buzo = turtleneck sweater cabeciduro = stubborn person cacorro = gay man caliente = dangerous camello = job, or heavy work cana = jail caneca = trash basket cantaleta = repetitive scolding caña = bluff, bragging, or rum capar = to play truant caspa/calilla = badly behaved person catorce = a favor chichipato = cheapskate chito = prick chino = child chupa = police officer cojo = someone weak or with lack of sense colorete = rouge comelon = glutton, pig como fue que? = what up? what's going on? cotejo = soccer match culear = to have anal sex culebra = debt dormilon = sleepyhead, ppl that love to sleep duro = skillful embarrarla = to make a grave mistake Eschemos un polvo = let’s have sex esfero = pen filo = hunger flaquito = my little skinny one (? not sure if Cuban or Col.) fresco = "be cool!" gallina = coward gonorrea = vile/disgusting person/thing guayabo = hangover güevón = dude, bro, lazy, or idiot depending on circumstances hacerse el gringo = to feign ignorance hembro = female or gay slang for handsome guy hijueputa = SOB hueco = pothole, or jail, or faggot irrespeto = disrespect jopo = ass jincho or chapeto = drunk jurgo = plethora, a lot Le quiebro el culo = I'll kick his ass levantar = to seduce, or to beat/thrash listo = all right, something cool or okay llave = friend lobo = bad taste lo pille = I caught you maluco = bad mamola = no way mamón = boring, annoying marica = dude, bro, or faggot marimba = marijuana maricondas = joking around Me voy a echar un motoso = I am going to have a nap mijo/mija = buddy, pal mono = like güero - blond, fair-haired no joda! = nuh- uh!, get outta here!, get lost! no me joda! = Don't bother me! nonas, nonos = no No se haga el pendejo = don’t play stupid ñero or mañé = ghetto, street, nasty ni por el berraco = no way no le pare bolas = don't pay attention to him/her Ojo! = Be careful! Watch out! paja = lie, falsehood, or masturbation paila = bad luck, not good pa las que sea! =I'm up for anything! parar bolas = to pay attention parche = band pedo = a big problem pichar or tirar = to have sex piedra = anger pilas! = be carful, wake up, watch out pille eso = look at that pilo = smart pinga or verga = dick pirovo or gorzovia = dumb pochola = beer pola = beer Pollo/polla = boyfriend/gf Poner los cachos = To cheat in a relationship porfa = please prendido = tipsy Qué boleta = How embarrassing Qué caspa = how bad Qué hubo? = What's up? Qué mamera = That's boring Qué maricada = dammit/fuck Qué mas? = What's up? Qué soda = how cool also - > Qué chimba, Qué verraquera, Qué putería rascando = drunk remalparido/a = a big bastard (very rude) rola/rolo = someone from the capital Bogotá ruñidera or ruñiendo= to talk about people behind their backs sapo = meddler sisas = yes storbar = to disturb tinto = black coffee tetra hijueputa = huge SOB tomba = the police tombo = police officer tractocamión = truck tragado = having a crush on someone vallase al carajo = fuck off vallase a la mierda = fuck off venirse = to come, I’m going to come = voy a venirse viejo = dude, friend, dad ¿vientos o maletas? = How are things? Guatemalan Spanish hueco = gay man huevón = lazy coche = pig chancuaco = cigarette chito = kiss waquear = to vomit General Latin Amer. Spanish a ver = let's see aguafiesta = party pooper almas gemelas = soulmates atún = idiot Ave María Purísima = for heaven's sake ¡Ay qué rico! = Wow that's delicious! bárbaro = fantastic or hot man bepi = little kid (boy) bobo/a = fool boite = nightclub bombón = hot, sexy man bromista = joker cada hijo de vecino = everyone calentar = to arouse cañon = hot, sexy caramba = you know, come on… caray = jeez, damn chévere = great, fantastic chiquero = pig sty, dirty room chupamedia = teacher's pet cielos = gosh cien por cien = precisely, 100% ¡Claro que sí! = Yes, of course! cole = school cuidado = be careful culo = ass, butt desa = breakfast di que sí = go for it Don Nadie = loser el último grito = the latest thing en cuerpo y alma = body and soul en serio = seriously, really? enamoradizo/a = someone that easily falls in love epa = wow! estar al palo = to have an erection estar pedo = to be drunk felices sueños = sweet dreams finde = the weekend gilí = silly, stupid girafa = very tall person hacer el amor con… = make love w/ someone hacer toros = skip class hacer un papelón = embarrass oneself hijo de puta = SOB hoy mismo = today joraca = damn, shit justo a tiempo = just in time juerga = blast, good time largate = go away leche = cum llevar juntos = to be together as a couple lo antes possible = ASAP lompas = pants Loteria! = Bingo! Got it! mamada = blow job no mames = don't kid with me mamonceta = bastard, little fuck mas o menos = more or less mate = mathematics me la trae floja = I don't give a fuck me vale verga = I don't give a fuck metete un pelo en un culo = stick it up your ass mira = look momento = wait, wait a sec morirse de rise = die laughing nada del otro mundo = nothing special nena = girl, chick ni a palos = no way ni en broma = no way ni modo = no way ni torta = no clue ni verga = no fucking way, you've gotta be kidding no pasa nada = no prob, no big deal no tiene caso = it's a waste of time otra vez = again, once more painte = pain in the neck, nuisance partirese en alma = make someone's heart bleed peli = film, flick perder la cabeza = fall madly in love with someone picar = nibble on mi pichón = my dear pirado/a = crazy pobrecito/a = poor baby, poor kid por cierto = by the way pura sabrosura = That's really tasty/yummy/juicy qué lastima = what a shame qué onda = what's up? qué yo so = whatever regla = period (menstruation) resaca = hangover sabelotodo = knowitall sacar a algn de quicio = drive someone crazy sangrón/sangrona = annoying, irritating (adj.) ser al mando = be at someone's command ser la monda = be a blast, be really funny siete nueve = 69 (sexual position) sin duda = w/o a doubt subte = subway (train) tacote = marijuana tal vez = probably tanque = fat person tarde o temprano = sooner or later tele = TV venir = to come (sexually) ya es hora = it's about time yo que se = how would I know?
  20. I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.

  21. magicmau5

    Off the Wall: Review Responses 'N Stuff

    @Lisa: Colossal is such a better word than massive, don't you think? Did you really get choked up? lol you're so funny. I think Fico was kind of too angry/confused to be teary. Plus I was tired of him crying like a girl every couple of seconds. But he did almost get choked up when talking to Tilde because he has mommy issues. Yeah actually I used the MDCHS online Jostens tool to make a fake ring. Except they don't have semi-precious stone options like when I was in HS. So the opal part means it had to be custom. Pretty funny, right? Sometimes it helps for me to have a visual. I used Jostens when I was in HS. Then, I promptly lost it while washing my hands. I can't stand that wet under the ring feeling. Yeah, about the love confessions. Of course it's way too soon. That's part of the future plot... Hey thanks for the review and feel free to tell me the things that are wrong!
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    Off the Wall: Review Responses 'N Stuff

    Okay, I think the next story I write is going to have a MC w/ a mental illness (not bulimia, that's too easy and I already did that) b/c man, the lives of people like me are pretty strange. It's like being on LSD all the time.
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    Off the Wall: Review Responses 'N Stuff

    I just realized that I said I only had 2 overly used adjectives, then listed 3. this is what I get for posting stuff when I'm manic. But it's my own fault for drinking coffee (which tends to tip me over into mania).
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    Off the Wall: Review Responses 'N Stuff

    @Jade: so you got my message. I feel like a stalker or something. I just took an hour and a half (during SNL - Lady Gaga was hosting and she was actually pretty good) to look at the ch over my phone, which always seems to help me see mistakes better than on my laptop. And I found, let me count them...13 grammatical mistakes and 2 issues with too frequent use of adjectives. "Little", "massive", and "embarrassment" among them. I have problems with the word massive in relation to penis size. Because I've had my fair share of men, and the average penis size is 7 inches. I find it very hard to believe my male love interest could have a 10 in cock. But, it's a story so what the hey? This is funny b/c I have yet to address you review! Hey I'm glad you liked this chapter. I spent a week on it, I think. I thought about it all through the day and well into the night. I thought about it when I woke up, and when I was walking the dog, you get the point! I had to reconcile a lot of little bits of the plot that are easy to mess up - like the age of Elliot, when Luke's grandpa died, how old Tony Hawk was when Fico was 11, etc. Now, if you go back and look in the earlier chapters, you'll see that Elliot is initially described by Fico as appearing around 6-7 yrs. Tilde just confirms his judgement in this chapter. Next chapter: a scary/sexy dream of Fico and Luke together. Gotta love dream sequences!