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  1. Sweet. That's the idea I had, so I was intially confused when it was taken down. Thanks for clarifying.

    Sample disclaimer:

    I do not own Devil May Cry or any other fandoms portrayed in this fanfiction. I will list a disclaimer for each fandom that will appear in subsequent chapters. All copyrighted properties are owned by their respective creators. I make no money off of this work.

    Then later I put something like this, yes? (might have to edit top one since it does not fit.)

    Disclaimer: I do not own the Naruto, Tenchu or Ruroni Kenshin series or characters,. They belong to their original authors/companies, and I am not making any monetary profit off of this. I write only for enjoyment.

    Do I need to be more specific and mention company/creator names? I don't think that would fit in the disclaimer though...

  2. I did have a disclaimer for the other fandoms; I just do them chapter by chapter as I honestly have no idea who I'm going to add. IF this isn't allowed then that's fine. As for the setting itself, it has no specific universe, just some generic thing so all characters can appear. I suppose it would be more Real Life AU? Hmm...Sorry then. I do have a better idea of fandoms now so I can fix it for later.

    Also, would it be alright for a video game/anime crossover? I was intending to put some of those in there later. (I think Dante from DMC would fit because he has both an anime and and video game?) This whole idea is more of an experiment honestly; though I figure not crossing over too many things would be best.

  3. Unless I was mistaken, my description and discalimer did say that multiple characters from anime and manga were going to be mentioned. It has absoluetly nothing to do with Naruto aside from one or two characters being present. Even in the first chapter, there are offhand mentions to other characrers in anime/manga that are not Naruto related. I could be wrong, but I would like a better explanation for why my story was deleted. I was finally planning to add a new chapter with no Naruto characters whatsoever as well, just in case. Hatake Kakashi from Naruto just happens to be involved in the work; along with several other promient anime characters that will be introduced later. I made individual disclaimers each chapter just in case this issue would arise and on general disclaimer because it is a crossover. If those aren't allowed, then I apologize for the confusion.

  4. Still attempting to do this; my brain wants a good way to make it a one or two shoter. I feel awful; RL and school have made me completely forget about this whole thing. Besides, not having much luck with my own writing sadly and maybe a change of pace will work. Depression sucks, though I really have nothing to be sad about and need to suck it up.

  5. What it says on the Tin. I'll really only post here if I find things that really disturb or confuse me, or just outright flames. Feel free to discuss my stories here and ask questions; but I will give you a PM if the questions you ask might be spoiler related. Just to save the other posters from spoilers. I really don't have much to say now, besides enjoy my work even though its not perfect and feel free to comment on it. I am more plot heavy than most when it comes to wirintg, I need to get out of that habit when it comes to porn. I probably will, but I do feel that characterization is important when writing porn, about as much as what the characters are doing to each other.

  6. Alright, not much to say here. I think I did okay with it, besides its more for the sex than plot anyways. This is also where I will post my responses to reviews if I feel the need to.


    Author: Kakashifan727

    Title: The Touch of Winter

    Summary: ReaderXFrost. Oneshot. You can't sleep, and you find a stranger near your window.

    Fandom: Rise of the Gaurdians (I need to go die in a fire, but Frost is just so adorable)

    Pairing: ReaderXJack Frost

    Rating: Adult+

    It is a Solo for now, but ask and I will add things; this may also mean adding more tags in the description/Authors Note since they wwon't fit in the summary.

    Tags: Handjob, Vanillia, Other, Angst, WAFF, Hurt/Comfort

    Feedback: Mostly on thr sex. Was it too long? Was I too descriptive/step by step? Was it realisitc or felt forced (Besides the fact that its a PWP)? Do you want me to add more kinks? Maybe change the PoV? I was really going for a 'It's our first time' type of thing with the emotions and how the vhars messed up.

  7. After I upload the first time, I try to type things into the edit 'details/disclaimer' or 'summary' box but it seems I can only delete text not add anything else. I'll try doing what you said and see if it works. Just letting you know though.

    Did it. Can change disclaimer and title, but not sumary. I can only delete things in the summaary, not add. Chapters themselves work fine though.

  8. Well, I've got the last idea almost done; hopefully it shall be posted in a couple weeks. I'll edit to post the link here too.

    The other idea is a SMT: Nocturne fic with Demi-fiend Gender bending into female form and pairing up with RotG Jack Frost along with a coupe other demon chars.. I'm insane, you don't have to tell me, I just like to ramble. Thing is, I'd like include other series that are heavy on demon mythology and giver her like a male harem or something that the readers can choose from. Meh, I've got a few ideas, but at the same time I don't want stuff to be just sex either; I'd like to take a look into the themes of the game and have her demon companions represent each path. They won't stay forever, but it'll add enough depth os that it won't feel like I'm copying the canon game completely. Else you could just play the game rather than read my crap rendition about it.

    Problem with the above idea is that I don't want too many series to cross over, since that would be a pain in the ass for this site. I guess I can steal some crap from anime if I can't find what I'm looking for exactly....Blood+ might be a good idea, but that's mostly vamps, not demons.

    SMT story: http://games.adult-fanfiction.org/story.php?no=600088288

  9. Really what the title says. And if you write anything in here, just gimme a link so I can read it too. Most of my ideas are pretty basic as far as it goes, but I dun wanna forget them, college pressuring me and all. Putting em in quotes to break em up easier. If you have any ideas to help, advice or whatever for me, then just post here too. I'm getting tired, I don't know what I'm saying right now.

    Probably gonna do a RoftG, even though it IS a kids film, adventure/lemon fic for some odd reason. Never seen the film yet, but I have basics down I think, since I've read some ficlets. Pairings will either be Jack FrostX OC or Reader, not sure which. Maybe I'll add in some SMT(F!HitoshuraXJack?) too, and other Angel/Demon myth heavy games. I'm just so weird; I can find links for fics that have like nothing in common. Always had the biggest crush on him since I was a kid though, I blame the christmas specials, I know its creepy as all hell.
    Fate/EXTRA type fic that somewhat crosses over with VR gaming, kinda like .hack I guess. The setting will be futuristic, possibly before EXTRA, and uses video game chars as flake servants. Only 1980s-2004 though; Reboot chars count separate if they are significantly different like NG series Ryu. Still plugging away for this though, as I have lots of Servant ideas, but I don't want them all to be from like FF or Tales, etc. We'll see where this goes. I may want a beta to look over my design doc.
    Some kinda Dragon Age 2 lemon with Fenris. I've seen a lot on FF.net though and it seems to be the same crap over and over again. Fall in love, have kids, get captured by slavers, etc. I want something different dammit, and am having problems with this too. Sadly Bio doesn't really have many other countries in the Thedas region that we know about besides Orelais, fereldan( butchering these name here lol) and FM. I mean we do know about Qunari nations and such, but what about other non-human islands/towns/whatevers? There has to be more races than the typical three plus, Qunari right? I dunno....waiting on this one.
    Working on this now. Random Uni/College AU with various anime/game characters inhabiting the city/town/campus that normal people live in. Boring blah blah you see on Ff.net really so far, more cause I just bored out of my mind.Want to make this different too, not a normal HS AU thing.

    This is it really. Nothing too spectacular, but this is more for me anyways. I have the worst memory, and now that these are here, they aren't in my head. now I can focus on schoolwork and shit.

  10. Bumping, don't really care. I get in trouble, that;s fine.

    Anyways, going slightly off topic here, has anyone ever been labeled a homophobe for not liking yaoi? I think I had been once on DA or one of those sites. I personally don't like it, or yuri for that matter, but using that kind of logic in an argument is just laughable. Real reason I don't like that stuff is because I feel it takes advantage of homosexuals for the heterosexuals gain, or some crap like that, I having trouble articulating here. Double standards maybe? It really doesn't bother me, only when it's pushed into my face, and it has to be certain kinds. I do see the appeal of course, but I just feel it is wrong to exploit people (anime chars aren't really people but I haven't seen many cases of RP yaoi.) so others can get themselves off to it, whether said people have been shown to be straight, bi, gay, asexual whatever.

    And that's it really. Feels good to put this down somewhere. Hell, who knows? I may even change my mind about it one day, but I just don't like idea of poo. Maybe I have a problem with anal/scat? I'm not really sure. It just seems, unhygienic and not sexy to me if there's poo in it, where there could be with gay dudes, but not always. My first point still stands though.

  11. I think I can do this, maybe. Any other things you want? Like sexual fetishes? Thing is, it might take me awhile to get it up LOL since schoolwork is way more important to me at the moment than fanfic.

    Always wanted to do this. now I have an idea for how. Do you mind KakashiXAnko, or anything? I need to think about it though.