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  1. I've been looking for a fic that I was sure was on fanfiction.net for some time with no luck, the title is a blank but I got the jist of it.

    Set in the Crisis Core timeline, it seems that Genesis is trying to get Angeal but Angeal isn't interested and casually gets with Zack, Genesis retaliates by starting something with Sephiroth and in the meantime Zack starts a more serious relationship with Cloud, theres a lot of relationship angst and I think and they settle into a somewhat peaceful multi-way relationship.

    Not much of the plot has stuck but I remember that Cloud spends most of the fic scared of Angeal and there are some funny under blanket fights and a one liner that goes something like 'so I suppose the rule about nothing bigger than a coke can doesn't apply any more' by Genesis after Cloud and Angeal finally get to it.

    That's all I've got, I hope someone can help :)

  2. Hiya everybody. Pleeease help I've been looking for this fic for days. I cant remeber the title or the author or even where it was archived as I lost all my bookmarks a little while back. All I can remeber about it was that Inuyasha gave birth to a litter of pups to Sesshoumaru (he had been brought to live at the castle and I'm almost certain they were mated) I think the pups were in dog form and were going to stay like that for a few weeks. One of the pups is born black and Sess starts acting funny. Later there is a ceremony where Sess tries to hand over the black pup to Kouga due to an ancient curse the wolves put on the inu because of a grudge. Inuyasha thinks the pup is going to be killed but instead Kouga hands the pup back to Inuyasha. Any info on finding this fic would be amazing PLEASE PLEASE :tomato: