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  1. On time update! My New Years resolution is working out!

  2. ladytsunadesama


    I cosplayed Inuyasha when I was pregnant with the twins because nothing else fit! So I ended up doing a gender bender version of Pregnant Inuyasha walking around with Kouga. It was quite amusing... In our group we have a male inu now, Kouga, Ayame, Shippo, Sango, and Miroku-- sometimes a Kagome. Its pretty awesome
  3. ladytsunadesama

    Bad Author

    Well it's been my experience that some writers, and I can probably name four of them right off who are actually friends of mine, that will take even the smallest constructive criticism as a personal attack or flame if posted as a review. For example, they will take something as innocent as "you should probably run this through spellchecker before posting" as "OMG you're an illiterate idiot and you should stop writing!". Yet if you private message them the same exact thing, they will take it completely differently. Almost as if they think you're an old friend trying to point out something, you're not making a big public show of it. In short, there are those who can't take criticism of any kind of criticism and become embarrassed/frustrated when people post it as a review because they feel it takes away from the story. Personally, I'm not good with punctuation, I am slightly dyslexic, and until I got my Dragon speech recognition typing was often painful on my wrists so I know that affected the quality of the stories which I was working on. But, I know that so I'm not really offended when people tell me: "hey, your missing a few commas. You ran a couple words together or repeated the same line twice." I actually welcome the kind person pointing out something that could potentially be an embarrassing mistake, so I can fix it before it becomes one. Just my opinion
  4. ladytsunadesama


    Personally, I love the cosplay. My husband and I go to about 4 to 6 conventions a year, and we've become convention rock stars. We usually cosplay Tsunade and Jiraiya from Naruto and might I we might take it a little to the extreme but when you're good at a character your good! We also do Ayame and Kouga from Inuyasha. I think in the future I would like to do Kushina and Minato.
  5. ladytsunadesama

    Bad Author

    Just thought I'd throw my two cents worth in here. I've dealt with my fair share of flamersand abusive reviewers who thought they were "helping", I usually just delete the comment if I can tell it's just someone being abusive. There is absolutely no reason to post on someone's story "I hate it", "you're boring", "stop writing, you suck". As a reader, I've read my fair share of bad fanfiction and when I say bad I mean never should have left the authors brain. But that's only my opinion and the story that just made me go WTF might be the story the person after me is looking for and I'm not to slam a fellow author for that. There really is a difference in trolling and constructive criticism, but some authors – especially those of us with a disability of some sort – can be a little bit touchy about criticism, constructive or not. We are also extremely susceptible to flamers who can get the best of someone who is already a little bit unsure. Perhaps constructive criticism is better saved for a private message or email.Flamers and gotten the best of me a couple of times, and I've given up writing at least 1000 times. But my hiatus of writing never last more than a month because it's just in my blood. Carpal tunnel, dyslexia, ADD or whatever else life throws at me, there's a way around it.
  6. As a reader, and I do read a lot, I try review every single thing that I read. Unless, it was so god awfully bad that I have nothing good to say about it. At that point, I just move along. Stories that I think are absolutely terrible or disturbing, may be exactly what someone else is looking for so I try not to leave a bad review. Also as a reader, if I'm looking for story sometimes I'm guilty of checking the reviews to see how it was generally received, I'll probably still give it a try but reviews are kind of a way to let the new reader know what they're getting into. I believe it's our duty as a writer or reader to support the authors who spend hours of their time working on stories that they let us read for free with kind words, opinions, constructive criticism. I mean it's the only pay authors get with fanfiction and a lot of authors are serious about their pieces. Sometimes it's just a bit more than a hobby. In my case I have a close knit group that will read just about anything I post. But they won't review it, they prefer to send me an email, or those who know me more personally a text. I don't know if it's because I write a specific genre that can be a little squicky and they don't want people to know that they read that type of thing, which I understand, or if they truly didn't like it they don't want to post a review to hurt my feelings or mislead another reader. It's quite frustrating when three people email you to tell you how great your story is, but the hit counter is at like 300. I wonder if 297 people didn't like it or just didn't want to leave a review. I accept email, text, instant message reviews because as an author I want to know what people thought of my work.
  7. Finally got one chapter up, so many more to go

  8. Hey, I usually don't ask for help with beta reading, but for some strange reason I simply cannot edit my own work. Recently, my husband installed Dragon speech recognition on my computer. This makes my writing much easier and a lot easier on my wrist, but I've noticed as I speak, it misses words, or changes words. So I'm looking for someone who can beta read it, not make any changes to the plot, just make sure that the words makes sense and if they don't make them make sense. You must be Yaoi friendly, as it will appear throughout the story, along with het, and various other possibly offensive things. It's going to be a fairly long story. So I need someone with enough common commitment to finish it. If you think you're the person for the job, just shoot me a private message. We can use Google Docs, regular email, and I also have instant messaging if that would be more convenient. Thanks a bunch in advance, look forward to talking to you wonderful betas soon! :-)
  9. ladytsunadesama

    Fan Fiction Magazine?

    I'm not sure if this is the right place or not, if it isn't please let me know! I had a question about a little idea I had. I was considering a fan fiction magazine prject. Perhaps in e-zine form, or something. I was just curious as to the legalities involved in this thing. Now, I'm not suggesting republishing the fiction but more along the lines of author interviews, writing tips/reviews of software for writing, a section for authors to announce updates/new stories/etc, and I'm sure I’ll think of something else. Since it's free, I don't think their would be too much of an issue,, but I'm curious. In case you are wondering why, I am interested in starting a magazine of my own and I feel this would be a great training project, something on a resume, as well as a lot of fun.
  10. Finally got something up! Ya'll go check out 'Sake and Luck'... just a little pwp...but I appreciate reader feedback

  11. ladytsunadesama

    Looking for a IY fan fiction..

    It had Inupapa as either a preacher or some religious person and he forced Inuyasha and Sesshomaru to go to church. They were frankly scared of him, and he was quite abusive. Would love to find it again...
  12. I feel like a pervert...

    1. Melrick


      Me too. And if you find one then I'll have one as well.

  13. ladytsunadesama

    How do you get your inspiration

    Music and my ecclectic taste for nearly all genres leads me to story lines that are sometimes questionable.
  14. ladytsunadesama

    Pairings That Make You Cringe.

    Kagome from Inuyasha paired with ANYone. Miroku is too good for her, Sesshomaru wouldn't even bother with her, Inuyasha is clearly in love with Kikyo, Kouga-- well he's in love with inuyasha (At least in my world). Tsunade Orichimaru pairings creep me out because I'm a die hard Jiraiya fan girl. Really can't think of any others I detest.
  15. ladytsunadesama

    Need a Good Hardcore and open minded Yaoi writer.

    I do a lot of yaoi writing and I am intersted in co-writing a yaoi Naruto fic..something serious and plotty. Would love to toss around ideas.