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  1. saiyansecret

    "Bonds and Trust" DBZ yaoi (Seme!Goten/Vegeta) Dubcon

    Correction on 'Feedback': Feedback is no longer desired.
  2. saiyansecret

    Yaoi Vegeta/(DBZ/teen)Goten

    Your mission, if you decide to accept it, is to become one of the rare writers in the fandom who ships Vegeta/Goten and write me a story I can recommend on my blog. (Precision: in my universe, GT never existed and never will, so about end/post-DBZ. I see Goten as anywhere between 16-20 and he never cut off his beautiful hair. Just consider that they are my OTP, the rest is up to you as long as it looks good in my rec collection.) I doubt if anyone will, but WTH. [This post will self-destruct in 5 seconds]
  3. Author: saiyansecret Title: "Bonds and Trust" Summary: At the beginning of their relationship, Vegeta underestimates Goten and gets more than he bargained for. Feedback: seems to be a moot point, but is welcome. Fandom: DBZ Pairing: Seme!Goten/Vegeta Warnings: Dub-con, BDSM-D/s Chapters: 5 URL: Thx for reading.
  4. Author: saiyansecret Title: "Total Satisfaction" Summary: Gohan had already seen Goten & Vegeta in action, but it wasn't enough & he succumbs to an offer he can't refuse - & gets more than he bargained for. Feedback: is always welcome if it's constructive. Mostly I count on Tumblr friends for that, as readers here seem either afraid to give their opinion or just don't bother. Probably the latter case. Fandom: DBZ Pairing: Vegeta/Goten/Gohan Warnings: m/m, anal, BDSM, toys, oral, 3+ Chapters: 4 short chapters URL: Thanks to all who read. I write for fun, & hope that you at least enjoy the free smut!
  5. I didn't want to make a multiple choice poll with limited answers. So... Please reply in a comment as a 2-part answer: -(Regardless of pairing preferences) What kinds of fics would you like to see more of? & -(Besides bad writing) What type of fics or content puts you off? RSVP!
  6. Summary: When the two of them find themselves alone by the pool, much more than the sun heats up. (No warnings apply, just yaoi!) Link:
  7. saiyansecret

    DBZ yaoi: Vegeta x Goten blog!

    My link didn't show up in my post: (If the link *again* doesn't show up, message me or maybe try this): http(colon)//www(dot)fuckyeahvegetaxgoten(dot)tumblr(dot)com Sheesh! :-P
  8. saiyansecret

    DBZ yaoi: Vegeta x Goten blog!

    A collection of fanfics, fanart & more dedicated to my forever OTP Vegeta x Goten!
  9. My main blog hosts an ongoing fanfic saga I'm writing, "A Tail of Two Saiyans" (First draft). Pairings (in order of appearance; some work out, some don't): Goku/Vegeta, Trunks/Goten, Vegeta/Goten (OTP), Goku/Trunks, Gohan/Trunks Summary: What happens when a rare full moon planetary conjuncture brings our heros new powers and some strange changes? What is the new menace that lurks during what they believed to be a time of peace? In any case, their love lives will never be the same. Rating: NC-17/MA (very explicit sex) Genre: Yaoi lemon-romance, suspense, adventure + other stories & sexy fanart. Link: *** My 2nd blog: 'Fuck yeah! Vegeta x Goten' Fanfics, fanart & more dedicated to my forever OTP!
  10. saiyansecret

    "Poolside Encounter" DBZ yaoi

    Hello there. I just posted my second story: Author: saiyansecret Title: "Poolside Encounter" Summary: When Vegeta and Goten find themselves alone by the pool, more than the sun is heating up (One version of Goten's first time). Feedback: I know that reviews are very rare on this site and why, but I'm truly seeking opinions on this and any story I post here. Honestly I'm not happy with this story and would be very grateful for any feedback and advice. Fandom: DBZ Pairing: Vegeta/Goten Warnings: yaoi m/m, anal, just normal m/m sex Chapters: 3 short chapters URL: Thank you to all who read and hopefully tell me what you think of it. I greatly value the opinions and advice of my readers.
  11. Forenote: At this stage, my OC is only a newborn, so I'm imagining him later at about 10 years old - old enough to be a skilled warrior, but not enough to age the other characters too much! lol Fandom: DBZ (in a slash/yaoi saga) Char. name: Son Tenjiita (last name first) Char. race: 3/4 Saiyan, 1/4 human Height: taller than Vegeta but not as tall as Goten Weight: average for a lean, muscular build (I'm bad with #s!) Brief background: Originally cloned by a supervillain (also an OC) using Vegeta's & Goten's DNA to be quickly grown up in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber (traficked), trained & used against them, he is rescued & grows up normally with his real family. Position/job: Saiyan Z-fighter & ninja like his godparents. Strengths & skills: All typical of a Saiyan (ki blasts, super strength, speed & fighting skills, etc.,) + ninjutsu. He has extraordinary psychic & empathic skills. A child prodigy, as predicted by a soothsayer on Vegeta-sei to the king, he is a legendary Saiyan with exceptional powers. " typical of DBZ?: Yes & no. Though his innate skills are typical of Saiyans, his powers pass them up & he also becomes a ninja trained by his godfather (another OC, the genetics engineer forced by the supervillain to clone him) who after the adventure becomes his godfather. Weaknesses/bad habits: At times he has a temper & is rebellious, though is secretly quite sensitive. He has a complex of feeling like an undesired child, which seems normal. Honestly he isn't developped well enough to know anything more specific. Distinctive features: His longer hair & very piercing eyes are an exact combination of Vegeta & Goten, his "parents". He has an unusual, mysterious aura about him, even to those close to him. Distinctive features unique in DBZ?: No, he looks like a typical Saiyan though is very recognizable, except for his ki which shows his extraordinary powers, & his mysterious prestance. Yes, because he is very mysterious & filled with contradictions. Connections to canon characters: He is the cloned son of Vegeta & Goten, but is claimed & treated by all as would be any family member. Thus, Goku & ChiChi's grandson, Trunks' little brother, Gohan's nephew, etc. How he gets along with his family & allies: Very well, as long as they don't cross him or injure his pride. At times he has insecure thoughts that he won't fit in because he was cloned. What other characters think of him: They find him friendly & polite, have positive opinions of him, he is charismatic though he doesn't know it, cold & stoic on the surface, unless they know him well & become very close to him (which is not many). They find him very mysterious & that he puts a lot of pressure on himself. At first they find it awkward as he is cloned with 2 male parents, though they get used to the idea. Notes: This would be difficult for someone to understand who isn't familiar with DBZ, so hopefully my description helps. My OC is only recently developped, so I know his character needs a lot of work. I already feel quite attached to him, & he seems very real to me. As in my story's timeline he is a newborn & not yet rescued, he can only be developped theoretically at this point. I tend to write as I go along according to my inspiration. Hopefully not too much of a Marty Stu! XP
  12. saiyansecret

    DBZ yaoi en français?

    Bonjour, Je suis américaine et je vis en France. Je me demandais s'il y aurait des lecteurs des histoires de DBZ yaoi en français. Comme ce n'est pas ma langue natale ça risque de craindre, mais serait peut-être possible s'il y a une demande. AFF est très embêttant en ce qu'il est rare qu'on laisse de revues. Y-a-t-il d'autres fans de DBZ yaoi francophones?
  13. saiyansecret

    "Pardon" by SJKillJoy

    "Pardon", by SJKillJoy This is one of my all-time favorites. Raditz/Vegeta (flashback to Vegeta-sei) & Goku/Vegeta (present). The DBZ yaoi artist Rutobuka on Tumblr was once inspired to illustrate this fic. Very hot, a must-read!
  14. saiyansecret

    (Are we allowed to discuss someone else's fic?)

    OK great. I'll post it up!
  15. saiyansecret

    Lack of reviews.

    OK, I found the thread I was looking for. Just earlier tonight I was very depressed, seeing the large number of hits my 5 day-old story got compared to its lack of reviews, & to be honest I just wanted to delete my whole AFF account & leave. I'm still doubting my desire to post anything else, which I would have to type directly here for nothing. I get more support, guidance & encouragement on my personal fanfic blog where not nearly that many people read my stuff, who are not at all obliged to encourage me but still do. I also see fics that have been here for ages (excellent ones) boasting thousands of hits and (maybe) 1 or 2 reviews. WTH? Yes, I can definitely see the bitterness & frustration of those who leave the (asked-for) reviews & then get chewed out &/or reported for their honest concrit & no longer wish to deal with that. Authors who behave like that instead of honestly considering what the reviewer said & using that advice to improve their writing are immature, unprofessional, & ruin it for those of us who would be thrilled with some honest reviews, pointing out both the positive & negative points of our writing. If the author doesn't want honest opinions, why do they publish their work to begin with instead of just keeping it to themselves? A writer who writes to have their ego stroked is doing so for a very poor reason & misses the point entirely. I don't agree with what the person who directed me here said about the cause being my older, less popular fandom, because those who read it in the first place are part of that fandom. So, cutting to the chase, I can clearly see both POVs. Isn't there some system that could be put into place where the author must indicate & take responsability for whether or not they want honest feedback so that both authors and readers can share the stories, advice & opinions that are an important part of the art of any type of writing? Just being 18 y.o. or + does not mean 'adult' in my eyes. The 'Adult' part of 'Adult FanFiction' should not only signify graphic sex & violence, but the maturity that must accompany it. To quote one of the heros of my own fandom, humility means sacrificing one's pride to keep one's dignity. If something is worth doing, is it not worth doing well? Unfortunately, on our archived stories we have no way of letting readers see the difference. No one is telepathic, & as the poll shows, I have a hard time believing that writers don't care that they don't get reviews. A writer who can't take criticism has no place in a public writing site, what else can be said? I must say that I'm finding my experience here very disappointing, and am beginning to doubt that I'll stick around.