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  1. Biographical Information Name: Claudia Last Name: Quinzel Full Name: Claudia Aurelie Quinzel Birthday: January 28th 1980 Age: 16 Blood Type: A Blood Status: Pure-blood Physical Information Gender: Female Species: Human Hair Color: Black Eye color: Navy Blue Appearance: Claudia is olive-skinned with long, thick wavy black hair and soft blue eyes. She has a heart-shaped face- her eyes are kohl-rimmed and are a wide almond shape with thick dark eyebrows with a wide forehead. She has a small nose and full lips that are always colored dark rouge with a softly angled jaw. She is flat-chested (large B-cup), medium-waisted with curvy hips, thick, slightly muscular thighs (from dancing) and supple legs. She stands at the height of 5'4 1/2 and weighs 135 pounds. Her hands are small and she wears a size 9 in shoes. Wand Information Wand wood: Blackthorn Wand core: Unicorn Hair Wand length: 12 1/4 inches, strong but flexible. School Information Name: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry Year: VI House: Hufflepuff Extra Information Likes: Dancing (ballet, exotic belly-dance etc) casting spells and charms, art, reading, writing, poetry, casual clothing, Quidditch matches, The Restricted Section of the library, cats, rainy weather, music of all kinds, decorative socks, laughing, fashion, fireplaces, butterbeer, silent films, different oils and incenses. Dislikes: Exceptionally rude people, sombreros, ignorance, big crowds, snowstorms, Wizard's Chess, boring classes and being told what to do. Hobbies: Dancing, studying, sketching, making friends, reading and wandering around Hogsmeade. Personality: Claudia is headstrong, sarcastic, curious, enigmatic, friendly, diligent and stubborn. She likes to have fun doing the things she loves, she likes making new friends (and sometimes enemies). She's selfish when it comes to sharing and hates being told what to do rather than being asked. Claudia likes to learn new spells and practices them frequently to get the hang of them. She also likes to read anything and everything she gets her hands on, mostly forbidden books that she smuggles out of the Restricted Section at night. She likes solving long riddles and she also likes giving them as well. She can be impatient and judgmental at times, but only towards people who catch her on a bad day. She's very open-minded and she likes to make her friends and people laugh. But overall, she is a nice, likable young woman. Characteristic phrases: [insert anything sarcastic here.] I'm still developing her biography and this is what I have so far. I hope she's not a Mary Sue lol. So give me responses and tell me what you think of her.