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  1. Nope, it’s still not letting me log in. I tried refreshing, I tried on different browsers and on my tablet, I tried resetting my password. Nothing works. edit- Ok, ok. After a lot of messing around, it seems to be letting me log in (and keeping me logged in) on all the pages of the site except the main/home page of the archives. Is that normal?
  2. I’m getting the new look too, and it won’t let me log in at all. What do?
  3. mikimaro

    Happy 4th of July!

    This, this, this. Every time I post a new story chapter, I can get some 300 hits, but only three reviews. It's really disheartening, because I have zero idea what's going on with the 297 hits that didn't get reviews. Did they read a few lines and click away? I don't know. I understand why the ratings were removed, but I wish they or something similar (a like/kudos/thumbs-up system) could be installed at least in the originals forum, where shipping wars aren't really a thing.
  4. mikimaro

    timecap_cell's stories: review question replies

    Thank you so much! ^_____^ As always. Between the Two was written first, of those two. There were actually several hints or forshadowing in Divided by Zero that alluded to what was going to happen, a really blatant one being in chapter 7, where it mentions Clay dreaming of falling from a bell tower. So... heh... Yeah, all of quite a few of my stories secretly revolve around Clay and what happened to him.
  5. Hi hi! So often people leave questions in reviews to my original stories, and I wanted to address them. I apologize that I don't do it in each story, but I like to keep the chapter formats clean (that's why I always leave my author notes for the very very end). And I'm sorry that I didn't think of doing this sooner, so probably nobody who wrote a review will see this. Oops... While I do appriciate each and every review I recieve, I feel like it's tedious for me to write and you guys to read "thank you" after "thank you" after "thank you." So first of all, here's one big THANK YOU! to all reviewers. And then, the questions. Between The Two "Is Randy a girl's name in America? What is the correct gender to refer to Randy? 'Randy' is technically a boy's name, but it's not too uncommon to find girls with boyish names. Usually when that happens, it will have a different spelling (for example, a girl with the boyish name 'Billy' would likely spell it 'Billie', or a girl named 'Danny' might spell it 'Dani'). So while I've personally never actually met any girls named 'Randy' (or 'Randi'), I don't think anyone who did would think twice about it. And, since Randy is not transgendered, he is a 'he'. But thank you so so much for asking that! I think actual transgendered people would be very happy for your consideration. Burn what? Burn the picture? Is it the scrap book he was making at the beginning that he wants to burn? Yes, it's the scrapbook. ^^ Burning it is Randy's way of saying he's done fretting over the past, and ready to move on towards the future. Sorry that wasn't more clear! Divided By Zero I'm confused. Clay mentioned Adam was a freshman, but at a different high school than Kevin. I thought Adam was in eighth grade? Or was that the year before? When Clay was with Adam, Adam was in eighth grade (Clay was in sixth grade). When Clay meets Kevin, it's the following year, and Clay is in seventh grade, so Adam's moved on to high school. Shark-dude is Rin from Free! is it not? Yes, he is. ;P And wasn't the ending of Free! just spectacular? NO, I HATED IT. .... Okay, 'hate' is a strong word. But I was really, really, really, really, really upset at the end. But only because I'm a die-hard Rei fan. but here he goes again. That really sums up this entire story......... What I want to know is exactly how OLD is Jonathan. He's 32. And how could they even be questioning him in school w/o another adult present to look out for Clay's rights? Isn't it law that to question a minor, you have to wait for a parent to be there? .... Probably. ^^; I admit, I know nothing about the law in such a case. Actually, I don't know anything about anything, and a good most of what I write is bullshit that I just make up as I go along. I'm so sorry! Don't the inmates, etc. really look down on someone who's in for being a pedo? Yes. Yes, they do. And Jonathan is not having a good time in there.... And the boy/girl on the bus - he didn't seem so happy with the boarding school, but when he first recognized Clay's blazer he seemed excited. He was shocked at the coincidence of running into someone going to the school he just came from. Is the girly guy from the epilogue Randy? Yes! I'm so glad somebody caught that! XD It kind of gives a hint at the timeline. In 'Zero', Randy had just graduated high school, whereas in 'Two' he's in his third year of college. One Last Chance Nico doesnt seem like much of a charmer. That is the most accurate description of Nicholai ever, and I laugh every time I read this comment. XD XD Wow, Clay & Nic are cute together but not too much. hope you just understood what i said. I totally understood. ^^ What happened in Clay's past that he's so afraid he'll be 'thrown away' like poor Milo. The Clay in this is the same Clay from 'Divided By Zero', so his scary past is basically everything in that story. ^^ It's too bad he couldn't sneak the cat into school. And now I'm picturing Clay trying to stuff a cat into his pants...... And that's all for now. ^^ I'll keep all question and review replies in this same thread, so if you wanted to drop a note about any of my stories, please do! I'd love to hear from people.
  6. mikimaro

    Suggestions for Archive cleanup and restructure

    May I suggest that WIP stories that haven't been updated in 2-3+ years be deleted from the archive? They've obviously been abandoned, and make looking for something that's actually completed tedious and frustrating.
  7. mikimaro

    Writing or typing?

    A long time ago I used to type everything I wrote on my computer. Then one day, half the files in my "unfinished" folder got corrupted and I lost a bunch of stories I'd been working on. I was heartbroken. I tried to re-write them, but they just weren't the same. From that point on, I started writing everything out by hand, so I'll always have a hard copy. And I've found I like hand writing so much better. While I type fast, my accuracy is horrible, so with writing I don't end up stopping every other word to fix typos. I can just go with the flow of my pencil. The other advantage is that nobody but me can read my handwriting, so if I'm writing during my downtime at work and get that eerie feeling that people are lurking behind my desk, I'm assured that there's little chance they can read what's in my notebook.
  8. mikimaro

    How far into writing a fic do you post it?

    I am now up to five multi-part stories/fics that I've been reading online that I got really into, only to have the author up and disappear from the face of the internet. I am sick to death of it. So I will no longer read anything that isn't finished. And I practice what I preach; I won't post anything until it's done. This has worked out wonderfully for me, since, like cowgirl65 said above, it means I'm free to go back and edit or add stuff in to the first chapters.
  9. mikimaro

    friendly beta needed

    Ah, thank you so much! Hmm... Can I send you my info via a PM?
  10. mikimaro

    friendly beta needed

    Sure thing! It's about a bully at an all-boys boarding school who is given one last chance to shape up or get out. His efforts to stay in the school are helped by two other boys, who each also has his own issues. Is the short version. ^^
  11. mikimaro

    friendly beta needed

    Hi hi~! A long time ago I used to write... a lot. Then I stopped. But recently, I picked it up again, and wrote a not-too-long (10 chapters, plus epilogue) story, and would like someone to give it a look-over. It's an original m/m / yaoi / gay / whatever you want to call it story, and does contain a few sex scenes, some of which are a tiny bit rough, but everything is consentual. So I need a beta who is comfortable with gay sex, or even likes that kind of thing. I'm looking for a beta reader who will, of course, do a basic spelling and grammar check. But even more so, I need someone who can tell me if the story works, if there's anything that needs to be smoothed out, and if it's at all an interesting read. I'm not looking for someone to "rip it to shreads," as some say, but just... you know, make sure it works, and that nothing is awkward or inconsistant or contradictory. The story is complete, so if you, the potential beta, want it in full, or chapter-by-chapter, I can do either. Thanks a bunch! Let's work well together!