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  1. It's Friday again!  And not a moment too soon...

    1. Desiderius Price

      Desiderius Price

      Even better is Thursday when it’s a three day weekend (which this is for me)

  2. Watching a crazy show about puberty on Netflix called “Big Mouth”.  I can’t even...

    1. CloverReef


      Omg I love that show! I’ve been watching it this week too. It’s got at least three of my fave comedians voice acting on it so… It’s awesome. 

    2. marley_station


      Agreed.  We are big fans of John Mulaney and Jordan Peele at my house!

  3. This week has been way more exhausting than I thought.  I am SO done right now.

  4. I watched that damn Funny Games USA movie on Netflix and it just pissed me off!  Now I'm watching Housebound on Netflix as a sort of "palate cleanse".

  5. User Leilita wrote that fic, but has since abandoned the fandom and, in the process, taken down all of her fanfiction. I’m sorry. I miss her and her work too!
  6. I love October!  Netflix/Hulu/Amazon Prime have the best scary movies in October.  I have been watching them all day!

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    2. DictionaryWrites


      I have to say, one of the best horror films I have ever seen – and one of the few that REALLY nails horror/comedy right upon its ugly head – is Housebound. It’s a Kiwi film about this young lass on house arrest, and it’s just absolutely hilarious.

    3. marley_station


      @DictionaryWrites sold!  Adding it to my list!  Thanks for the rec! :D

    4. CloverReef


      One i haven't seen! Now i definitely have to watch housebound

  7. While I can't remember the name of that fic, I do remember its author: Leilita-chan. Sadly, she closed up shop ages ago and took all of her fanfiction with her:
  8. seems to have become the rage again. I am getting more favorites for my old fics in recent weeks than I have in years!

  9. "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take." -- Wayne Gretzky

  10. 47 Ronin or Barb Wire. Which one would you choose?

  11. "We're meant to die. It's what makes anything about us matter." -- Aeon Flux

  12. "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." -- Some guy on the latest episode of Gotham

  13. Missed the season premiere of RHOH, too busy watching Mr. Peabody and Sherman on DVD with my son. Oh well... back to the Torchwood binge!