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  1. Any tips on writing a boss battle?

    Thinking on maybe doing Raid Boss style. Haha

    Ghoulneedle after needs needs a fitting ending.

    1. Strange_idea


      I've seen some examples, I might be able to help.  How many participants, how powerful are they and what established combat methods have they shown?

    2. InvidiaRed


      Boss is an epic 25th level wizard with Wiz 20/Archmage 5 (Homebrew)

      With the following buffs

      -Warden Of Undermountain. The Wards of Undermoutain protects its master granting damage reduction based on how many prisoners are interred in Undermountain.

      - Heart Of Undermountain- Great power is drawn from demons and other fell horrors trapped in the demon level. Once per the lich’s turn. Morovith can attempt to draw on this wellspring of power but may take no other action this turn. Roll a d100.

      And one passive

      - Spellcraft Phylactery- As long as the epic spell Darkened Sky exists. Shielding the necrocracy from the damaging effects of the sun. Morovith  cannot be permanently destroyed and will return  in 3d20 years. As long as Morovith exists Darkened Sky cannot be suppressed or dispelled with its effects resuming in 3d6 rounds. If Morovith sacrifices an epic level spell. The effects resume immediately.