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    Story Posted Twice

    That would be me. Yes, I wanted to cover both fandoms, I figured that's how it was done. Now that it's only in Law & Order, how will Degrassi fans find my story? There's a crossover section hidden somewhere? How do I find that? This is the is first and only fanfic I've ever written. Sorry if I'm a virgin about where to put it and where it's supposed to go.
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    I would love to see some Jonathan/Clark. I searched the internet and only found one so far.
  3. swimminghorse

    Ever Worry About the 'Leech Effect'?

    I am so not offended. I'm thrilled that slash even exists, and it probably wouldn't without women. Sometimes I am amazed at what you ladies come up with, a lot of it is really hot. I might be a bit embarrassed that women know the "secrets" of what men do together, but I'll get over it.