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  1. bryosgirl

    Help with "Arthur" Slash fic

    Wow... Now that I've totalled my childhood, Lol For the first scenario, I don't recall The Brain being overly shy, so I could see him picking up on signals from Arthur and perhaps waiting until they're alone to elaborate on it (which leads to the hanky panky). In the second scenario, perhaps Arthur didn't close the door all the way (broken lock, private bathroom, or etc.), and Brain walks in on him either before or after the shower while he's still in the buff? Another option would be that they're home alone and Brain hears a bang in the bathroom and goes to make sure Arthur didn't slip/fall.
  2. Chapters 5 & 6 of "Claimed" is up. On a roll tonight. :)

  3. bryosgirl

    Enough is Enough!

    Thankfully not from here, Rogue. There's actually quite an improvement in reception of reviews on AFF since I went on hiatus seven years ago, but then again it could be a category thing, since I stick almost exclusively to original works now. And no harsh, Kura. You're right to be frustrated and to say it.
  4. bryosgirl

    Can't access the Add Story Page

    Thank you both kindly for this post! Was going nuts wondering what I was doing wrong.
  5. bryosgirl

    Throw your ideas in here!

    I've had a scene rattling around in my head for an original fic. 80s/90s-esque world. Middle of the night in late fall or early winter. The city is silent under the snow fall until a civil defense siren starts to wail throughout the night. Chaos ensues as citizens scramble to find reach shelter. A neighborhood in the distance is seen lighting up into flames. The air above sounds as though it's being battered as two (nondescript) people rush into an alley. As they take cover behind a dumpster the sound of something heavy landing can be heard in the street they've just abandoned. While the two cower the head of a dragon comes into view at the end of the alley and peers down it menacingly. None of that godzilla-dino crap. A real, intelligent, badass dragon you expect to see terrorizing the Middle or Bronze ages.
  6. bryosgirl

    A To Z Dictionary Of Body Parts And Sexual Acts

    Will update over time, but these are terms I tend to be drawn to. Anatomy Bud (nipples or clitoris, depending on context) Core Depth Full Lips (or nether lips, referring to labia) Patch (typically used for areola) Rump Seed (perhaps it's because I'm on a fantasy kick, but I've really grown to love this one) Thatch Valley (may refer to space between breasts, labia or buttocks) Want/Desire (aroused genitalia, either gender) Actions Bloom (multi-context) Buck Claim Coax Drove Enveloped Fill (multi-context) Graze (use of teeth for stimulation; not necessarily limited to BJ's) Milk Nip Nuzzle Spill Succumb Stirred Suckle Tug Descriptors Ripe/overripe (referring to firmness of anatomy) Swell/Swollen (obvious genital reference, but has become a favorite when pregnancy is somehow involved)
  7. bryosgirl

    Using proper anatomical terms over sex slang

    I generally prefer terminology that suits the setting. Flowery terms like "his passion" or "her core" when it comes to scenes that are more fantasy/medieval/soft romance, clinical terms like penis and vagina when it comes medical or science-y settings, and flat out raunchy slang (cock, cunt, etc) when it comes to "wham bam thank you ma'am" themes. As a reader and writer, how suitable the language is in the setting is key for me.
  8. bryosgirl


    So, eight months since I last posted and I'm finding that writing has been to some degree therapeutic. There is the issue of working through triggers (thank goodness for my hubby's love and patience), but I'm finding it's helped me work through being stalked/assaulted some years ago. Granted, a lot of it (especially the really horrid stuff) will never see the light of day, but I've been finding myself incorporating some of it into my main writing project. I think perhaps part of the reason for this is that I'm simply tired of seeing horrible shit be glamorized in fiction, literary or otherwise. There are some times where I want to write purely for the purpose of showing the reader that no, rape is not romantic, and no, emotional abuse is not sexy.
  9. I'm in the first round of editing a one-shot, and I find myself conflicted regarding story codes. The story involves a man who is derogatorily referred to as a lizardman. The issue is that despite the nickname, he isn't overly reptilian in form. He is much more akin to a human with some details reminiscent to reptiles (barbed anatomy, colored/thick skinned, overbite, flat nose and tail). Personally, I really can't see applying anthro or beast because despite the handful of details they look quite human, but of course as the writer there's the whole bias thing. Xeno is definitely out of the question for various reasons. So the question I guess is if a character is humanoid race with aspects reminiscent of specific animals, would you as a reader expect/want anthro/beast tags? Slightly off-topic but since we're here, what about when it comes to creatures like werewolves?
  10. bryosgirl

    How long do you prefer chapters?

    Prefered length depends heavily on how the chapter is written. If it's especially dialogue-heavy, or if it's over the top in description, I prefer under 4k, but if there's plenty of narrative, I'd rather see it closer to 5k. Balance is key, of course, but that's my general rule of thumb for preferences.
  11. bryosgirl


    I don't think any one mentality can be applied to violence writing. There are many other things to consider. Are they identifying with the victim, the perpetrator, or a third party? Is the violence there out of bloodlust or curiosity? Is violence the plot or the device? That's not to say there aren't some people out there who are trying to leave an impression or have some underlying bloodlust, but as Lisbet Adair was mentioning, inexperience is probably the biggest contributor to violent fiction. Plus, I find it hard to believe that 45% of the site's authors are bloodthirsty sociopaths.
  12. bryosgirl

    Seeking reference materials for xeno original fic

    Haha, I'm sorry, I totally sabotaged my first post trying to get to the point. ; I am using the extraterrestrial form of the word, and it is science fiction. As an example, in some tenatcle videos the woman's cervix is penetrated and her womb is filled until her stomach swells, or if she has a smaller figure you are able to make out the shape of the tentacle pushing in her abdomen. Now obviously a woman isn't going to go through that kind of penetration without essentially being torn inside. What I'm not so certain of is whether the abdomen would show signs of such trauma from the outside, such as bruising, stretching or skin tearing from the sudden swelling, etc. I should mention that there are two groups of ETs. The main group falls under experimentation and crossbreeding, and generally prefer artificial insemination methods to mating. I guess you could say they are the more diplomatic of the two. The second group is composed of renegades of various species and mutations. They are chaotic and more of a "do it because I feel like it" group. This is the group that raises questions, I haven't decided if I will actually do any sex scenes (may do them as stand alones for those interested in the genre), but the aftermath is somewhat important in a couple of cases and I don't want to resort to vagueness.
  13. I have written and rewritten, and there's really no pretty way to talk about it, so I'm going to be blatant. I have been working on an original fiction for a while that involves xenophilia. While I do not currently have plans for sex scenes, there are some aspects in the story that have been influenced by tentacle porn. I am looking for reference material focusing on xenophilia or tentacle porn (as in looking at the realistic effects, mechanics, etc.)
  14. bryosgirl

    For guys. Does it really hurt?

    Granted, I'm not a guy, but this is what I've found in the past. Sometimes in the past, while aroused my labia ends up feeling swollen and achy, kind of like how it feels when a blood pressure cuff blows up, except apply it to the genital area. My husband has told me that the sensation is similar to what he feels in his genital area. I apologize if this post was a bit tmi, but it seems the best way to help someone is to be blatant. :-/ I hope it helps.