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  1. so my favorite book author has a tiktok and she gave me the great idea based off of her recent tiktok about women faking ‘oreos’ lol so fingers crossed i can produce something to stop this dry spell! lol 

    1. Rick_Andrew


      When I was a kid, every night I would chow down on those tuxedo-ish cookies after dinner. 

      But I’m just dense—I never perceived their vast orgasmic potential.  Closest I came was cocking a funny look at that lady in the commercial when she started moaning—then imagined her naked. But at 15 there was only a limited set of women I would not picture naked. It was what my day was for.

    2. BronxWench


      I try my best to stay out of the faking an Oreo wars. I mean, are they really faking an Oreo or just improving on the whole experience? Is an Oreo by any other name a Hydrox? 

      wanders off to find more coffee...