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    kagome/inuyasha, side sess/inu, pegging

    I remember reading this story but cannot remember what the title of where it was written at. Starts off with Kagome tending to Inuyasha's wounds, she slowly realizes that there are no tear marks in his clothing that these wounds are from intimacy. She gets information from Inuyasha, that he was meeting with Sesshomaru, and that he was the bottom. She leaves him at the hut goes and goes back to her time. Inuyasha is worried the head he screwed up big time. She returns with a red strap on dildo and proceeds to screw him, after that he screws her and they become mates. Good luck finding this.
  2. TheKillerNoob

    A Strange Itachi/Naruto Fic

    It starts in the real world, Naruto is a mecanic or something. Itachi brings his car to him and they fall in love. The majority of it is fuzzy to me but I do remember the ending. Itachi reveals to Naruto that he is an incubus and he loves Naruto. They know that they can't be together but want to. If Itachi overfeeds from someone, he dies. Itachi fucks Naruto to death and his body burst into flames. Hope this is found, good luck
  3. TheKillerNoob

    Female Inu-fic

    The story that you might be looking for is called "Feminine Touch" Hope this helps you
  4. TheKillerNoob

    Sex craze infection

  5. TheKillerNoob

    Sex craze infection

    The story that I am looking for starts with Tsunade calling all kunoichis into her office, she tells them that there is a groing epidemic with the male population in the city. She tells the to prevent mass rape within the city, just allow all ninjas in there team take them till there is a cure. Tsunade tells Sakura that Kakashi is in the other room and to go trade places with Shizune. After Kakashi come back to normal, he claims that he is ok but he still has a high sex drive/arousal. Other parings are Ino/Shikamaru inside of the flower shop. Asuma sees this and becomes infected from Shikamaru and takes over for Shikamaru when he passes out. There is also a paring with Guy/TenTen in the woods. TenTen was trying to run away from Guy and Rock Lee but they catch her. TenTen is upset because she doesn't want to be with them. Slowly... with convincing from Guy, she could care less. The last chapter involves Asuma going to ask to change Ino for a different kunoichi for there team. The same thing with the sand siblings who came to konoha because Sauna is over-run with the epidemic. Sauna isn't the only one shutdown because of the epidemic, almost all the other regions are in the same boat. Sakura was about to take care of her team (Naruto, Sasuke, and Kakashi).
  6. TheKillerNoob

    Naruto/Sakura/Ino seach

    The story that you might be looking for is called "Chained to the Whirlpool"
  7. I am looking for the complation of stories that hold a spicific story inside of it. The story that I will describe might be the first or second stories in a set of about five. This story is set in the real world, NOT the Naruto universe. Naruto works as a bouncer at a club, and every Thursday (can't remember the day) it become fetish night at the club. Naruto is very intrested in a spicific DJ, Gaara. Fetish night is hosted by Anko and she gets Gaara gets tied up, she then asks who should also be part of the act. The croud proclames that Naruto should join, and is pushed up on the stage. Things happen and Naruto ends up screwing him on stage. I can't remember any of the other stories, but I would like to read them again. I wish that I could be more discriptave of the story line or more spicific things in the story, but every bit helps. Happy hunting.
  8. There was a story that was only started (one page) that I liked... where Cloud wants to turn into a female and Tifa uses a special materia to do so, only it is permite. If I am mistaken the name of the fanfic was "Materia" or something I would like to find it again. Good Hunting
  9. TheKillerNoob

    Naruto/Hinata/Kiba Threesome

    This story is about Naruto, Hinata, and Kiba, together in a relationship. Naruto is the Hokoge (I think), and Both Naruto and Kiba are Bisexual to each other. In fact, when they are together, they are very aggressive. I also remember a thing in the story, 'one of Naruto's kinks is he likes to be marked by kiba on the crook of his neck. The only time kiba drawed blood doing this, Naruto climaxed so hard he passed out for a few days.' I don't remember where I read this, but I think it was here. Hope this sparks someone's memory. I really like this story.
  10. TheKillerNoob

    Sakura domanates Naruto

    OMG..... you wrote the story I am looking for, and I pass over it multipul times, thinking "that not it" Thanks for helping me.
  11. TheKillerNoob

    Sakura domanates Naruto

    I can't remember what the title was but I know that Naruto comes home after training with Jiraiya. Sakura dominates Naruto and uses a Jujitsu to grow a dick and fucks Naruto, and he likes it. Dose that ring any bells with anyone?
  12. TheKillerNoob

    A Ino/Naruto with Genderbending

    I found it, don't know how.... http://www.fanfictio...-Kichiku-Megane
  13. TheKillerNoob


    Here is a story that you might find interesting
  14. TheKillerNoob

    Looking for a cool ALL MALE story

    I am looking for a story that was on here, but disapeard. the title was: Daddy's Love the parings was Inutaisho/Sesshomaru/Bankotsu/Kouga, Inuyasha/Jakotsu I really like this story, and was hoping it had gotten another chapter. Happy Hunting.
  15. TheKillerNoob

    A Ino/Naruto with Genderbending

    I don't know the title of the story but,this story is a oneshot but it is very good. I only know about half of the story, this is the only MAJOR part that I remember. Ino knows that before there present relationship, Naruto was the uke to Sasuke before he left the village. Ino proforms a jitsu to transform into a male version of herself, and fucks Naruto. In the end, Naruto thinks to himself that they should do that again sometime. Hope someone knows what story I am talking about, I would like to re-read the story again. Good luck finding it!