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  1. New years resolution: lose 77 lb over 12 months. I suppose that's better than 50 over 3 mo like last time. I've always wondered since the biggest loser started how those ppl don't end up w/ eating disorders after.

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    2. magicmau5


      I mean, it's not safe to lose more than 2 lb a week, and the trainers always are disappointed when the poor guys don't lose like 9 lbs in one week. That's pretty hard to do without starving yourself.

    3. BronxWench


      40 pounds here, although 35 would still please me, and 42 would make me ecstatic. Depending on your own metabolic rate, the number of calories you consume daily (and the source), and the amount of exercise you get daily, weight loss can vary, but 9 pounds a week is excessive. Also, what people forget is that daily use of exercise equipment can do more damage than good. Every other day is best, with straight cardio on the off days.

    4. magicmau5


      I lost 50 lb in 3 mo because I was walking about 4 mi a day due to the fact I didnt have a car and lived in a large city. Also I made myself walk up 10 flights of stairs in class instead of taking the lift like other students. I didn't use the gym, but ran hills about 3x/wk. Other than that, I ate about 1000-1200 kcal a day b/c I was poor. Now that I live in the states again, the portions are huge, I have a car, and I've stopped purging. Plus bulimia, contrary to popular opinion, end...