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  1. This happened in Australia, for those who don't know what I'm talking about. In short an 18 year old girl was murdered when she went on a camping trip or something with a guy she had met on facebook. Apparently it's not the first time this kind of thing has happened. (There's some kind of group or foundation set up by the parents of another girl it happened to a few years ago) The thing is this bloke had created a fake profile and interests in order to reel in young women. He was a predator on the prowl. I just want to make it clear that I am in no way intending to belittle the grieving families of these girls. Being murdered is wrong. Committing murder is wrong. The people who do these sort of acts are sick puppies. In this age of faceless communication where sites such as facebook and my space are the norm, I'm curious as to why common sense seems to have flown out the wondow? I remember back when the internet was first taking off (at least in Australia) back in the mid 90's. I was a teenager then, I remember the whole taboo and suspicion that was cast upon on-line dating sites. Everyone was warned be careful who you talk to and what you say, there might be a psycho on the other end of the keyboard. It appears to me that this idea has gone by the wayside. Of course not everyone on a dating site is a predator. But they are out there. I look at things like dating sites and facebook as things like pubs, concerts and nightclubs. You don't just wander off somewhere with someone you've never met before. They could be a nutter. It riles me up to suggest that there should be restrictions or checks put in place on things like facebook. The predators will get in anyway. What bugs me the most though is that none of these people who do get caught up in things like this demonstrate any common sense. I would never meet up with someone I'd only ever spoken to online unless I was in a very public place and more than likely had a friend with me. The Australian media has spent the last few days suggesting that teenage girls remove their photos off facebook as it encourages predators. I have a better idea, don't agree to "friend" people that you've never actually met. I get stupid requests to be a friend from people I've never heard of. I ask if I know them and they send suggestive messages back, so I ignore the friend request. I remember back when I was a kid about "Stranger Danger" it was a big thing that was drilled into me at both home and school. Is that not the norm anymore? My mother was always insistent on knowing where I was going and who I would be with. If I mentioned a new friend, she'd want to meet them first. When I hit 18 and was legal to drink and club etc. I got a lecture about being smart. Using that oh so uncommon common sense to evaluate whether a situation was going to be safe. (As safe as any 18 yr old will be) I also was told that whether it is fair or not, women are in greater danger of having bad things happen to them at night spots than men. I'm 31 now. I'm so glad I got those lectures. There were times I narrowly avoided very bad situations. Computers and the internet are standard tools in schools these days as well as in the home. Personally I think it's both the parents responsibility and to a lesser extent a school's responsibility to educate the young on the "Stranger Danger" concept in regards to internet predators. Cyber bullying has been considered to be a real form of harrassment, why not this? Sorry I had to get this out of my system, it's made me a grouchy bitch for a couple of days. Yelling at the TV is counter productive. Ranting here, gives me an outlet. Anyone got a comment? Agree? Disagree? I'm interested in knowing. Now that it's after 3am, I'm going to bed. So goodnight onto you all. CP
  2. CrazyPedantic

    Dramione Fic

    I don't own a MAC but I've got the 2007 Word on my laptop. I'm Brit born but live in Australia. It took me 5 hours to get the spellchecker to be anything but US spelling. One of my pet peeves is American spelling, it just bugs the hell out of me and I refuse to use it. (I'm not saying that other people shouldn't use just that I won't) I also have the problem of not being very technically minded, and I don't have the excuse of being artistic (I can't draw a straight line ). I randomly stumble on forum topics and add my unwanted two knuts. Having said that I think I might go and give your story a read. Keep on writing, even sporadically is better than none. TTFN
  3. CrazyPedantic

    Harry seals Hogwarts for 1000 years

    Okay, I read this years ago. It wasn't complete and I have never been able to find it again. Harry gets into the room of requirement just as Voldemort gets inside of Hogwarts. Harry casts some kind of spell that hides the school for a 1000 years. I remember Hermione was trying to stop him before he started the spell. The next chapter happens way in the future where the ruins of Hogsmeade is believed to be found and perhaps that can help the wizarding world locate Hogwarts. There's heaps of description about there not being a wizarding school in Britain for many years. The Weasley family and the Thomas family (as in Dean Thomas) are considered to be the elite of the wizarding world now. There's a short mention about Voldie's old war and blood prejudice, but it appears that this kind of nonsense is no longer followed. Alot of the rich pureblood familys like the Malfoy's died out after Hogwarts disappeared. No one had any idea about what had happened to the school, they assumed it was destroyed with a generation of witches and wizards and Voldemort. This sound familiar to anyone? I would love to know if it was ever finished and where I can find it.
  4. CrazyPedantic

    Hermione/Draco story SPOILER ALERT!

    <br /><br /><br />I believe the story you're looking for is called Some Secrets Should Be Told by Shananigans. Here's the link for it. Yeah I loved that twist in the last chapter too.
  5. CrazyPedantic

    Slytherin Parties

    <br /><br /><br />The collection I think you're looking for is by Tas. It's called SLYTHERIN STORIES and can be found here: Thanks for the reminder of that, I had to go and read it again myself.
  6. CrazyPedantic

    Out of Control by wildcatdc

    If she had been married to Ron at some point in the past it sounds like Out Of Control by Wildcatcdc. It's a BDSM fic and has Draco teaching Hermione how to be a good submissive. The author's page is here. they've taken all their stories down. But there is a link there to their live journal. Hope that helps.
  7. CrazyPedantic


    I don't know about anyone else but that's not alot of information to go on. Need more details than just the character names. If you're not sure of the plot details, just write what you remember and someone could easily recognise it. Just a suggestion. Good luck finding what you're looking for.
  8. CrazyPedantic


    Sorry gotta disagree with you there. Okay I'm female and straight, but Molly a MILF? Only if you're sporting a bit of an Oedipus complex. Not refering to looks either, she's just way too domineering and overprotective.
  9. CrazyPedantic

    Rude and /or Malicious consumers

    I worked in retail for 15 years. That's half my life. (God what a depressing thought.) I ended up having a mental breakdown, which was so not fun. In my 15 years I have been verbally, physically and psychologically abused. I've had managers and supervisors that were bullies and made my life hell. I've had customers from hell who will yell at you for no reason. I've had a child's bike thrown at my head, because the idiot who wanted to return it had come to Layby rather than Refunds/Exchanges. I wasn't even rude, merely said sorry sir, the returns counter is at the front of the store, you have to make returns there. It was just lucky that I ducked because the bike went over my head and smashed a glass display panel. At another job I had teenagers (under 16) trying to buy cigarettes and stealing. When I'd ask them to leave they'd abuse me. First off I was a fat ugly slut, then a fat ugly mole and then a fat ugly whore. (I wish, I haven't gotten laid in years!) Then they stood in the doorway and threw stuff at me. I had to chop my hair off, they spat gum in it. I was doing a favour one saturday by working a checkout, something I didn't do often. The checkout supervisor had me in tears because I couldn't remember how to do a particular type of transaction. She was yelling at me and the customer was yelling at me. Yeah I don't like being called stupid. When I worked in a fast food place, I'd have people yelling about everything. People would want things that were sold at other places and expect you to know what they were. SIGH so very annoying. Needless to say, I hate retail and will never work in it again. (Once I'm well enough to work) Overall I'm pretty pleasant to staff. I say please, thankyou, if they can't answer my enquiry I ask if there's someone who can and if not I thank them anyway. I also apologise if my disorganisation holds them up. What I have no tolerance for is the silly idiots who stand there gossiping with their friends and messing with their phones. This one time I waited in a food hall at a chicken place for 10 minutes while the teenager at teh counter giggled and gossiped with her friend. Having reached the limit of my patience I politely interrupted her and requested to speak with the manager. She rolled her eyes and made a big production of going out into the kitchen and brought the manager out. Then she went back to speaking to her friend. If you can believe it the manager was even worse. They didn't think it was worth their attention that the store had no customers because the frontline staff member was too busy gossiping. Needless to say within 3 months that particular store was gone....can't imagine why. Okay my 2cents well and truly expended.
  10. CrazyPedantic

    Noisy Neighbor

    I know this was posted yonks ago. But I have to say I know how you feel. For six years I lived in a really crappy flat. I had upstairs neighbours, downstairs neighbours and ones on either side. The woman who had her bedroom adjoining mine was a prostitute . A very loud and annoying one, that made it hard to sleep. So I started sleeping on the lounge and the other guy next door would be watching TV all night or playing console games, that once again I could hear through the walls. There were several people who lived below me the most annoying was the psycho nut who would run around the complex screaming his head off in the middle of the night and playing really crap and loud music in the middle of the night. The guy upstairs was really cool, he was as big as a bear and the only problem with him was that he had a balance problem and would fall over quite often. (He would quite often make a big thump, although not as annoying as everyting else.) Just over a year ago I had a mental breakdown. I suffer from severe depression and anxiety, a major factor in my going wonko was where I lived and that I had no peace and quiet and no privacy. I moved six months ago to an old drafty house, got an abandoned cat and now have been steadily improving my mental health. What did the caretakers (landlord, rent takers, maintenence people) do at the flats from hell? Nothing! Not a damn bloody thing for six years. Every set was worse than the last. The only thing I got told was to stay inside and not go out at night. I even got told off for yelling at the psycho music player to shut the fuck up one night. To make things even better the caretakers ran off with about $10 000 of rent and utilities money just after christmas one year. Sure enough the company that owned the complex tried to get us to pay. They had burnt their records before they did the runner. I only got to move because my grandmother had died and left me enough money to move and pay rent for a year. Otherwise I would still be sitting in my version of hell, rocking back and forth and babbling incoherently. Thought you'd appreaciate knowing you aren't alone. I hope you got it all sorted out okay. I couldn't offer any kind of legal advice because I live in an entirely different country.
  11. CrazyPedantic

    Looking for a Beta

    Thanks for the offer. I've sent you a PM with my email address.
  12. CrazyPedantic

    Looking for a Dramione fic

    I'm looking for a Draco/Hermione story that I read years ago. It goes a little something like this: - Hermione is Head Girl, Draco Head Boy. While doing patrols one night Hermione comes across Lavender (I think) about to have sex. After a reprimand and lecture they have a conversation where Lavender says she couldn't get pregnant because it wasn't her thrid moon or something to that effect. Not knowing what she's talking about Hermione investigates this moon thing and finds out that sexual education amongst her peers is sorely lacking. After badgering the professors about it, her and Draco are forced into conducting sex education classes, mainly to correct several misconceptions that are prevelant within the walls of Hogwarts. I can't remember the name of this fic, or where it was posted. Please help?
  13. CrazyPedantic

    looking for dramione

    That sounds alot like dynonugget's "How You Need It" It's been taken off AFF but if you go to it links to livejournal where I've heard it may still be posted. Good Luck
  14. CrazyPedantic

    Loves Bitter Rival

    Well in that case *thunderous applause* I absolutely loved it, wonderfully snarky.
  15. CrazyPedantic

    Loves Bitter Rival

    Um I read all of that Grizzlepot story. Honestly it wasn't that great. Now I see why. Just changing place and people names didn't make a lot of sense. Along with the fact that it was set in 1902, without an explanation as to why. I saw the hall of shame yay for demongoddess. Wow! (I never heard of the original book, reading those excerpts I was shocked.) Grizzle said it was based on it, not ripping it off. The other curious thing was that whatever reviewer told her that it was a rip off and plagerised hadn't had their review left up. Yeah take the advice of the others, read the original, the short bit i've seen is definitely of superior quality. Oh yeah and I saw what's in her profile. Bull!!! She is so not sorry. It reads fake. She thought she could get away with quickly posting then taking down. Definitely not sorry. My apologies, couldn't help the urge to put in my two knuts.