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    I like boys, but I couldn't eat a whole.

    Currently writing in Marvel's Thor, Supernatural, Riddick.

    Currently reading everything but fanfiction. I know, it sounds counterproductive but something had to be thrown off the boat...

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  1. Reviews are nice. Nice reviews are so nice. Perfect reviews are... look at that, I have no words... just sounds... EEK!!

    1. Kurahieiritr


      Congrats on getting nice feed back. Now doesn't that shut the judgmental vopice in your head up really quickly? Chuckles. . .

    2. Slayitalldown


      It does! Then I have to deal with my over-inflated ego... one day I will find a healthy balance and it will FREAK ME OUT! ^.^

    3. Kurahieiritr


      Chuckles. We all get there sooner or later. Feeling good is very nice, but recognizing that we can't please everyone makes it easier to find that balance between ego, and realistic self evaluation of improvements made to our writing style as we continue what we love.