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  1. Supersonic Bitch

    The in my pants game

    Hitler was a sensitive man in my pants! (Anal Cunt is LOVE!)
  2. Supersonic Bitch

    Word Association Game

    Being violently sick all over keyboard.
  3. Supersonic Bitch

    Marry, date, or dump?

    Het. Ewww... Okay, I don't have anything particular against straight people and to state the obvious, heterosexuality is necessary for the survival of any species. [after thinking about it for a minute]: No. Actually it is not. Bisexuality works well enough in this case, especially with polyamory. So many people (probably most of them though I don't know) have this natural desire to have children. However, why expect everyone being into the opposite gender? It feels especially stupid on fanfiction forums because according to my observation this scene includes a lot of bisexuals, gays, lesbians, transgender persons and so on. For example I am a bisexual (leaning very strongly on the gay side) man accidentally born inside a female body. Whatever. Even if I ditch the het, I cannot answer to this question. Dumping someone means that I'd have to date him/her at least one brief moment and none of the persons on the list are my type. Actually very, very opposite. Anyway, mine: Male choices: young Tom Riddle Wolverine Spike Female choices: Bellatrix Lestrange Death (from Sandman, there can be other female Deaths around) Storm (from X-men, again there can be other female Storms around) I'd like to know what version you have chosen (movie, book or comic) when there happens to be choices. Also, change "marry, date or dump" to "long-term relationship, shag and throw off the cliff" if you feel like it. I personally consider the latter choices more interesting.
  4. Supersonic Bitch

    Explain Your Username

    Oh, that's very nice. Come here and I'll make you my doG. (tired to the point of being silly and hyperactive? Que? Moi?) I seriously apologize for not being able to tell an interesting story about my username. It's just a song title I snatched from Pain. (<- a Swedish industrial project)
  5. Supersonic Bitch

    The in my pants game

    Goatvomit and Gasmasks in my pants. (Sheesh... just can't but love Impaled Nazarene.)
  6. Supersonic Bitch

    Lost Story

    My personal favourite: "Drip, Drip" by Raven. Very intense, dark and depressing.
  7. Supersonic Bitch


    Okay, this is very old topic but if someone else is searching for fics, these urls may help: (My favourites over there are "Hell Is for Children" by Lux, "In His Best Interests" by Marks and "What Do You Get for a Death Eater Who Has Everything" by Amanuensis.)
  8. Supersonic Bitch

    Remus/Sirius Pairing.

    Well... their love was so canon ...until Jo killed Sirius ( Yay for Bellatrix!) and mutilated Remus' and Tonks' personalities ( ) to get them into proper heterosexual marriage. Oh, and then killing both of them in the (godawful) final battle with no emotional impact whatsoever. Just one sentence about them being dead... wow, what a strong feeling about the casualties of war, especially as it was written from Harry's POV and he was quite close to Remus and liked Tonks too. Even an average fanfiction writer handles character deaths better, for fuck's sake. By the way... I wonder why Sirius wasn't expelled from Hogwarts when he tried to bloody kill Severus? Oh, it can't have anything to do with Dumbledore's ( ) blatant Gryffindor favouritism...
  9. Supersonic Bitch

    Pet Peeves-What can't you stand

    WORD. In my case (= reading and writing only Harry Potter fanfiction ...though I guess I didn't need to mention it.) I have encountered about kajillion fics where Lucius and/or Draco Malfoy have blue eyes. Sheesh, the first description about Lucius includes "his cold, grey eyes". OFF-TOPIC: One of the reasons why I'm so totally anal with eye colours is that I very much see the point in describing a character's eyes because I go quite a lot for facial descriptions when I write. Emotions, both true and feigned, are important and the cliché about one's eyes being the mirror of one's soul is IMO quite true. So, the description of eyes (or any part of a character's body, body language, voice and so on, ad nauseam, ad nauseam...) should not be only about fawning over a particular character but to describe what they feel. (Okay, I must admit that I'm rather guilty of endless fawning over male Malfoys but I'm constantly trying to get more repertoire for my endless fawning. . Constant fawning is not IMO a bad thing if it doesn't repeat the same descriptions again and again and again. *makes a mental note to re-write my earliest fics. I like the content but they could have been written better.) Again, WORD. I just can't understand people who read something they do not enjoy and after that go on with their idiocy and pathetic anger by writing equally stupid and pathetic flames. (Damn, I still haven't got any flames. *has a need for answering them in the most snarky way I am able* -> -> -> B) Sorryyy... I just wasn't able to resist the temptation of showing with emoticons what my reaction would be.) p.s: I love your icon. Did you make it yourself? And if you did, can I use it on my LJ? If you didn't, do you know who made it? (I hate it when I'm not able to credit my usericons properly. They are art, for fuck's sake.) I think I got a bit carried away...
  10. Supersonic Bitch

    What Do You Think Of The Endless Camping Trip?

    Not only your opinion, I absolutely second to that. The camping trip just went on and on and on and on and... I guess you got the draft. And it was not only this part; in my not so humble opinion Deathly Hallows sucked donkey dicks all the way and I pity those donkeys. Very sadly the whole series started to go straight (Het? Eww.) down to the Eternal Void after Lord Voldemort came back because Jo put all those stupid Evil Overlord clichés together when writing him. Sheesh, I have seen so much better written Voldemort in fanfiction (both in cases of quality and quantity) that words just fail me. Especially as I usually hate it when writers don't keep their chosen characters in-character but OOC Voldemort is so much better, believable and in-depth person than the canon version so very often that... Guess I made my point clear. Then again, it's one of those flaws that actually got me interested in HP fanfiction, first reading and then writing it. A very interesting world with so many one-sided paperdoll characters who just screamed for more in-depth personality.
  11. Supersonic Bitch

    Genfic: Post on AFF, Or Not?

    Well, I haven't written much completely gen but I think that my policy of what I post here has still quite a lot to do with the subject. So: it's only my NC-17 material. There's a direct link to my LiveJournal in my profile, my fanfiction is not friends-only and if people are interested in reading my R-rated material (okay, I have even one hard PG-13 crack!fic), it is there.
  12. Supersonic Bitch

    Separation of Church and State

    It's pretty difficult to describe magick because everyone has his/her own terminology (or no terminology at all which in my not so humble opinion is connected with greater understanding of the nature of magick). However, I am not that enlightened so ...I call them different spheres which can be used alone or together. The ones that I possess are mainly Mind (my sixth sense -people have different sixth senses of course- is automatical mind-scanning: it reveals peoples' emotions, for example if they have sexual interests or are possibly dangerous to me) ...and advanced uses are for example changing the way how people perceive me: I can make myself appear as for example scary or benevolent ...and it helps lying. I can fake sorrow, friendship, love and so on and I can subtly influence others' minds, changing their feelings or opinions (changing opinions takes time) or make a direct order which a person can't overcome. (the last one is very difficult). ...and Enthropy, the magick of fate and possibilities. I can sense if it's a good or a bad idea to do something, change possibilities so that things that I want to happen, do happen ...or even things that have happened in the past and therefore change what is happening now. If I need something, it has a tendency to be there. For example finding an item I need or a kind of a person I want to meet. Again, very useful. Magick tends to be strongest in desperate situations because is connected with strong will and need for a certain thing, whatever it happens to be. To quote Yoda: "Do or don't. There is no try." However, when one practises magick, trying to do things starts to work too (=the situations that are not so desperate, just a wish). Sheesh, this has to be my masterpiece in the fine art of off-topic.
  13. Supersonic Bitch

    Pet Peeves-What can't you stand

    Here goes: 1. OOC. Well, this is somewhat a grey area but I have very firm opinions and I am sticking to them. Period. And it is NOT completely a matter of a POV, how much some godawful writers think that it is. (Well... they do have quite firm opinions too so it's not a grey area for them either.) The most usual OOC flaws tend to happen in stories where characters who hate each other in canon are paired together consensually and romantically. *vomits* I practically consider those pairings as the writer's Mary Sue or Marty Stu paired with a character they drool over. *tries to vomit again. only bile comes out.* As a reader (and a writer ...because I'm an arrogant bastard and proud of it), I'm sticking to my opinions and my tastes. Of course. Why choose sticking in someone else's tastes and opinions? If writers who lean to the OOC side would mark their stories as AU/AR, it probably would not invoke an urge to kill rising. At least not that strong homicidal feelings. But of course they don't because they think that they are not raping a character's canon personality. Luckily story descriptions and warnings are very helpful here so I can pretty much avoid the stuff AU/AR in general is not a pet peeve of mine. I'm absolutely not bashing AU/AR in general ...I've read so very many absolutely great fics where the story is not in canon but everything is written in-character. 2. Stories in desperate need of a beta. Way too many typos and clear grammatical mistakes make me shudder with abhor. Fuck, there are writers who don't even write their characters' NAMES right. For shame! For shaaame! It's not so difficult to find a beta. And it's very easy to check out your typos with almost any text program. For example OpenOffice is freeware. To quote the usual example: "I helped my uncle Jack off the horse." is quite different than "I helped my uncle jack off the horse." 3. My squicks. Talk about obvious. (In case of precious me for example Mpreg, scat, watersports, beastiality, characters who hate each other in canon falling in love with each other, characters who love each other in canon getting non-consensual together, a character using wrong kind of language (like an aristocrat using lower-class or slang words. Eww.), American English used in fics that happen in Great Britain and vice versa. For example. *has a tendency to get very, very irritated because of so very, very many things.* Fuck, I can stop reading a fic if a writer messes up characters' eye colours. So... ad nauseam, ad nauseam.) Some of those are matters of opinion but there *are* objective reasons for hate. p.s. I don't flame fics I don't like. I just don't read them ...and if I accidentally start to read something that makes me sick, I stop reading. p.s. part II -the return of the revenge: Dear reader, if you feel like complaining, I most probably can't be bothered to answer.
  14. Supersonic Bitch


    Banned! Because you were there. (For you nosy persons out there, it's very much between said banned person, me and a dead three years old child. Talk about tight.)
  15. Supersonic Bitch

    The in my pants game

    Hey Poor, Jesus Is Here in my pants. (Gods, Front 242 just sort ov killed me.)