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  1. Petofsuccubus

    Bleeding Heart Legacy (SW:TOR)

    Title: Bleeding Heart Legacy Summary: There is no emotion... can be a tough pill to swallow. Feedback: Yes, please. Here in the thread, in a private message, as a story review, it's all good. Fandom: SW:TOR Warnings: BDSM, D/s, F/F, Oral, Xeno URL: This is my first attempt at a new style of writing, and also my first fic in a long time. Incidentally, if someone could tell me how to remove the WIP tag on it that I put up when I created the story, that would be great. I didn't seem to find it in the "edit details" option.
  2. Petofsuccubus

    Legal question

    Not a book, just a story I'd put up on the net, but I see where you're going with this. I wouldn't say it's a negative light. It's simply the main character's side job.
  3. Petofsuccubus

    Legal question

    I have an idea for an original fic, but something about it irked me, so I decided to bring it up here before even starting to write. If I were to use a name of a real web community/service (I'm not entirely sure which one this falls into) in the story as the main character's primary source of relevant communication, would that get me into trouble? Would I need an additional disclaimer, or would I be better off inventing a name and describing a similar service? In particular, the web service is called Chaturbate, and the main characters would be one of the "performers", or however they prefer to call them.
  4. Petofsuccubus

    Star Wars: The Old Republic

    Also, I forgot that the forum and archive logins weren't the same.
  5. Petofsuccubus


    When a person familiar with the concept has to do research just to understand what you're writing, then it's too much. You need to be true to the material, but not so incredibly in depth that it looks more like a research paper than smut.
  6. Petofsuccubus

    New Site Background

    I actually like the background, but not the text areas. They're rather bright and distracting, and not like parchment at all. Unless, of course, you know of some purple and orange parchment I'm not familiar with
  7. Petofsuccubus

    Ever been moved by an image?

    I finally got around to writing it like I said I would; the promotion's in the promotion forum. Love that pic by the way.
  8. Petofsuccubus

    Why the witch cries

    Title: Why the witch cries Author: PetofSuccubus Rating: Adult+ Summary: A question asked on the verge of death became the answer that saved her life. Feedback: Greatly appreciated Fandom: Left 4 Dead URL: This story was inspired by the following image (semi-NSFW, a nipple): It has a distinct lack of bondage, and it's a one shot, which set it apart from my other stories, but hopefully you'll enjoy it anyway. Besides, I always thought Left 4 Dead was more befitting a one shot. Though I could be wrong, as this is my first game fic that isn't about an RPG. I was talking about writing this in the Author Resources section, and now it's up. Let me know what you all think!
  9. Petofsuccubus

    Ever been moved by an image?

    I'll admit I skipped over the amputee pic, but damn you for replying. Now I really am going to have to write that
  10. Petofsuccubus

    Ever been moved by an image?

    Before I start ranting, here's the image in question (semi nsfw, a nipple): If you've read my wow stuff, you probably can guess why that affected me. I already have 2 open stories and a sequel I need to get on, but now I want to write a left4dead yuri. Ever been touched by an image? I'd love to see it.
  11. Petofsuccubus

    Japanese Kanji

    This might also be useful to you, it does romanization as well.
  12. Petofsuccubus

    Glowing reviews for very bad fiction?

    My mind incorrigibly corrupted from the trade channel in WoW, I didn't initially realize you were going for a pun. Poor grammar ruins sex scenes for me. Quite often I'll run into something along the lines of "And then she takes her bra off and started sucking her nipples making her scream jodie!" After recovering my eyesight, I have to abandon that fic, because there's no saving it.
  13. Petofsuccubus

    Frustration Times 100

    Next time you're feeling bad about a lack of reviews, just think to yourself, "You know, in all likelihood, somebody masturbated to my story." You're welcome.
  14. Petofsuccubus

    Glowing reviews for very bad fiction?

    Was this very bad fanfiction of which you speak yaoi or a one shot (or a yaoi one shot) by any chance? I've noticed - and not just on AFF - that the general reaction to yaoi is disproportionate. A well written yuri or straight fic, on average, does not get the same mad frenzy of screaming fans that mediocre or even bad yaoi gets. And a one shot reader doesn't always have the attention span to read the whole thing, much less pay attention to the story. A lot of readers just scroll down until they see something resembling sex.
  15. Petofsuccubus

    Favorite Quotes

    My favorite is from the rather bad English dub of Death Note. "I'll eat this potato chip!" I nearly suffocated when I first heard it.