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  1. Anybody else feel like writing a story about their favorite charaters dealing with this virus or is it just me! a new BBT fic might be in the works!

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    2. kagome26isawsome


      i mean @BronxWench or @DemonGoddess wouldnt mind if i set up a prompt for others to try! 

    3. BronxWench


      I don’t have a problem with it!

      Put something in the Writer’s Corner thread, like we do with the Hallowe’en and Holiday collections, but instead of setting it up as a collection, you can just challenge others to write a COVID-19 story in their favorite fandom, and maybe link back to the thread so others can read what they wrote.

    4. JayDee


      Good idea – need to self-isolate those stories for at least 14 days!

      “I’m… I’m not detecting any fever in fact, according to this you… you’re dead. You’re too cold, you have no pulse.”

      “I told you not to bother fucking testing me, cabron. I’m only here for a snack. Sleeve up.”