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  1. Just posted my story here. Love's Gamble- A Hank Lawson from Dr. Quinn Romance.

  2. Hi there! I see no one else has posted here, so this may not get read, lol, but here I go anyway. I am currently writing a romance for Hank Lawson from Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. If you don't know who he is, it's ok, you will still enjoy my story. It stands alone. There might be a few references here and there from the show, but if you haven't watched it, it won't affect your ability to follow my story. I have created the heroine, Julia Tate. Here is the Synopsis: 1873 Colorado Spring, Colorado Julia Tate has forbidden love in her heritage and Choctaw Indian blood in her veins. Her scandalous lineage has prevented her from finding love and marriage. This Boston bred beauty arrives in Colorado Springs intent on changing that. A chance meeting at a train station has Julia considering her fate. Can she settle for a marriage of convenience or will she follow her heart and the women before her and dare to take a chance on passion? Hank Lawson has spent years perfecting his indifference. A scarred and tortured past has left him void and closed off from love. Only one woman on earth truly holds the key to his heart, and her life now hangs in the balance. Will Hank have the courage to return home to face the demons that await him there and finally experience true love and healing? Destiny and a drunken bet change the course of two lives, bringing this unlikely pair together. Will they risk everything on Love’s Gamble? Can they overcome the past or will it tear them apart? I hope you will give my story a chance! Thanks Oh, here is the link to my story: http://tv.adult-fanfiction.org/story.php?no=600097249
  3. Ok, decided to register here, LOL. Anyway, I finally got it figured out. One chapter down, twenty more to go! Thanks again!