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  1. magicmau5

    Review responses to #hashtagwar

    @Lisa: Thanks for the review . I guess this isn't a very popular story, you're the only one that seems to continue reading it! I'm trying not to let it bother me but I wish I knew what was wrong with it. I guess maybe it's just boring or maybe offensive. Writing for AFF is good practice for me, though, and I'll definitely continue writing this fic. Well I thought maybe the beginning of this chapter was slow, but I couldn't really figure a way around that. I'm glad you liked this chapter. If there's something wrong, boring, etc be sure to tell me that as well. I wish I knew why some people prefer characters over others, or what qualities are good about characters you think of as "good." I've been reading a book by Orson Scott Card on creating and developing characters, so hopefully that will help me get better. I like Hazel too, and included her both because Native cultures revere their elders, and because I wish I'd had a grandmother when I was growing up, who could teach me about Mexican culture and traditions. I'm pretty sure Max will find out about the real reason Pete hacked his account in chapter 6. I had too much written for this chapter, otherwise I would have finished the steamy scene at the end. Instead, it's going into chapter 6. Chapter 5 is all about Trevor and Pete.
  2. magicmau5

    Review responses to #hashtagwar

    This is a thread dedicated to the M/M slash fic #hashtagwar. @Lisa: You're the most awesome of awesomist readers ever. I know I told you in my pm about OTW. To other readers: I got quite frustrated with Off the Wall because I was over-editing and over-thinking the writing process. It's hard for me to work on more than one fic at a time, but I think I'll be able to write more about Fico and Luke in the nearish future. @RitsuOuO: Thanks for the nice review. I'm glad you liked the first chapter. What do you think of the others? @Lisa: Yeah, I like insecure characters because I think they're a little more believable, especially when they're teenagers. I'm glad you think it's funny, as I'm going more for cheese and laughs than anything else. @Lisa: I know, Pete isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer. That's the way I was hoping he'd turn out. Yeah I think Rob is pretty flabbergasted at this point but maybe not so surprised, since Max hasn't really paid much attention to him in the past, and as you'll see later, Rob has his own prejudices to overcome. I like the character Pete because he's angst-ridden but also pretty practical. He wants to take care of himself and those he cares about; he's selfish to some extent but also very loyal and wants to keep the safety of his sister a priority. @bambi4real: I hope Ch4 solved some of your questions. I know it seems like Pete is in danger, but he's quite a tough person and very self-reliant. He's withstood years of abuse and hasn't turned to drugs or alcohol to solve his problems. He's internalized it. His character is partially based on the life of one of my cousins, who endured similar abuse and seems fine externally for about forty years before she had a nervous breakdown. Sometimes people can learn to take abuse through internalization this way; it is unhealthy, but can be maintained for longer periods of time than someone who engages in risky behavior. You can see some of the side effects of his anger internalization through his angry outbursts. Don't worry too much about him, though. His salvation comes in Ch5. Max is in immediate danger because at any moment he could OD or become a vegetable. He doesn't really understand that the drugs he mixes can be a lethal cocktail. Teens like him think they are immortal -- I know I was like that at his age. I took very big risks with my life that when viewed objectively, could have killed me. @Lisa: I know, Pete is such a loveable villain. At first he was just going to be a mean bully, but I thought that would get boring fast. I'll explain Pete's situation in Ch5. I'm glad you like Sanyu! Her personality is somewhat based on my sister's son, who I babysit. He loves to do similar things with his diaper, my sister's socks, etc. Little kids are pretty fun to write about!
  3. magicmau5

    Editing nightmare

    My problem is that I see actual errors such as extra spaces, wrong tense, overuse of an adjective, etc each time I check the draft. I'm not sure what happens but I think since I'm writing at night, I'm tired and maybe have more errors than if I wrote at a different time of day. I have this terrible fear of people seeing my mistakes, and it gets paralyzing at times. You'll laugh at this but I edit a single chapter something like 10-20 times. I can't imagine only editing 3 times.
  4. magicmau5

    Editing nightmare

    So I have this problem where I go overboard on editing. I get really nitpicky and go back over and over my chapters until I literally get sick at the sight of them. How can I stop this? It seems to waste a lot of time and energy. It's also interfering with my writing process and is so frustrating. I should add that I had a problem in college with this as well.
  5. I should add that I only do original fics, as I have no idea how to do real fan fiction!
  6. Usually what happens is that I get ideas just before I go to sleep, then I half dream about it for several days or weeks until I write some ideas down about the characters. Sometimes I get ideas just about dialogue, and record that. Then when I really make a decision to start a story, I begin by creating a character sketch including name, background, visual description, internal and external conflicts, family history and personality quirks. I do this for the main characters and as I go along, add them for minor characters. Then I make notes of the particular scenes and places involved in the story: descriptions, locations, smells, etc. After all that is done, I create a more cogent plot outline. This may start from the beginning and go to the end, or the end and go toward the beginning, or start in the middle, etc. I put the plot together like a puzzle as I go along. Then I make a concerted effort to write the first chapter notes, and subsequent notes for later chapters. Finally, I outline the first chapter and work on each section of the outline. Often the plot springs out of dialogue ideas or ideas I get from popular culture. For instance, I might get an idea from a sketch comedy on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon or Saturday Night Live. The current fic I'm writing stems from a Jimmy Fallon sketch he did with Justin Timberlake. It may sound random, but I tend to get really random ideas and flesh out a story from that original spark. It seems to work well now that I use Scrivener, because it has sections for research, character sketches, locations, etc. I also should note that I keep a log of all the research I do and derive ideas from that as well.
  7. How many mistakes can I find in one view of my fic? The world will never know.

  8. editing editing editing...

  9. At the library volunteering and very bored. At least I'm not out in the rain like the poor homeless people I see everywhere.

  10. magicmau5

    Beta Reader: Deadmau5 Fandom

    OMG deadmau5! My avatar-sake! I'll totally do it. I <3 EDM and deadmau5. He's actually pretty hot...did you read the 2012 Rolling Stone interview?
  11. New years resolution: lose 77 lb over 12 months. I suppose that's better than 50 over 3 mo like last time. I've always wondered since the biggest loser started how those ppl don't end up w/ eating disorders after.

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    2. magicmau5


      I mean, it's not safe to lose more than 2 lb a week, and the trainers always are disappointed when the poor guys don't lose like 9 lbs in one week. That's pretty hard to do without starving yourself.

    3. BronxWench


      40 pounds here, although 35 would still please me, and 42 would make me ecstatic. Depending on your own metabolic rate, the number of calories you consume daily (and the source), and the amount of exercise you get daily, weight loss can vary, but 9 pounds a week is excessive. Also, what people forget is that daily use of exercise equipment can do more damage than good. Every other day is best, with straight cardio on the off days.

    4. magicmau5


      I lost 50 lb in 3 mo because I was walking about 4 mi a day due to the fact I didnt have a car and lived in a large city. Also I made myself walk up 10 flights of stairs in class instead of taking the lift like other students. I didn't use the gym, but ran hills about 3x/wk. Other than that, I ate about 1000-1200 kcal a day b/c I was poor. Now that I live in the states again, the portions are huge, I have a car, and I've stopped purging. Plus bulimia, contrary to popular opinion, end...

  12. I volunteer at a non-profit library where we fundraise through If you make an account using a valid email address, every time you enter a query in their search engine, they donate 1 cent to your cause of choice. So far my library raised $154 in about a month of using the search engine.
  13. Damn it. I hate holidays. The old binge/purge coping mechanisms rear their very ugly heads. Will it ever stop???

  14. The doglet is barking at the holiday firecrackers. Why couldn't he be the kind of dog that cowers in fear at loud noises, rather than confrontational barking kind?

  15. magicmau5

    Writing organization - notepad vs computer

    Scrivener has Freemind's kind of functionality in an option called Group Mode. It's visual background is a cork board, and you can add notes and shuffle them around however you like as if you were using a physical cork board, sans annoying sticky notes and/or pins. I am so happy with Scrivener. It is hands down the best word processing program I've ever used. The best functions, I think, are the Comment and Snapshot functions. Snapshot takes a copy, or "snapshot" of your current document and you can compare it to earlier or later versions. There are multiple docs within the whole doc so you don't have to look at the whole doc at once when you use Snapshot. Comment is a hypertext function that gives you a link within the document to a note that you type in the margin. When I edit, I make comments on things I want to look at later, research further, and words that need a thesaurus. You can easily delete the comments when you're ready to print or publish.